The killing of everyone was the easy part, the most difficult part was lathering them up and shaving them, that's the part that freaked me out the most.

— Johnny Depp

Thrilling Sweeney Todd quotations

I do believe that you have to bring some degree of truth from yourself to the role [Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ]in and I'll admit it here, I have shaved a grown man before. I have done it. And it wasn't Tim [Burton].

Get involved in everything you've ever dreamed of doing.

There's a hole in the world Like a great black pit And the vermin of the world Inhabit it ... And it goes by the name of London.

I kind of did this thing in high school, a spoof of 'Sweeney Todd' called 'Shirley Todd,' and I had a great time doing that.

They all deserve to die. Even you, Mrs. Lovett Even I. Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief For the rest of us death would be relief.

I'm a big fan of revenge, I think [Sweeney Todd] it's a story of a man who clearly has obsessions to avenge the horror that happened to him.

My two favorite musicals growing up in were 'Annie' and 'Sweeney Todd,' and my best friend and I would sing all the songs when I was a kid.

Let Pirelli's / Miracle Elixir / Activate your roots, sir.

.. Keep it off your boots, sir- / Eats right through. Yes, get Pirelli's! / Use a bottle of it! / Ladies seem to love it... Flies do, too!

I saw Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, which I thought was a masterpiece.

Not that long ago, I listened to Blackstar by David Bowie and thought that was a masterpiece. Those are two incredibly talented people who've left their mark with us.

I couldn't live without the genius of Stephen Sondheim, be it not just West Side Story,but Follies,Company,Sweeney Todd,Passion.You can go on and on.

The big turning point came when I played in the pit orchestra for a production of SWEENEY TODD and I spent most of the time watching the play instead of playing the score! And that's when I knew I had it bad for acting.

Back when I was in theater school, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life, 'Sweeney Todd' was a huge touchstone for me, my favorite musical for sure.