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My idea of a perfect surrealist painting is one in which every detail is perfectly realistic, yet filled with a surrealistic, dreamlike mood. And the viewer himself can't understand why that mood exists, because there are no dripping watches or grotesque shapes as reference points. That is what I'm after: that mood which is apart from everyday life, the type of mood that one experiences at very special moments. — Ian Hornak

To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been. — Rene Magritte

I like Dali and Magritte. I also like the Scottish artist John Byrne, another surrealist. — Billy Connolly

Some of the French surrealists at the beginning of the war had come over to New York and they brought out this magazine. It was a big, glossy magazine full of surrealist things. — Kenneth Koch

I was influenced by surrealist poetry and painting as were thousands of other people, and it seems to me to have become a part of the way I write, but it's not. — Kenneth Koch

In the Thirties, when I was in New York, I did the first surrealistic ballet in a show of mine. — Vincente Minnelli

They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality. — Frida Kahlo

Really, I do not know whether my paintings are surrealist or not, but I do know that they are the frankest expression of myself. — Frida Kahlo