quote by Uwe Boll

Slater's a big star and he's been in the business a long time. He's always in a good mood and easygoing but he takes his character very seriously.

— Uwe Boll

Most Powerful Slater quotations

Slater soaks into the mind as water into low and marshy places, where it becomes stagnant and offensive.

I have to remind the people who put down East Coast surfing that Kelly Slater is from Florida.

It's going to be tough but I think I was more nervous about playing NRL than I will be playing this match simply because I've got Billy Slater in front of me and there were a lot of expectations.

And I did a movie called Basil with Jared Leto and Christian Slater.

Glenn Slater is my lyricist who, of the new young lyricists coming along, is the most exciting, I think.

The kid in the episode [of Tales From The Darkside ] was played by Christian Slater! He was all of about 12 or so, but I've run into Christian many times since then, and he always does his line from Tales From The Darkside whenever he sees me.

We're always looking for the best people that apply and have showed interest about being on the [Big Brother] show. In the past, other houseguests' siblings have approached us or applied, and in some cases it works out like Elissa [Reilly Slater] and in some cases it doesn't. We want to make sure we have the best people ultimately.

Once again, in the fine tradition of North Texas Lab Bands, this is truly a superb band. Under the artful leadership of Neil Slater, these great musicians have managed to combine small group "openness" with the swinging precision of a classic big band. Very enjoyable!

I've stayed buddies with my old buddy Jackie Slater.

I talk to Jackie Slater. I play golf with Marcus Allen a lot. I play golf with Marshall Faulk a lot. My buddy Craig Young, he lives up in New Mexico. I still talk to a lot of the guys.

Heath Slater, or the chick from Wendy's

Living is about clucking your tongue and enjoying the sound. ~Slater

If Slater were someone else, Kevin would merely be the poor victim of a horrible plot. Unless he was killed by Slater, in which case he would be the dead victim of a horrible plot