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Picture quote by Brian Tracy about goals

Those who do not have goals are doomed forever to work for those who do. ⏤ Brian Tracy

Picture quote by Thomas Jefferson about freedom

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. ⏤ Thomas Jefferson

Picture quote by Lolly Daskal about courage

Courage is refusing to be a slave to fear. ⏤ Lolly Daskal

Picture quote by Henry David Thoreau about liberty

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves. ⏤ Henry David Thoreau

Picture quote by Niccolo Machiavelli about freedom

It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free. ⏤ Niccolo Machiavelli

Picture quote by Winston Churchill about words

We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out. ⏤ Winston Churchill

Picture quote by William Blake about create

I must create a system, or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason ⏤ William Blake

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The tyrant is only the slave turned inside out.

Egyptian Proverbs,

Whenever I hear any one, arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.

Abraham Lincoln, president

If you are living out of a sense of obligation you are slave.

Wayne Dyer, psychologist

He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.

Andrew Carnegie, businessman

I cannot be fired. Slaves have to be sold.


I didn't know I was a slave until I found out I couldn't do the things I wanted.

Frederick Douglass, author

There're two people in the world that are not likeable: a master and a slave.

Nikki Giovanni, poet

Slavery is an institution for converting men into monkeys.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood.

Martin Luther King, Jr., leader

I expect to plead not for the slave only, but for suffering humanity everywhere. Especially do I mean to labor for the elevation of my sex.

Lucy Stone, activist

Slavery takes hold of few, but many take hold of slavery.

Marcus Annaeus Seneca Seneca The Elder, rhetorician

Captivity is the greatest of all evils that can befall one.

Miguel de Cervantes, novelist

Men would rather be starving and free than fed in bonds.

Pearl Buck,

He who can be, and therefore is, another's, and he who participates in reason enough to apprehend, but not to have, is a slave by nature.

Aristotle, philosopher

The victory of the working people over the exploiters and slave holders is at the same time the victorious struggle for liberation by the German people.

Walter Ulbricht, politician

Slaves lose everything in their chains, even the desire of escaping from them.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

On the king's gate the moss grew gray; The king came not. They call'd him dead; And made his eldest son, one day, Slave in his father's stead.

Helen Hunt Jackson, writer

Can you not see that women could do and would do a hundred times more for the slave, if she were not fettered?

Angelina Grimke, activist

The art of being a slave is to rule one's master.

Diogenes, philosopher

The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings.

Henri Frederic Amiel, philosopher

Progress and reaction have both turned out to be swindles. Seemingly, there is nothing left but quietism -- robbing reality of its terrors by simply submitting to it.

George Orwell, author

He that communicates his secret to another makes himself that other's slave.

Baltasar Gracian, philosopher

The distinguishing sign of slavery is to have a price, and to be bought for it.

John Ruskin, writer

A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.

Lysander Spooner, philosopher

Some slaves are scoured to their work by whips, others by their restlessness and ambition.

John Ruskin, writer

Today the large organization is lord and master, and most of its employees have been desensitized much as were the medieval peasants who never knew they were serfs.

Ralph Nader, lawyer

So much is man the slave of his heart that he will shut his eyes to what does not please him and believe all that he hopes.

Mika Waltari, author

Most people seek after what they do not possess and are enslaved by the very things they want to acquire.

Anwar ElSadat,

It does not matter what the whip is; it is none the less a whip, because you have cut thongs for it out of your own souls.

John Ruskin, writer

Actors work and slave and it is the color of your hair that can determine your fate in the end.

Helen Hayes, actress

Assure a man that he has a soul and then frighten him with old wives' tales as to what is to become of him afterward, and you have hooked a fish, a mental slave.

Theodore Dreiser, novelist

Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil.

Edmund Burke, statesman

I pity them greatly, but I must be mum, for how could we do without sugar and rum?

William Cowper, poet

If a man carries his horse out of a slave State into a free one, be does not lose his property interest in him; but if he carries his slave into a free State, the law makes him free.

Benjamin F. Wade, politician

To add to our misery and despair, a bloated aristocracy has sent to China - the greatest and oldest despotism in the world - for a cheap working slave.

Denis Kearney, politician

We are men, and propose to live like men in this free land, without the contamination of slave labor, or die like men, if need be, in asserting the rights of our race, our country, and our families.

