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In trying to make something new, half the undertaking lies in discovering whether it can be done. Once it has been established that it can, duplication is inevitable. — Helen Gahagan

If radio news is to be regarded as a commodity, only acceptable when saleable, then I don't care what you call it - I say it isn't news. — Edward R. Murrow

Today NBC makes certain content available online and I can't imagine we will change that process. — Brian Roberts

But here's my point to the LA Times. If you had a serious story to run, if you thought there was serious misconduct, you don't wait until the Thursday before the Tuesday. You run it early. — Susan Estrich

Even though shows like NYPD Blue are soaps in my opinion, but they're individualized to an extent that you can still follow what's going on if you miss a week. — William Devane

The greatest felony in the news business today is to be behind, or to miss a big story. So speed and quantity substitute for thoroughness and quality, for accuracy and context. — Carl Bernstein

DELEGATION, n. In American politics, an article of merchandise that comes in sets. — Ambrose Bierce

People need to access Skype wirelessly, no matter where they are, and what happens is that we'll be taking advantage of the rollout of Internet everywhere - WiFi and WiMax in particular. — Niklas Zennstrom

Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip. — Paul Scofield

The headline is the most important element of an ad. It must offer a promise to the reader of a believable benefit. And it must be phrased in a way to make it memorable. — Morris Hite

Short Syndication Quotes

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  • Bitcoin is a boycott of the greatest organized crime syndicate in human history — central banking. — Robert Breedlove
  • I've appeared on a weekly syndicated television show since 1980 — Julian Bond
  • I have two syndicated radio shows though United Stations Radio Network. — Nina Blackwood
  • I write a syndicated column for The Washington Post that goes to about 200, 250 papers. — Nat Hentoff
  • A high church for the true mediocre. — Norman Mailer
  • Syndicate is technically the first game I worked on. — Richard K. Morgan
  • Why is JP Morgan getting so much heat? Maybe because it is a massive international crime syndicate. — Matt Taibbi
  • I am an old school sort of syndicated cartoon watcher. I'm a big fan of Voltron, too. — Seamus Dever
  • The American people might have a criminal syndicate running their government. — Cynthia McKinney

Synchronicity Quotes

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Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. — Carl Jung

In every moment, the Universe is whispering to you. You're constantly surrounded by signs, coincidences, and synchronicities , all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny. — Denise Linn

When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. — Deepak Chopra

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why. — Albert Einstein

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path. — Dalai Lama

I do believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone. — Charles de Lint

Bitcoin links together 8 billion people, links together a hundred million companies, it synchronizes the world across political jurisdictions, and it returns rationality to the entire financial system, and it returns freedom and property rights to the entire human race. — Michael Saylor

Synchronicity: A meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved. — Carl Jung

Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at just this moment. There are no coincidences in the universe, only convergences of Will, Intent, and Experience. — Neale Donald Walsch

There is an odd synchronicity in the way parallel lives veer to touch one another, change direction, and then come close again and again until they connect and hold for whatever it was that fate intended to happen. — Ann Rule

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Covertly invest into non-White areas, invest in ghetto abortion clinics. Help to raise money for free abortions, in primarily non-White areas. Perhaps abortion clinic syndicates throughout North America, that primarily operate in non-White areas and receive tax support, should be promoted. — Margaret Sanger

I mean, I have done scenes with animals, with owls, with bats, with cats, with special effects, with thespians, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain, boiling hot; I've done press with every syndication, every country; I've done interviews with people dressed up as cows - there's honestly nothing that's gonna intimidate me! — Emily Watson

The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate. — Eustace Mullins

The last of Summer is Delight - Deterred by Retrospect. 'Tis Ecstasy's revealed Review - Enchantment's Syndicate. To meet it - nameless as it is - Without celestial Mail - Audacious as without a Knock To walk within the Veil. — Emily Dickinson

The first writing I did was short short stories for a newspaper syndicate for which I was paid five dollars a piece on publication. — Theodore Sturgeon

As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we'll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we'll be around for a while. — Richard Dean Anderson

The theater has fallen into the hands of real estate men and syndicates and those who have no love or interest in the stage or its life, but who have considered it principally as a means to make money. — Eva Le Gallienne

Under the species of Syndicalism and Fascism there appears for the first time in Europe a type of man who does not want to give reasons or to be right, but simply shows himself resolved to impose his opinions. — Jos

Cartooning is a wonderful career, and I'd like more women to get to have it. I can't think of any reason why we won't see more syndicated female cartoonists in the future. — Cathy Guisewite

The Mafia and crime bosses of this world are amateurs compared to this syndicate, ruled by the prince of darkness and the master of deception who wears many disguises and has many aliases. — Adrian Rogers

At one time Tribune Syndicate emptied out their storeroom. They put tables full of original cartoons down in the lobby and said take one if you want one. The comics were simply a burden to them. — Mort Walker

A show like Knots or any other show that can be called a soap opera does terribly in syndication because if you're a viewer and you miss a week you don't know what's going on. — William Devane

We were making new ones the second year. We were in syndication the second year. So we were on Saturday nights, prime time, every morning, and then they put it on Sunday evenings too. So it was all over the place. — Gavin MacLeod

I'm very surprised at that, yes, because there were many chances for it to be in Germany once the syndication market started and it continually just did not happen. — Werner Klemperer

