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I've been working on the soprano saxophone for 40 years, and the possibilities are astounding. It's up to you, the only limit is the imagination. — Steve Lacy

Nobody inspired me more than Julie Andrews, who is a classically trained soprano herself. — Lesley Garrett

Watching Italian opera, all those male sopranos screeching, stupid fat couples rolling their eyes about. That's not love, it's just rubbish. — Peter Shaffer

They're naughty, all those writers - they mess around with people. I know James Gandolfini got a bit fed up on 'The Sopranos': if he said anything in front of a writer, told them a story from his life, it could make its way into the script. — Kelly Macdonald

I'd love to do a 'Sopranos' sequel. — Drea De Matteo

'The Sopranos,' for instance, is arguably the best cable show of all time. They could have made a movie, but that show ended so perfectly, it would almost be a disadvantage to make a movie like that. Then again, if you made a 'Sopranos' movie, people would be lined around the block to go see it. — Jerry Ferrara

The government itself is running exactly like the Sopranos and they sit back and they make deals. And they say okay, 'I'm going do this: France, you're getting the pipelines.' — George Clooney

Being lectured by the president on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country. — John F. Kerry