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I'm not really big on slapstick humor. I like gentle humor. — Anjelica Huston

A farce, or slapstick humor, does well universally. — John Ratzenberger

Comedy is difficult, especially slapstick. The trick is to have fun while you are performing it. — Maureen O'Hara

I've always loved pure, silly slapstick comedy. It always makes me laugh. — Kenneth Branagh

Sometimes you don't want to be a slapstick clown in order to convey a funny perception of the world. — Tina Weymouth

At times we were criticized for doing too much slapstick. I don't believe in mild comedy, and neither does Lucy. — Desi Arnaz

I didn't understand Southland Tales script at all! Is there a single word to describe it? Cacophony? It's celebrity meets pornography meets politics - it's unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. And slapstick humor, communism; I mean, what doesn't it have? It's crazy. I didn't go to Cannes, but I guess the first cut was three and a half hours or something? — Beth Grant

When you're doing comedy, you're not trying to be funny. I think things are funny when the character is taking it totally seriously. I think when people are winking, it becomes slapstick, it becomes something else. — Rachel Weisz