You may find another Beckham or Ronaldo, but never ever will you find another Sir Alex Ferguson.

— Eric Cantona

Massive Sir Alex Ferguson quotations

I've had to deal with everything but everyone has helped me, including Sir Alex Ferguson, to get through. George Best was a good friend of mine. We loved each other, we both knew where we were coming from.

Steve Jobs was Apple; Sir Alex Ferguson is Manchester United.

I know I would have had a lot more trophies in my cabinet if I went with him [Sir Alex Ferguson].

Those who hate or disrespect Sir Alex Ferguson , its only because he snatched away their dreams of winning.

A piece of football history. A unique coach [Sir Alex Ferguson], among the greatest of all-time.

Sir Alex Ferguson ceases to amaze me as a manager

I think he [Sir Alex Ferguson] may have even surpassed the achievements of Matt Busby for Manchester United.

This club is steeped in history and I feel privileged to have become a part of that ... An immense thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson for making it all possible, for giving me the privilege to be a captain, to be inspired by the legend of Manchester United and to understand that nobody is bigger than the club.

As long as we are successful on the pitch, then I will be here-unless Manchester United put in a call. But I don't think Sir Alex Ferguson is planning to step down just yet!

I think the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson rested Howard Webb had a lot to do with the result.

The chairmen of the largest companies in the world can cancel an appointment or move a board meeting; a manager cannot change the date of a game. In the combined 42 years that Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have managed in English football, I can only remember one occasion when Sir Alex did not attend a Manchester United game.

I feel the longer he stays at United the better it is for the club.

He's done so much for United you can't imagine him not being here. (on Sir Alex Ferguson)

He [Sir Alex Ferguson] used to play tapes of Bill Shankly talking.

I remember that and a singer he liked. I don't know who it was but it was crap. He played it on the team bus too, and all the boys hated it. Until one night it got chucked away. If he's still wondering who threw that tape off the bus, it was me. So maybe he was right and I'm not to be trusted.