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There is a certain class of race problem-solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

— Booker T. Washington

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Failure is information-we label it failure, but it's more like, 'This didn't work, I'm a problem solver, and I'll try something else.'

You want to hire #‎ entrepreneurs , people who are natural problem solvers -- the ones who see opportunity when most see impossibility.

The problem with this world is not enough problem solvers.

So, if you become a problem solver you become rich.

Surround yourself with problem solvers, not problem creators.

Diverse groups of problem solvers outperformed the groups of the best individuals at solving complex problems. The reason: the diverse groups got stuck less often than the smart individuals, who tended to think similarly.

I would have been completely brainwashed by this lopsided and racist view of the world if it weren't for my father. He was a deep thinker and an irrepressible problem solver. He was a Black Socrates, asking why and then spoiling ready-made replies.

The world can use more light and less noise.

More solvers and fewer blamers. More folks showing a better way and fewer folks complaining about how much better things used to be. More folks offering help and fewer folks wringing their hands about the problems. More hope bringers and fewer hope killers.

Good problem-seekers are in higher demand than good problem-solvers.

Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business.

Either man is obsolete or war is. War is the ultimate tool of politics. Political leaders look out only for their own side. Politicians are always realistically maneuvering for the next election. They are obsolete as fundamental problem-solvers.

All intelligent problem solvers are subject to the same ultimate constraints - limitations on space, time, and materials.

Architecture is too slow in its realisation to be a 'problem solver'.

The reward for being a good problem solver is to be heaped with more and more difficult problems to solve


I'm a problem-solver, and you're welcome.

It is obvious that mathematics needs both sorts of mathematicians, theory-builders and problem-solvers.

We shall have to evolve problem-solvers galore since each problem they solve creates ten problems more.

Twenty-five years ago, the notion was you could create a general problem-solver software that could solve problems in many different domains. That just turned out to be totally wrong.

Some of the best movies made about crime are those where the crime solver can get inside the head of the serial killer, and those are the techniques we use in C.S.I.

When we strive to remove all risk from childhood we also remove the foundations of a rational adulthood, and we eliminate the very experiences that will help kids grow up to be the empowered, creative, brave problem-solvers that they can and must be.

I'm not a professional politician. I'm a professional problem solver.

I'm a problem-solver.

Leaders are problem solvers by talent and temperament, and by choice.

Time and happenings and the grace of God are the best solvers of puzzles.

One must leave much to these, if he is not to worry himself into premature senility.

The value of a problem is not so much coming up with the answer as in the ideas and attempted ideas it forces on the would be solver.

And if you would know God, be not therefore a solver of riddles.

Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children. And look into space; you shall see Him walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms in the lightning and descending in rain. You shall see Him smiling in flowers, then rising and waving His hands in trees.

The real problem is what to do with the problem-solvers after the problems are solved.

Guys are natural problem solvers - they like to have strategies.

I think I've done more right than wrong on foreign policy.

I've criticized the president for being weak and indecisive. I've been a problem solver in Washington and I think I've got something to offer the party and nation.

Human beings thrive on action. Stagnation does not wear well with us. We are said to have our origins as hunter-gatherers. We run and we chase. We are problem-solvers. We must be continuously tested and we continuously test ourselves. And it will not end until our lives end because of life itself.

I'm not a professional politician. I'm a professional problem solver, and I believe we should cut the salaries of senators and congressmen 10 percent until they balance the budget. I call that conservative common sense.

Under normal conditions the research scientist is not an innovator but a solver of puzzles, and the puzzles upon which he concentrates are just those which he believes can be both stated and solved within the existing scientific tradition.

Entrepreneurs are natural problem-solvers, which means that we always have ideas for new businesses popping into our heads. Having a lot of options is great, but sometimes it can be hard to focus on one when you are keen to move onto the next.

Millennials are first and foremost problem solvers.

They are optimistic. They are well educated. They are creative. They are open to change. They are learners. They are technologically savvy. They are open-minded. They are imaginative. They think third-way. They want to achieve. They want to contribute. They are flexible. They are achievement oriented.

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