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Colombia is in a risky position. They've got a peace process that's going nowhere, and a drug production problem that's skyrocketing. — Barry McCaffrey

Well, I'm telling them two things. One is that, look, this is going to be something when the American people realize - once it's passed - that, A, it does take care of preexisting conditions; B, you're insurance rates aren't going to skyrocket; C, the insurance companies aren't going to be running the show like they were before; D, you're going to be in a position where you can keep your insurance that you have. That once the American public realizes that, you're going to get a reward for this. They're going to be rewarded. — Joe Biden

The high price of health care in this country is a serious issue that demands serious attention. Putting limits on damages have little or no effect on skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates. — Mary Landrieu

When we get the final hardware, the performance is just going to skyrocket. — J Allard

Even if gas prices fall, consumers will continue to be gouged at the pump the only thing that we can be sure rises faster that the price of gasoline is the skyrocketing profits of oil companies. — Major R. Owens

Many of us are alarmed at the skyrocketing cost of medical care, including patients, who are the consumers. However, medical malpractice is not the reason for these increasing costs. — Joe Baca

A few years ago, the Bose Acoustics Corporation had a new product, the Bose Wave Music System. And their ad campaign for it was not successful until they changed one thing. At the top of the ad they said, "Hear what you've been missing." And that caused the skyrocketing of the interest in purchasing of the product. Why? Because with something new, people are uncertain, and when they are uncertain, they want to avoid losses. — Robert Cialdini

Many people have already lost their health care, millions already lost their health care, because they have it and can't use it because of the explosive skyrocketing premiums, or they literally lost their doctors or insurance plans or their access to health care through Obamacare. — Kellyanne Conway