quote by Gene Wilder

What did you expect? 'Welcome, sonny?' 'Make yourself at home?' 'Marry my daughter?' You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know . . . morons.

— Gene Wilder

Passioned Sonny quotations

Put yourself out on a limb, sucka, like me! - young Cassius Clay to heavily favored thug Sonny Liston during the weigh in before Cassius wins his first title and changes his name to Muhammad Ali.

I, myself, came to enjoy the players who didn't only just swing but who invented new rhythmic patterns, along with new melodic concepts. And those people are: Art Tatum, Bud Powell, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Parker, who is the greatest genius of all to me because he changed the whole era around.

I got Sonny up to Harlem, and we started street playin' in New York.

We did that for three or four years and survived. We brought it back to the streets again.

Sonny Von Bulow, who said to her husband Claus on their honeymoon, Stop needling me. Never got a dinner!

Sonny Boy Williamson (II) was a beautiful guy, a straight guy.

.. (but) he was always raising hell one way or another, so you never could tell if he was drunk or sober.

Sonny Liston stood up to me and actually made me give ground.

No one has ever done that to me before or since.

Our repertoire consisted of rhythm and blues, sort of country rhythm and blues, Sonny Terry things.

Marry for money, my little sonny, a rich man's joke is always funny.

(As a boy) I was listening to Sonny Boy Williamson's (I) records and I would close my eyes and I could visualize myself playing the harp.

Asia is the continent rhythm forgot. At best Asian music is off-brand American pop, like Sonny Bono in a karaoke bar. At worst Asian music sounds as if a truck full of wind chimes collided with a stack of empty oil drums during a birdcall contest.

I have no belief in the system. So Sonny is perfectly at home (in Washington D.C.). Politicians are one step down below used-car salesmen.

You can't just sit around and watch life pass you by.

You have to keep dreaming. Sonny taught me that, and I intend to do him proud.

They used to say it was bad for Indians to drink, but it's bad for anybody.

When they drink they lose their cool, a lot of us. Like when we played with Sonny Boy, I would never get paid, you know. He would drink up all the money.

Sonny Liston is nothing. The man can't talk. The man can't fight. The man needs talking lessons. The man needs boxing lessons. And since he's gonna fight me, he needs falling lessons.

If I said I would knock out Sonny Liston in 1 minute and 49 seconds of the first round, that would hurt the gate.

From then on in, me and Sonny started makin' records.

My first records, Sonny was backin' me up. Sonny wasn't singin' natural at the time; he was singin' falsetto.

I met Sonny after (Blind Boy) Fuller died, and me and Sonny played in the streets like everybody else.

Hearing Sonny Rollins live... that was really amazing. There were so many things that really blew me away at that time [of schooling].

We had a very good relationship. Very good. I liked [Sonny Ramphal]. I thought he was a genuine man.

I actually oddly have done another robot motion capture. I did Sonny in I, Robot.

As I've grown older I've been more influenced by more meandering styles of guitar playing, whether it's Celtic or Ethiopian folk music or some kind of noisier jazz like Sonny Sharrock. In terms of songwriting, I don't know that I could even pin it down.

My wife and I have been together for 11 years, and seven of those married.

We got married on 07/07/07. We support each other 150 percent. We have fun. We are a modern-day Sonny & Cher. I don't sing. My wife sings. We're so different, but so alike. We got that ying and yang thing going on. You see it, but you don't know how it works.

The crowd did not dream when they laid down their money that they would see a total eclipse of the Sonny!

The music I listened to when I was a kid was Sonny Boy Williams and Pinetop Perkins. He was the one who had the most influence on my playing. I saw him through a window playing piano and I thought it was unbelievable somebody could move their fingers that fast. And this is how I got interested in piano.

Let's put it in old movie Mafia terms.

There are guys that are in position to get by but they didn't wait their turn. They back-doored the top guy to get the power. For example, Sonny Corleone went up there, and he wanted to be the top guy. And the Godfather said, 'You know what dude, I'm a star.' That's what I'm doing now, and that's what I was trying to do with what's-his-name.

Well, Grover Washington was my main influence and when I went to college, I started listening to more of the jazz masters like Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, and John Coltrane.

My little boy Sonny makes me laugh all the time. He has good comedic timing.

Sonny Liston is great. But he'll fall in eight.

When I beat Sonny Liston, I shocked the world.

When I joined the Muslims, I shocked the world. When I beat George Forman, I shocked the world. I am from the House of Shock

I also thought of myself as the Sonny Barger of the film industry.

What I love about Sonny's playing is that he is so inventive within the mainstream Jazz vernacular. Because he knows so many ways to deal with musical material, he is never repetitive and hasn't had to invent a new language. Also, he never asked me to do anything but swing!

I knew I had him in the first round. Almighty God was with me. I want everyone to bear witness, I am the greatest! I'm the greatest thing that ever lived. I don't have a mark on my face, and I upset Sonny Liston, and I just turned twenty-two years old. I must be the greatest. I showed the world. I talk to God everyday. I know the real God. I shook up the world, I'm the king of the world. You must listen to me. I am the greatest! I can't be beat!

I remember when we did our first read-through, Sonny [Bono] looks at the script and he goes, "Okay, I'll see you guys later. Chai-ay-oh!" And I said, "It's ciao! Aren't you Italian? C-i-a-o doesn't spell 'chai-ay-oh.'" Sonny's dead, so he won't be embarrassed if I tell that story.

The word had spread and people were piling around us.

But then very suddenly, Sonny Liston froze me with that look of his. He said real quiet, 'Let's go on over here.' And he led the way to a table and the people hung back. I ain't going to lie. This was the only time since I have known Sonny Liston that he really scared me.