quote by George Macdonald

Forgiveness unleashes joy. It brings peace. It washes the slate clean. It sets all the highest values of love in motion.

— George Macdonald

Most Powerful Slates quotations

Composing is like driving down a foggy road toward a house.

Slowly you see more details of the house-the color of the slates and bricks, the shape of the windows. The notes are the bricks and the mortar of the house.

Life is grace. Sleep is forgiveness. The night absolves. Darkness wipes the slate clean, not spotless to be sure, but clean enough for another day's chalking.

When you operate in an overbuilt metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.

If I don't think about anything, and start with a clean slate, in terms of what I have to do, a lot of different ideas come up, and I can think about things more openly.

You can draw any kind of picture you want on a clean slate and indulge your every whim in the wilderness in laying out a New Delhi, Canberra, or Brasilia, but when you operate in an overbuilt metropolis, you have to hack your way with a meat ax.

Regardless of your past, your tomorrow is a clean slate.

Swift is the arrow, dark is the thorn, the slate is clean, the future awaits, awake.

Every day when a man or woman gets dressed, they are in effect defining who they are. That daily clean slate is a time in our lives when we can determine who we want to be.

We've had a problem finding a vocalist.

We have not been lucky yet to find the one. I think the problem is that the three of us have such a pedigree of vocalist, that if we come out with someone that's not good we'll obviously be slated!

I argued that the Bush administration, and the Coalition officials more recently, didn't understand Iraqi society. They thought it was a blank slate, that they could use Iraqis as guinea pigs.

The great appeal of the doctrine that the mind is a blank slate is the simple mathematical fact that zero equals zero.

You have a clean slate every day you wake up.

You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it: this is going to be my day.

When absolutes are abandoned for principles, the U.

S. Constitution becomes a blank slate for anyone’s graffiti.

I love the big fresh starts, the clean slates like birthdays and new years, but I also really like the idea that we can get up every morning and start over.

Music is the chalk to the blackboard of life. Without it everything is a blank slate

So yesterday you fell off the wagon? Or maybe you blew your diet? Or lost your temper and shot off your mouth? Well, that was yesterday. Today is a brand-new day with a clean slate, so forget yesterday!

The strongest argument against totalitarianism may be a recognition of a universal human nature; that all humans have innate desires for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The doctrine of the blank slate... is a totalitarian's dream.

We are here to inscribe ourselves on the universe, and it is not inappropriate to remind ourselves of this when blank slates are given us.

Don't get seduced by your own stuff; work hard to keep a blank slate state of mind each time you watch your film.

Instead of feeling a poverty when we encounter a great man, let us treat the new comer like a travelling geologist, who passes through our estate, and shows us good slate, or limestone, or anthracite, in our brush pasture.

We have a slate of four films. From Karen Young - the USA bestselling author - we have Blood Bayou. Again, we're relying on the story to tell itself and the characters tell it and not (relying on) shock value. It's a suspenseful drama...The best way I can describe it is Pelican Brief meets Time to Kill.

You need to be as clean of a slate as you can be, as an actor.

You have to try to be open to every experience.

People attack Scientology, I never forget it, always even the score.

People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear.

What’s broken is broken—and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I live…I’m too old to believe in such sentimentalities as clean slates and starting all over.

I don't worry about the last shot or the next shot.

I concentrate. Every shot gets a clean slate. And when a shot is over, I wipe it out absolutely. Tell a joke or something. If you worry about how you looked, how well you did, you'll go insane.

The brain is highly structured, but it is also extremely flexible.

It's not a blank slate, but it isn't written in stone, either.

The piano may do for love-sick girls who lace themselves to skeletons, and lunch on chalk, pickles and slate pencils, but give me the banjo.

Man will become better when you show him what he is like.

America is indeed a revelation, though not quite the one that was planned.

Given a clean slate, man, it was hoped, would write the future. Instead, he has written his past.

The Christians say, that among the ancient Jews, if you committed a crime you had to kill a sheep. Now they say 'charge it.' 'Put it on the slate.' The Savior will pay it. In this way, rascality is sold on credit, and the credit system in morals, as in business, breeds extravagance.

Love is not an equation, it is not a contract, and it is not a happy ending.

Love is the slate under the chalk, the ground that buildings rise, and the oxygen in the air. It is the place you come back to, no matter where your headed

I am a blank slate - therefore I can create anything I want.

With everything you do as an actor, you obviously know the full story.

But the person watching it doesn't, necessarily. So, you just have to discipline yourself to wipe the slate clean as you go along.

My first car was in 2006 when I got on my first TV show - a BMW 328i2 four-door sedan in slate grey. That was a great day, that was.