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I don't sing in the shower. I perform!

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For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness.

Reba McEntire, musician

I think people who don't believe in God are crazy. How can you say there is no God when you hear the birds singing these beautiful songs you didn't make?

Little Richard, musician

After about three lessons my voice teacher said, 'Don't take voice lessons. Do it your way. You're a song stylist. Always do it your way.'

Johnny Cash, musician

I think singing traditional country is wonderful, because I'm bringing it to my generation and to the younger kids.

LeAnn Rimes, musician

You've got a song you're singing from your gut, you want that audience to feel it in their gut. And you've got to make them think that you're one of them sitting out there with them too. They've got to be able to relate to what you're doing.

Johnny Cash, musician

That was the big thing when I was growing up, singing on the radio. The extent of my dream was to sing on the radio station in Memphis. Even when I got out of the Air Force in 1954, I came right back to Memphis and started knocking on doors at the radio station.

Johnny Cash, musician

When you're singing you can hear the echo of people in the audience singing every single word with you, and that was that big dream that I had for myself. It's happening.

Taylor Swift, musician

My parents discussed singing every night over the dinner table; I had a tremendous music education.

Renee Fleming, musician

Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.

Voltaire, writer

Singing really is acting. In a lot of ways, it's much more personal. I love music, and being able to work on that is amazing.

Leighton Meester, actress

Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth.

Edith Piaf, musician

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me.

T. S. Eliot, poet

There really aren't any completely Asian people singing right now.

Utada Hikaru, musician

He who sings, frightens away all his ills.


The only thing better than singing is more singing.

Ella Fitzgerald, musician

It is the best of all trades, to make songs, and the second best to sing them.

Hilaire Belloc, poet

Hopefully I'll be successful with the singing, but there are so many other things I want to do, like acting. I'll do them one at a time first!

Katie Price, model

I would rather be remembered by a song than by a victory.

Alexander Smith, poet

I was always musical - yelling when I was a baby, singing into a brush and singing in the shower.

Susan Boyle, musician

And I told her point blank, you've got everything to live for. You've got such talent. You're back singing great, lose the weight. And she went and did it, and look at her now!

David Gest, celebrity

In opera, there is always too much singing.

Claude Debussy, composer

I was influenced a lot by those around me - there was a lot of singing that went on in the cotton fields.

Willie Nelson, musician

There are few cases in which mere popularity should be considered a proper test of merit; but the case of song-writing is, I think, one of the few.

Edgar Allan Poe, writer

When Satan makes impure verses, Allah sends a divine tune to cleanse them.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

I'd rather be dead than singing Satisfaction when I'm forty-five.

Mick Jagger, musician

If your lifeguard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning.

Simon Cowell, entertainer

What comprises good performance? The ability through singing or playing to make the ear conscious of the true content and affect of a composition.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, musician

I don't sing country music because I'm not capable of singing other kinds of music; I sing it because I think it's the most beautiful kind of music there is.

Lee Ann Womack, musician

This is a fault common to all singers, that among their friends they will never sing when they are asked; unasked, they will never desist.

Horace, poet

But I was singing loud, and most singers weren't singing loud.

Little Richard, musician

Sinatra was the biggest influence on my life, my singing career. And rightly so. I mean he was the best singer ever.

James Darren, actor

I've taken singing lessons since I was young, just to work on technique.

Skylar Laine, musician

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

Lou Rawls, musician

Odds life! must one swear to the truth of a song?

Matthew Prior, poet

That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he never could recapture the first fine careless rapture!

Robert Browning, poet

I really love singing.

Andrea Corr, musician

I don't want the giant ego. I don't want to become Kevin Costner, singing on the soundtrack to The Postman.

Joss Whedon, writer

My heart is singing for joy this morning! A miracle has happened! The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil's mind, and behold, all things are changed!

Anne Sullivan, educator

Singing becomes a form of therapy.

Placido Domingo, musician

I can't remember a time when I wasn't singing.

