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Sometimes when I'm swimming, I think that maybe someday I'll put my red Speedo up for auction. Or maybe I'll donate it to the Smithsonian. They can stuff it with two plums and a gherkin and put it on display. — David Duchovny

The Smithsonian Institute is one of the most popular agencies of government in the United States. — Norm Dicks

I wouldn't be surprised if some day, they put the Simpsons in the Smithsonian. It's become part of our culture, those characters. — Joe Mantegna

I was at the Smithsonian for twenty years, and I'm still at the Smithsonian as a curator emeritus, and I still plan to figure out what that means for me at this point in my life. — Bernice Johnson Reagon

The Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife, actually, was an effort to put something on the mall in Washington so American tourists could walk through America, and in their minds everything on the mall would be American. — Bernice Johnson Reagon

The first job I had with the Smithsonian was as a field researcher among African American communities in Southwest Louisiana and Arkansas for the festival. — Bernice Johnson Reagon

If I had been at a University I don't think I would have been able to have the experience I had in my Smithsonian work. I don't think I have been as successful. — Bernice Johnson Reagon

I started graduate school in 1971, I started working at the Smithsonian in the festival in 1972. I went full-time at the Smithsonian in 1974. And I got my doctorate in 1975. — Bernice Johnson Reagon