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Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation

— Ghostface Killah

Thrilling Six Packs quotations

Six packs quote The six best doctors: Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.

The six best doctors: Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.

I never had one beer. If I bought a six-pack of beer, I kept drinking till all six beers were gone. You have to have that kind of understanding about yourself. I haven't had a drink now in 12 years.

Fitness begins with initiative and continues with consistency.

The six pack abs is a byproduct of being healthy.

Six packs quote Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

You ARE Zaphod Beeblebrox?' 'Yeah,' said Zaphod, 'but don't shout it out or they'll all want one.' 'THE Zaphod Beeblebrox?' 'No, just A Zaphod Beeblebrox, didn't you hear I come in six packs?' 'But sir,' it squealed, 'I just heard on the sub-ether radio report. It said you were dead...' 'Yeah, that's right, I just haven't stopped moving yet.

Just because I don't show six-pack abs doesn't mean that I don't have them.

Never insult seven men when all your packing is a six-shooter.

Six packs quote The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things y

The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you've packed inside your heart.

To some it's a six-pack, to me it's a "support group". Salvation in a can!

If you look round Hollywood there's no end of white smiles and six packs.

Long lines of beautiful people lining up to be incredible on film.

I'm just not one of these guys who, like, you know, woke up with a six-pack.

I need Skittles. I have to eat very particularly and I have to work out like a madman. And then it looks like... okay.

Six packs quote Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.

Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.

Start drinking vodka instead of beer, and try to get a six-pack as early as possible and you'll be a much more successful actor.

Trade him for a six pack; it doesn't even have to be cold.

Here's what the kids get. They get free McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken for a year, and 52 six-packs of Pepsi. And I'm thinking, well, actually, it might be healthier if they were taking steroids.

Six packs quote Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get

Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.

Practice. I used to sit on the edge of my bed with a six-pack of Tuborg. My brother would go out to party and get laid, come home at 3am., and I would still be playing with myself.

Reagan promised everyone a seven-course dinner. Ours turned out to be a possum and a six-pack.

There's always [on women's magazines] that great photo of the actress or model lifting up her shirt just to show you the bone structure and the six-pack of her own. It's almost like when horses are auctioned and they show you their teeth. 'Am I good enough?'

As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where its packed every night, theres nothing like it.

Before Jersey Shore, I was a DJ struggling to promote, deejaying six nights a week and hustling to pack clubs.

I don't have a six-pack. Maybe I don't even want a six-pack. It doesn't sound very appealing.

You might be a redneck if you consider a six-pack and a bug-zapper high-quality entertainment.

I saw soda pop for $1.20 a six pack. That price messes with your head. You start thinking you're gonna sell soda pop. Suddenly I've got packs of pop with me. "Looking to buy some pop? 50 cents a can. It's not refrigerated because this is a half-assed commitment!"

Game of Thrones' is a fantasy show not dedicated to any specific time, but it seems to exist in sort of a 1400s medieval fantasy world, and in that setting, I wouldn't have had a six-pack.

Yeah, a lot of people ask me to take my shirt off, which is aggressive.

I wish that I were just one of those guys who was just like, "You know, look, when I was seven I had a six-pack, and it just never went away."

Fernando Vargas may have had a 6-pack in his stomach, but he didn't have a six-pack on his chin.

Sweet weeping baby Jesus he has a six-pack to beat all six-packs!

I never thought my face would be on the cover of a Red Bull Six Pack.

I have been called Taylor Lautner a few time which I'm quite happy about.

You only have to look at us to see how funny that is but it's nice to pretend I might be hiding a Taylor six-pack under my shirt.

At one point I had to shove as much food in my body as possible to pack on calories. My trainer wanted me to do six meals a day and not go two hours without eating. If I would cheat on eating one day, I could tell - I'd drop a few pounds.

The boat was vacuum-packed with Albanians, four generations to a family: great-grandmother, air-dried like a chilli pepper, deep red skin and a hot temper; grandmother, all sun-dried tomato, tough, chewy, skin split with the heat; getting the kids to rub olive oil into her arms; mother, moist as a purple fig, open everywhere - blouse, skirt, mouth, eyes, a wide-open woman, lips licking the salt spray flying from the open boat. Then there were the kids, aged four and six, a couple of squirs, zesty as lemons.

If I just cut out the food, I'd have a six-pack. I'd look like Matthew McConaughey.

The presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but the prison of anxiety is optional.

Anxiety is not a sin; it's an emotion. So don't be anxious about feeling anxious. Anxiety can, however, lead to sinful behavior. When we numb our fears with six-packs or food binges, when we spew anger like Krakatau, when we peddle our fears to anyone who will buy them, we're sinning.

A lot of people look at me as a big person.

Some people consider me to be obese. Some people consider me fat and sloppy. Everybody knows that I have a big stomach, but I think sometimes that overshadows everything else on my body - from my calves to my back to my shoulders to my biceps. What people go to the gym and work for, I have. The only thing I don't have that they got is six - packs. But I really don't care about six-packs.

Helmut Walcha was a gifted organist, improviser, and composer! He would play Evensong every week at his church for free, the Dreikönigskirche in Frankfurt, where the audience would consist of only six or so of us students. When he would give a public recital that had a hefty ticket price, the church was packed.

Getting out of the house is the secret to staying alert through the droning hours leading up to the big meal, even if you don't go farther than 7-Eleven for another six-pack.

One thing that Americans do at this time also, though, is let's commit ourselves, just everyday American people Joe Six-Pack, hockey moms across the nation I think we need to band together and say, never again. Never will we exploited and taken advantage of again by those who are managing our money and loaning us these dollars.

There's no worse feeling than being in front of a guy with six-pack abs, muscles popping out of his shoulders, veins popping out of his arms, and you know he's swinging for the fences, in front of all your friends and family, and you can't breathe. You can't breathe no matter how much moves you know. You start to panic. You start to feel a drowning sensation. It's the worst feeling in the world.

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