The mind knows not what the tongue wants.

— Howard Moskowitz

Revealing Spaghetti Sauce quotations

On hitting a shaken opponent - His legs turned to spaghetti and I was all over him like the sauce.

There is no perfect spaghetti sauce. There are perfect spaghetti sauces.

I wasn't running toward the theater but running away from the sporting goods store. Of course now that I'm selling spaghetti sauce (with Newman's Own), I begin to understand the romance of business.. the allure of being the biggest fish in the pond and the juice you get from beating out your competitors.

My sisters like cooking at my place. It has a bit more room, and the food tastes a little bit better. A big pot of spaghetti and sauce, some warm French bread - works all the time. I think I've been eating pasta for 26 years.

My favorite thing is Spaghetti with white clam sauce anywhere on the Amalfi Coast or the Tuscan Coast.

Well, I'm Italian, but my family isn't stereotypical.

I mean, I only have one sister and we don't yell or throw pasta at each other. My mother doesn't even have a secret spaghetti sauce recipe.

Danger is to adventure what garlic is to spaghetti sauce.

Without it, you just end up with stewed tomatoes.

The spaghetti sauce is a good thing to think about.

Morning, noon, and night, think about the spaghetti sauce. Think about hustling other people to buy the spaghetti sauce.

Standing in the corridor was a large plastic bin on wheels.

He looked inside. Empty tins of dog food. That explained the spaghetti with meat sauce. Oh well, he'd eaten worse.

I think my character's getting to the point where he can't even eat spaghetti with red sauce anymore, where he has horrible nightmares, he can't sleep anymore.

I was in a supermarket and I saw Paul Newman's face on salad dressing and spaghetti sauce....I thought he was missing.

To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish!

I don't know what people think in making record is like.

But basically, I got a bunch of spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, and the whole band was staying at my house and we had a ball.

Dinner alone is one of life's pleasures.

Certainly cooking for oneself reveals man at his weirdest. People lie when you ask them what they eat when they are alone. A salad, they tell you. But when you persist, they confess to peanut butter and bacon sandwiches deep fried and eaten with hot sauce, or spaghetti with butter and grape jam.