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Change is only another word for growth, another synonym for learning

Knowledge and human power are synonymous. — Francis Bacon

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of. — Burt Bacharach

Before, for me, peace could have been synonymous with boredom. — Isabelle Adjani

A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise. — John Henry Newman

It is possible to enjoy the Mozart concerto without being able to play the clarinet. In fact, you can learn to be an expert connoisseur of music without being able to play a note on any instrument. Of course, music would come to a halt if nobody ever learned to play it. But if everybody grew up thinking that music was synonymous with playing it, think how relatively impoverished many lives would be. Couldn't we learn to think of science in the same way? — Richard Dawkins

Technique is communication: the two words are synonymous in conductors. — Leonard Bernstein

That we may live to see England once more possess a free Monarchy and a privileged and prosperous People, is my Prayer; that these great consequences can only be brought about by the energy and devotion of our Youth is my persuasion. We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions; and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity. — Benjamin Disraeli

Why will we struggle to attain, and strive, When all we gain is but an empty dream?--Better, unto my thinking, does it seemTo end it all and let who will survive;To find at last all beauty is but dust;That love and sorrow are the very same;That joy is only suffering's sweeter name;And sense is but the synonym of lust.Far better, yea, to me it seems to die;To set glad lips against the lips of Death--The only thing God gives that comforteth,The only thing we do not find a lie. — Madison Cawein