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Storylines are how characters create the plots involved in their stories.

— Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Undeniable Storyline quotations

Throughout whatever I do, I always just say "Director" first.

I am directing the storylines and I'm creating what it is.

Night Watch itself is a very Russian movie.

Its impossible to imagine this kind of movie somewhere else: a movie with a depressing ending, a lot of inexplicable storylines, strange characters. Its a Russian reflection of American film culture.

Some of my favorite moments from The Vampire Diaries were from season 3.

I found the storyline between Stefan and Klaus to be extremely compelling. It was a friend/foe type friendship, rooted in depth that took us back to the 1920s.

Stand-up is just me trying to be as funny as possible in the most concentrated hour with me standing on stage with no storyline, no plot line, and no character development.

I love a really good storyline.

My attraction to story is a ceaseless current that runs through the center of me. My inexhaustible ardor for reading seems connected to my hunger for storylines that show up in both books and in the great tumbling chaos of life.

Deaf people are struggling to find their favorite show or something that represents them. It's hard. There are some examples of shows that have a deaf storyline in one episode, like Cold Case, or another show where they are focusing on the cochlear implant or the medical aspect.

I love not being in a comfortable state, anyway.

That makes for much more interesting storylines and an interesting story.

God created us for love, for union, for forgiveness and compassion and, yet, that has not been our storyline. That has not been our history.

I think all good narration contains an element of mystery and suspense.

If it didn't, if the storyline were predictable, we would have no interest in reading it.

Sometimes in television, if there are storylines that are oft-told, people can be hypercritical of them.

They do the soaps differently in Mexico.

You just have to know the storyline and not memorize the lines. There would be someone feeding you lines while you were performing.

I make the music as if I was scoring it.

I do my best that the sounds will fit the theme of that track, but then there are many other times where it can be random and things happen for no reason, just for fun! A storyline can let me organize changes in the music better, like acts in a play.

The flashbacks are parallel for me. You experience two storylines at the same time, and I'm not switching from one time to another.

Since I've been hired to contribute to the storyline of 'Doom 4' I can say what was always true anyway. I'm working. You see, for a writer, lots of stuff that doesn't look like working is actually working. Looking out of the window, for example. Balancing a pencil on the edge of the desk in order to find its exact fulcrum. Playing 'Doom.

We also have issue oriented storylines which are an examination of an issue, be it ethical or social.

I wouldn't mind producing a movie with a music storyline, but acting in one is too close to home.

I really was interested in doing something for a premium channel like Showtime or HBO, just because you get to really let loose. I think they let their storylines go wherever they want, and it's really a special place to work.

If a book has a predictable storyline or familiar situations, there's little satisfaction for me in writing it. A woman deciding which man she'll spend her life with? I've read that story a million times, but a stepmother deciding which of her children she'll save in a freak accident? Now that's a challenge.

Google is the enemy. I would tell that to anyone who enjoys any TV show like 'Game of Thrones' to avoid it; it spoils so many storylines.

It is possible to combine a story line and plot line in the same work.

Usually the storylines comes first, serving as a background to the plot line, but not always.

Life, it seems, is not meaningless but, rather, so full of meaning that its meaning must be constantly murdered for the sake of cohesion and comprehension. For the sake of the storyline.

Once our storyline gets under way, I just hope people don't throw cabbages at me in the market.

It took some time to gather the research and develop it into the storyline, and to finally finish an origin myth poem that I had been working on for twenty years.

[John Musker] got me reading the mythology and we very early on we worked up a basic storyline centered around the character of Maui. He just seemed like a great character to kind of build a movie around. He's this mythic demi-god, bigger than life character. He pulled up islands with his magical fishhook. He slowed down the sun. He's Pan Pacific.

There are a lot of limitations so you have to ultimately focus on what you think the most important storyline is.

I guess the biggest difference from the things I've done in the past is that my work will be more narrative-driven adult films or vignettes, not just "gonzo" scenes, which are straight sex, no storyline.

People thought the storyline and characters for 'X-Files' made it a 'dark' show, but I never saw it that way. I always thought Mulder and Scully were the light in dark places.

Since I am a person who starts work without clear knowledge of a storyline, every single scene is a pivotal scene.

Being on a television show and having so many fans is something that I've never experienced before, and it's really neat when they come up to you and are like, 'That storyline is amazing and really spoke to me in my life,' and it's really cool. I really enjoy it.

What happens in improv is you create your own storyline.

I take it as a given that God's knowledge of the Cerebus storyline dwarfs my own as God's knowledge of everything dwarfs my own.

Once you create a self-justifying storyline, your emotional entrapment within it quadruples.

I'm not a very big fan of 'Slumdog Millionaire.

' I think it's visually brilliant. But I have problems with the story line. I find the storyline unconvincing.

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