Denis Kearney, politician

It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison and yet not free—to be under no physical constraint and yet be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation wants him to think, feel and act. . . . To him the walls of his prison are invisible and he believes himself to be free.

Aldous Huxley, novelist

We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.

Cecil Rhodes, statesman

I like to think of myself as being fashion-conscious without being a slave to fashion.

Annni-Frid Lyngstad,

A mass of dust, world's momentary slave, Is man, in state of our old Adam made, Soon born to die, soon flourishing to fade.

Barnabe Barnes, poet

Who Rebels? Who rises in arms? Rarely the slave, but almost always the oppressor turned slave.

Emile M. Cioran, philosopher

Just as the slave master required the slaves to imitate the image he had of them, so women, who live in a relatively powerless position, politically and economically, feel obliged by a kind of implicit force to live up to culture's image of what is female.

Susan Griffin, writer

If you can not master your language you must be it's slave.

Jenny Weber,

I'm not gonna be a slave. I'm a rock n' roller.

Steven Adler, musician

If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend but never your slave.

Theophile Gautier, poet

John Brown's effort was peculiar. It was not a slave insurrection.

George Haven Putnam, soldier

I think he was explicit that it was a slave labor situation, but I was not alarmed at that point, because there were so many tragedies involved in that war. That was the first time I had any indication that something was sort of strange.

Charles Guggenheim, director

There would be a paragraph about some veteran digging tunnels for the Germans in a slave labor camp, or something like that. Finally I decided to look it up and go further into it.

Charles Guggenheim, director

The sovereign being is burdened with a servitude that crushes him, and the condition of free men is deliberate servility.

Georges Bataille, writer

Slavery is so intolerable a condition that the slave can hardly escape deluding himself into thinking that he is choosing to obey his master's commands when, in fact, he is obliged to. Most slaves of habit suffer from this delusion and so do some writers, enslaved by an all too personal style.

W. H. Auden, poet

Slavery can only be abolished by raising the character of the people who compose the nation; and that can be done only by showing them a higher one.

Maria Weston Chapman,

Thy treasures of gold Are dim with the blood of the hearts thou hast sold;Thy home may be lovely, but round it I hearThe crack of the whip, and the footsteps of fear.

Lydia Maria Child,

Slavery is no more sinful, by the Christian code, than it is sinful to wear a whole coat, while another is in tatters, to eat a better meal than a neighbor, or otherwise to enjoy ease and plenty, while our fellow creatures are suffering and in want.

James Fenimore Cooper,

Forced from home, and all its pleasures, afric coast I left forlorn; to increase a stranger's treasures, o the raging billows borne. Men from England bought and sold me, paid my price in paltry gold; but, though theirs they have enroll'd me, minds are never to be sold.

William Cowper, poet

It cannot in the opinion of His Majesty's Government be classified as slavery in the extreme acceptance of the word without some risk of terminological inexactitude.

Winston Churchill, politician

There is a sort of subjection which is the peculiar heritage of largeness and of love; and strength is often only another name for willing bondage to irremediable weakness.

George Eliot, author

Slavery is the first step towards civilization. In order to develop it is necessary that things should be much better for some and much worse for others, then those who are better off can develop at the expense of others.

Alexander Herzen, journalist

To relive the relationship between owner and slave we can consider how we treat our cars and dogs -- a dog exercising a somewhat similar leverage on our mercies and an automobile being comparable in value to a slave in those days.

Edward Hoagland, author

You can be up to your boobies in white satin, with gardenias in your hair and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation.

Billie Holiday, musician

The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it.

Thomas Jefferson, president

Slavery is founded on the selfishness of man's nature -- opposition to it on his love of justice. These principles are in eternal antagonism; and when brought into collision so fiercely as slavery extension brings them, shocks and throes and convulsions must ceaselessly follow.

Abraham Lincoln, president

The creation of the spiritual was no accident. It was a creation born of necessity, so that the slave might more adequately adjust himself to the conditions of the New World.

Benjamin Mays,

My reason is not framed to bend or stoop: my knees are.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

The slave is doomed to worship time and fate and death, because they are greater than anything he finds in himself, and because all his thoughts are of things which they devour.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

Nobody had ever instructed him that a slave-ship, with a procession of expectant sharks in its wake, is a missionary institution, by which closely-packed heathen are brought over to enjoy the light of the Gospel.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author

The blunting effects of slavery upon the slaveholder's moral perceptions are known and conceded the world over; and a priveleged class, an aristocracy, is but a band of slaveholders under another name.