Dinah Shore, actress

When an opera star sings her head off, she usually improves her appearance.

Victor Borge, musician

My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.

Colin Firth, actor

If you don't ever stop singing, your voice stays in shape. It's like the marathon runner. You've got to run, run, run to stay in shape.

Sammy Hagar, musician

Let who will make the laws of a nation so long as I am permitted to make her songs.

Andrew Fletcher, writer

You don't have to be singing about love all the time in order to give love to the people. You don't have to keep flashing those words all the time.

Jimi Hendrix, musician

I'm not a big fan of Robert Plant's lyrics or his singing.

Chris Robinson, musician

I'll keep working as long as I live because singing has taken on the feeling of joy that I had when I started, when my only responsibility was to sing well.

Rosemary Clooney, musician

I hated singing. I wanted to be an actress. But I don't think I'd have made it any other way.

Barbra Streisand, actress

I used to work in the cotton fields a lot when I was young. There were a lot of African Americans working out there. A lot of Mexicans - the blacks and the whites and the Mexicans, all out there singing, and it was like an opera in the cotton fields, and I can still hear it in the music that I write and play today.

Willie Nelson, musician

Probably some of the songs I never even really listened to the lyrics. Half of them I'd hear off the radio and was probably singing the wrong words and didn't even know it.

Alan Jackson, musician

You're going to be entertained. But when you finish hearing me singing, you're going to want to keep going, and you're going to keep believing and that's the kind of artist I am.

Jacob Lusk, musician

It happens to the best of them. You lay off singing and your throat gets out of practice. No excuses. I blew it.

Bobby Darin, musician

There was one emotional outlet my people always had when they had the blues. That was singing.

Ethel Waters, musician

We had our unhappy moments but they got channelled into the kind of sadness that was necessary for singing a song about going nowhere. So it worked out very well I think.

Tina Weymouth, musician

Inspiration is enough to give expression to the tone in singing, especially when the song is without words.

Franz Liszt, composer

I have been singing for as long as I could talk.

Delta Goodrem, actress

I would be happy at a piano bar, singing. I just want to home in on being the best singer I can be.

Debby Boone, actress

You're gonna have to learn to get out there in front of those cameras and hold your head up. Take charge when you're singing.

Patsy Cline, musician

I don't want to wreck my voice. I love to concentrate on playing the bass and keeping it very rock-solid. If I were singing, I would have blown out my voice.

Tina Weymouth, musician

When Frank the Pug is singing I Will Survive, the only reason it's funny is that Will is in that shot trying not to get angry. A shot of a dog singing I Will Survive on its own will not get a laugh.

Barry Sonnenfeld, producer

What is normally called religion is what I would tend to call music - participating in music, listening to music, making records and singing.

Will Oldham, musician

I make the songs and part of making them is singing them. But what you hear is not me. It's the song. It's through me.

Will Oldham, musician

I'm not in it for the money. I like music. I love to write music. I can't imagine myself not playing or singing or writing. It would just drive me crazy if I didn't.

Paul Simon, musician

I will always be singing.

Mario Vazquez, celebrity

I think I first realized I wanted to be in country music and be an artist when I was 10. And I started dragging my parents to festivals, and fairs, and karaoke contests, and I did that for about a year before I came to Nashville for the first time. I was 11 and I had this demo CD of me singing Dixie Chicks and Leanne Rimes songs.

Taylor Swift, musician

I love to sing old Motown songs to myself, or some Patti Smith Edith Piaf or Billie Holiday. That gets me in the mood for singing.

Siobhan Fahey, musician

I wrote that song for my wife, and it's what some guy who's sitting under a tree would be singing to the woman of his life, telling her how wonderful she is. To me, that's more lasting than something that sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack.

John Fogerty, musician

Rock n' Roll came from the slaves singing gospel in the fields. Their lives were hell and they used music to lift out of it, to take them away. That's what rock n' roll should do - take you to a better place.

