quote by Max Lucado

Next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leave you speechless, remain that way. Say nothing, and listen as Heaven whispers, "Do you like it? I did it just for you."

— Max Lucado

Sensational Speechless quotations

Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Speechless quote Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

When God gets us alone through suffering, heartbreak, temptation, disappointment, sickness, or by thwarted friendship - when He gets us absolutely alone, and we are totally speechless, unable to ask even one question, then He begins to teach us.

Grace is not looking for good men whom it may approve, for it is not grace but mere justice to approve goodness. [Rather] it is looking for condemned, guilty, speechless and helpless men whom it may save, sanctify and glorify.

My conversations with God always seem leave him speechless.

Once again, Pat Robertson leaves us speechless with his insensitivity and arrogance.

Nature best teaches how to pray, and how to reverence all the gifts the Almighty has given us. She is like a vast outspread handkerchief, embroidered with God's eternal name, on which we may dry alike our tears of sorrow and of joy; she turns weeping into ecstasy, and fills our hearts with speechless, quiet reverence and resignation.

Words have power. The power to soothe. The power to skewer someone through the heart. The power to render someone speechless.

For it is the fate of a woman Long to be patient and silent, to wait like a ghost that is speechless, Till some questioning voice dissolves the spell of its silence. Hence is the inner life of so many suffering women Sunless and silent and deep, like subterranean rivers Runnng through caverns of darkness.

Love itself describes its own perfection. Be speechless and listen.

You can replace houses. You can't replace people. I mean, it's left me speechless. I was talking to P.J. (Brown) about it. When the storm hit, I just kept it on CNN and watched the whole thing. Just seeing Canal Street, knowing I was there just a few days before storm and seeing all those stores I went in being under water. Unbelievable.

If the word 'No' was removed from the English language, Ian Paisley would be speechless.

The Times is speechless, and takes three columns to express its speechlessness.

Grief that is dazed and speechless is out of fashion: the modern woman mourns her husband loudly and tells you the whole story of his death, which distresses her so much that she forgets not the slightest detail about it.

I was speechless. Rare for me, but if anyone was capable of shocking me to silence, it was my mother.

I am speechless: I have no speech

Although I may try to describe Love, When I experience it, I am speechless.

What is this self-inside us, this silent observer, severe and speechless critic, who can terrorize us, and urge us onto futile activity, and in the end, judge us still more severely for the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?

PSH - I am genuinely shocked, saddened and speechless.

A truly wonderful man, with a magical touch. My hero. Thoughts are with his family

I came down the long road, even before I got here.

Just to be where I am today is already a positive in my life. But to have something like this happen to me as well, I'm speechless.

Oh, how one wishes sometimes to escape from the meaningless dullness of human eloquence, from all those sublime phrases, to take refuge in nature, apparently so inarticulate, or in the wordlessness of long, grinding labor, of sound sleep, of true music, or of a human understanding rendered speechless by emotion!

A strong work of art really leaves people speechless.

They feel a little angry because they don't understand it.

The bourgeois stands like a question mark, Speechless, like the hungry cur, The ancient world stands there behind him, A mongrel dog, afraid to stir.

Has my tale turned you speechless? Come, curse me or kiss me or call me a liar. Something.

…made me promise to cut down on the drinking and swearing, which I have.

Unfortunately, this has left me dim-witted and nearly speechless.

It has been rumored that "Psycho" is so terrifying that it will scare some people speechless. Some of my men hopefully sent their wives to a screening. The women emerged badly shaken but still vigorously vocal.

Happiness is speechless.

Anna despises two classes of people: first, those who own their own homes and have cars and families, and second, everybody else. Constantly she is on the verge of exploding. With rage. A pool of pure red. The pool is filled with speechlessness that talks away at her nonstop.

Her voice was now so shrill only bats would be able to hear it soon, but she had reached a level of indignation that rendered her temporarily speechless.

Speechless, castaway, and wry, a spellbound oddity am I.

My feet are planted in the clay, my gaze is locked upon the sky.

One who not merely beholds the outward shows of things, but catches a glimpse of the soul that looks out of them, whose garment and revelation they are-if he be such, I say, he will stand, for more than a moment, speechless with something akin to that which made the morning stars sing together.

I find greater companionship in inert figures, animals and Speechless artifacts, for I can enjoy their presence and there is no psychic drain.

If our life is poured out in useless words, we will never hear anything, never become anything, and in the end, because we have said everything before we had anything to say, we shall be left speechless at the moment of our greatest decision.

I've been meeting with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino for years, trying to figure out how to fix the concert industry. We're all so overpaid. It's ridiculous. People stopped going to concerts because they can't afford them. The Rolling Stones are charging $650 per ticket! That just makes me speechless. I love the Stones, but I won't be attending.

Experience is a private, and a very largely speechless affair.