Mark Twain, author

We are like horses who hurt themselves as soon as they pull on their bits -- and we bow our heads. We even lose consciousness of the situation, we just submit. Any re-awakening of thought is then painful.

Simone Weil, philosopher

The fact is, that civilization requires slaves. Human slavery is wrong, insecure, and demoralizing. On mechanical slavery, on the slavery of the machine, the future of the world depends.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

I defied the machinery to make me its slave. Its incessant discords could not drown the music of my thoughts if I would let them fly high enough.

Lucy Larcom, poet

No more turning a blind eye to Chinese spies in our nuclear labs. No more keeping silent about Chinese slave labor camps.

Steve Forbes, businessman

The perfection of our union, especially our commitment to equality of opportunity, has been a story of constant striving to live up to our Founding principles. This is what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said, 'In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free - honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve.'

Paul Ryan, politician

In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free - honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.

Abraham Lincoln, president

And so, whether they came here on the Mayflower, on a slave ship, or on an airplane from Havana, we are all descendants of the men and women who built here the nation that saved the world.

Marco Rubio, politician

He who will not reason, is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.

William Drummond,

The violinist must possess the poet's gift of piercing the protective hide which grows on propagandists, stockbrokers and slave traders, to penetrate the deeper truth which lies within.

Yehudi Menuhin, musician

Slave to no sect, who takes no private road, But looks through Nature up to Nature's God.

Alexander Pope, poet

The problems with First Ladies is that you have to set the standard. My role is to be both star and slave.

Imelda Marcos, celebrity

A slave has but one master; an ambitious man has as many masters as there are people who may be useful in bettering his position.

Jean De La Bruyere, philosopher

A man in debt is so far a slave.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

We can constitutionally extirpate slavery at this time. But if we fail to do this, then unless we intend hereafter to violate the Constitution, we shall have a fugitive slave law in operation whenever the war is over.

Jay Alan Sekulow, lawyer

I'm not a slave to objectivity. I'm never quite sure what it means. And it means different things to different people.

Peter Jennings, journalist

No one is more enslaved than a slave who doesn't think they're enslaved.

Kate Beckinsale, actress

We are slaves to whatever we don't understand.

Vernon Howard, author

If there be any plausible reason for supposing that we have the right to legislate on the slave interests of the District, you cannot put down the investigation of the subject out of doors, by refusing to receive petitions.

Caleb Cushing, diplomat

The proceedings of this House in 1790, in reference to petitions on the matter of the slave trade, and of slavery in the States, have been cited. It has been said that those petitions were not received.

Caleb Cushing, diplomat

If we are not represented, we are slaves.

James Otis, lawyer

Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.

Constantin Brancusi,

Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion.

Giacomo Casanova, celebrity

What good to me is the festive garment of freedom when I am in a slave's smock at home?

Johann Georg Hamann, philosopher

But assuming the same premises, to wit, that all men are equal by the law of nature and of nations, the right of property in slaves falls to the ground; for one who is equal to another cannot be the owner or property of that other.

William H. Seward, statesman

I mean to say that Congress can hereafter decide whether any states, slave or free, can be framed out of Texas. If they should never be framed out of Texas, they never could be admitted.

William H. Seward, statesman

The proposition of an established classification of states as slave states and free states, as insisted on by some, and into northern and southern, as maintained by others, seems to me purely imaginary, and of course the supposed equilibrium of those classes a mere conceit.

William H. Seward, statesman

The right to have a slave implies the right in some one to make the slave; that right must be equal and mutual, and this would resolve society into a state of perpetual war.

William H. Seward, statesman

There is not only no free state which would now establish it, but there is no slave state, which, if it had had the free alternative as we now have, would have founded slavery.

William H. Seward, statesman

The Free State men, myself among them, took it for granted that Missouri was a slave state.

Buffalo Bill, celebrity

The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings.

Thomas La Mance,

But really, for the most part - doing a prequel is great because you do have room to kind of free this character and how they got to where they are instead of being a slave to exactly what the previous actor did.

Jennifer Lawrence, actress

This is slavery, not to speak one's thought.

Euripides, poet

I can express all my views on the slavery question by quotations from Henry Clay.

Abraham Lincoln, president

There is not a man beneath the canopy of Heaven who does not know that slavery is wrong for him.

Frederick Douglass, author

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