Meat Loaf, musician

It seems to me that those songs that have been any good, I have nothing much to do with the writing of them. The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page.

Joan Baez, musician

You put a song on the record or on tape and you stop singing it. You just don't sit around and sing it anymore unless you're performing. That's kind of sad.

Rick Danko, musician

I've been singing Shakira songs in front of my bathroom mirror into my hairbrush forever. It's like a daily routine.

Taylor Swift, musician

The history of all big jazz bands shows was, first they played for dancing, and then they played for singing.

Norman Granz, musician

Sometimes I write notes that I have difficulty singing.

Elvis Costello, musician

We didn't have movies in this little mining town. When I was 12 my mom took me to New York and I saw Bye Bye Birdie, with people singing and dancing, and that was it.

Margot Kidder, actress

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again.

Arthur Freed, producer

Singing songs like 'The Man I Love' or 'Porgy' is no more work than sitting down and eating Chinese roast duck, and I love roast duck.

Billie Holiday, musician

But this is pretty new for me, both songwriting and singing.

Krist Novoselic, musician

The most enjoyable part of my career is singing live.

Luis Miguel, musician

I would think, to me, growing up in the south, growing up with all the gospel music, singing in the church and having that rhythm and blues - the blues background was my big inspiration.

Jackie DeShannon, musician

We used to have a main female vocalist. But she had a baby. Now we do the singing ourselves.

Bernie Worrell, musician

I love singing, and I came to absolutely adore it in the later part of my career.

Julie Andrews, actress

Well, as an artist, I think that Elvis's generosity to me he always talked very highly about me, he always spoke very highly about my work and singing and my writing.

Jackie DeShannon, musician

Anybody singing the blues is in a deep pit yelling for help.

Mahalia Jackson, musician

I've been singing since I could talk correctly.

Khalid, singer songwriter

Shakespeare is rhythmic; he is musical in the sense that he likes poetry, and he's musical because he constantly refers to settings where there's singing and dancing.

Kenneth Branagh, actor

Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing.

Julie Andrews, actress

I began singing in dive bars and really small clubs. I dragged my piano down the stairs, and I went down the street with my keyboard, and I would go to every different dive bar that I could get to agree to let me play. I'd call and pretend I was Lady Gaga's manager.

Lady Gaga, musician

Sometimes when people can't speak English, they hum the melody instead of singing along. Having 20,000 people humming your song is incredible.

Nikki Sixx, musician

Pete Seeger is a modest, unassuming, cheerful, and kind-natured man. He's a good folk singer, if you can stand folk singing. And he's such an excellent banjo player that you almost don't wish you had a pair of wire cutters.

P. J. O'Rourke, comedian

I think a show is more of an interacting with fans than you just singing songs.

Post Malone, rapper

The logic was, there weren't too many female comedians, so I thought I might as well try a field that had fewer competitors than the field I was in, which was acting, singing and dancing.

Rita Rudner, comedian

I found out I had a real love for comedy and comedy writing. The logic was, there weren't too many female comedians, so I thought I might as well try a field that had fewer competitors than the field I was in, which was acting, singing and dancing.

Rita Rudner, comedian

I started watching YouTube videos and singing, and it became something that I was obsessed with.

Shawn Mendes, singer

There's a lot more to success than just singing.

Shawn Mendes, singer

Singing kind of came out of nowhere.

Shawn Mendes, singer

I remember when the candle shop burned down. Everyone stood around singing 'Happy Birthday.'

Steven Wright, comedian

When I think of Mick Jagger still singing that he can't get any satisfaction in over forty years of being in the Rolling Stones, I have to conclude that he's either lying or not all that bright.

Henry Rollins, musician

I am getting to the point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about.

Taylor Swift, musician

There's the most resistance to an actor singing. It's like I'm being disloyal to my industry.

Kevin Bacon, actor

I find singing as somebody else very liberating, it just frees me up.

Jane Horrocks, actress

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