Viral Stubborness quotations

I know of no higher fortitude than stubborness in the face of overwhelming odds.

I'm nihilistic, antagonistic, violent, horrible - but not obliterated, yet.

I just refuse to be beaten down. I think it's stubborness that keeps me going.

Stubborness we deprecate,Firmness we condone,The former is our neighbors trait,The latter is our own.

Stubborness is believing in yourself when nobody else does.

If you participate in life, you don’t see it clearly: you suffer from it too much or enjoy it too much. The artist, to my way of thinking, is a monstrosity, something outside nature. All the misfortunes Providence inflicts on him come from his stubborness in denying that maxim.

Don't knock the power of a pest," Leif said.

"Persistance and stubborness can be useful in many situations.

Stubborness is also determination. It's simply a matter of shifting from "won't power" to "will power.

Thanks be to God, that he gave me Stubborness, when I know I am right.

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