To centralize power in the name of freedom is akin to putting a crime syndicate in charge of rooting out corruption. It is the normal state of politics that the more centralized it is, the more damage it does. Fast-track authority [for government-to-government trade agreements] centralizes power and is therefore part of the problem. — Llewellyn Rockwell

The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show. — Casey Kasem

You could place one product in a first-run telecast, a second product what that program is rerun, and a third product when the show goes into syndication, and another product when it goes on cable. — David Brenner

Anarcho-syndic alism took for granted that working people ought to control their own work, its conditions, the enterprises in which they work, along with communities, so they should be associated with one another in free associations, and democracy of that kind should be the foundational elements of a more general free society. — Noam Chomsky

Bernie Madoff stole $65 billion. That puts him up there on the Olympus of gangsters with the Colombian cartels and the major Russian crime syndicates, but he did this for decades in the very heart of Wall Street, and no regulator picked up on it. — Misha Glenny

I think it's a mistake to view North Korea as a government. It really is more like a criminal syndicate. — Marco Rubio

Publishing a protocol under the name Atom that tries to capture all of the prior art in this stage and might provide a good basis for winding down the syndication wars. — Tim Bray

The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show. — Casey Kasum

You're not chasing syndication any more. It used to be a big thing. "Let's make 100 episodes and we'll get paid for life". You know? And what does the sheer amount of content that's being made do to syndication after a while? It just seems like there's more content than there is hours for everyone to watch it. But it's some of the best content that's ever been created. — Bill Burr

We are facing an enormous crisis in Africa right now in terms of illegal wildlife trafficking, which is decimating animal populations, destroying local economies, and funding armed insurgencies and terrorist syndicates. If we do not find solutions to this crisis now, there will be little habitat left beyond sparse areas of national parks that will serve as glorified zoos to small pockets of remaining animals. — David Jeremiah Barron

Aggregating is only a part of what we do: HuffPost offers a combination of original blog posts (approximately 200 a day), original reporting, syndicated news (like from AP) that we pay for, and licensed content (via content-sharing partnerships). Original blog posts and pieces from our reporters account for more than 40 percent of all content viewed on HuffPost. — Arianna Huffington

I didn't start talk radio until '95 in L.A. The show was very successful, and they actually tried to syndicate it nationally, but I couldn't get stations. It was like, "We don't care that she's funny and she's got great ratings. She's liberal!" — Stephanie Miller

When I start to think about all the things, I'm doing sometimes I just have to thank the man upstairs. Because I'm doing the morning show here in Chicago 5 days a week, and I have the syndicated radio show that's been going on now for several years. In addition we are in the midst of taping 13 episodes of a television show-The Legends of Jazz: The Masters of jazz on PBS-TV. — Ramsey Lewis

To want a job that exercises a man's capacities in an enterprise useful to society, is utopian anarcho-syndicalism; it is labor invading the domain of management. No labor leader has entertained such a thought in our generation. Management has the "sole prerogative" to determine the products. — Paul Goodman

There never was yet a people who must not have somebody or something to represent the dignity of the state, the majesty of the people, call it what you will - a doge, an avoyer, an archon, a president, a consul, a syndic; this becomes at once an object of ambition and dispute, and, in time, of division, faction, sedition, and rebellion. — John Adams

I think the experience forced me to consider how interested I was in political cartooning. After I was fired, I applied to other papers but political cartooning, like all cartooning, is a very tough field to break into. Newspapers are very reluctant to hire their own cartoonists when they can get Oliphant or MacNelly through syndication for a twentieth of the price. — Bill Watterson

North Vegas is where you go if you're a hooker turning forty and the syndicate men on the strip decide you're no longer much good for business out there with the high rollers. — Hunter S. Thompson

To complain about how the media are dominated by liberals, Limbaugh has an hour a day on network television, an hour on cable, and a radio show syndicated by over 600 stations. — Michael Parenti

Footballers are an easy target. They are offered big lines of credit. Every sport is vulnerable; its such a big gambling industry, and there are problems with syndicates in other countries. — Gordon Taylor

I wanted to do the comic strip. I tried to get it syndicated, and I sent some examples to a syndication company, and they sent me a rejection letter! I wasn't smart enough at the time to realize you shouldn't let rejection letters stop you. I thought that rejection letter meant I was not allowed to be a cartoonist in this world, so I put the rejection letter down and said, well, I'll be a stand-up comedian. — Brian Regan

I gave up accounting. I went in for about six months writing ad copy. I was fired from that, and then another guy and I did a kind of poor man's Bob and Ray kind of syndicated radio show. Then I decided to stick it out and see what happened. I'd give it a year, a year became two years, and then two years became three years, and then along came the record album. — Bob Newhart

Stan Lee always wanted to do another syndicated strip while we were doing Spider-Man. I was working two jobs, and he wanted to make time to do another strip. He wanted to do a humor strip. I said, 'Stan, I barely make it through the week now. How the hell am I going to do another strip?' He said, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I always forget it takes you longer to do a page than it takes me to do twenty pages.' — John Romita, Sr.

Modern Anarcho-Syndicalism is a direct continuation of those social aspirations which took shape in the bosom of the First International and which were best understood and most strongly held by the libertarian wing of the great workers' alliance. — Rudolf Rocker

The question of crime is one of concern to everybody. But the position is that the security forces in our country for the last four decades did not concentrate on suppressing crime. Their main objective was to suppress, to crush political activity. And in the process, crime grew to unacceptable proportions. And criminals were able to form powerful syndicates, and they virtually took over the control of the life of the community in certain areas. — Nelson Mandela

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