The decorator of Las Colimas must have been a great admirer of both early Aztec and late Taco Bell architectural styles.

— Ilona Andrews

Risky Taco Bell quotations

I'm famous for splurging at fast-food places.

I'm currently obsessed with Taco Bell's bean and cheese burritos with extra green sauce and extra cheese. Gluttony!

Taco bell quote A fighter never knows when it's the last bell. He doesn't want to face that.
A fighter never knows when it's the last bell. He doesn't want to face that.

The milk of kindness flows through my body, I shall follow Jesus to the Taco Bell and give thanks.

I had only two jobs my entire life Taco Bell for six months and Kroger's Food store for one day!

Popeyes and Taco Bell. I try to be healthy, but they're just so good.

Someone recently played me 'Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell' by Das Racist.

That should be my theme song.

This is interesting. Researchers have found that people who drive drunk are more dangerous on the road than drivers who are high on marijuana. Don't get too excited. It's mostly because the drivers using marijuana are just sitting in the Taco Bell drive-through.

The country of Mexico has just gotten its first Taco Bell.

You're Welcome. Finally, Mexicans will have access to... Mexican food. Bon appetit. I can't imagine how confused they will be when they get a taco.

Taco Bell is going to start selling nachos and chicken nuggets wrapped in a tortilla. In other words, thank God we're going to keep Obamacare.

Montana's ranchers raise the best cattle in the world.

If Taco Bell needs to beef up, they can give their customers the highest quality meat around by using Montana beef, and in the process, supporting agriculture jobs in Montana.

When I decided to be a musician I reckoned that that was going to be the way of less profit, less money. I was sort of giving up the idea of making a lot of money. It was what I loved to do. I would have done it anyway. If I'd had to work at Taco Bell I'd have still been out at night trying to play music.

I just love food, especially my mom's Bulgarian cooking.

Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant. I also love Italian food.

Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to Taco Bell?

If I'd had to work at Taco Bell I'd have still been out at night trying to play music.

I'm totally normal. I think it's obnoxious when people demand limos or bodyguards. I eat at McDonald's or Taco Bell. My parents always taught us to be humble. We're not spoiled.

I write what I want to write. Period. I don't write novels-for-hire using media tie-in characters, I don't write suspense novels or thrillers. I write horror. And if no one wants to buy my books, I'll just keep writing them until they do sell--and get a job at Taco Bell in the meantime.

I love Taco Bell. Whenever I go there I could get anything on the menu and be totally happy.

I was going to McDonald's and Taco Bell every day.

The kids behind the counter knew me - it wouldn't even faze them. Or I'd sit up at Denny's or Big Boy and just eat by myself. It was sad. I got so heavy that people started to not recognize me.

Believe it or not, Mexican cooking, for those of you who have not gone farther south than Taco Bell, uses a lot of vegetables. But those vegetables were not brought here, like corn mushrooms, huitlacoche, or squash blossoms.

I admired the earnestness of these people, many of whom had joined Greenpeace and marched for noble things in their youth. But I didn’t share their hatred of the establishment. After all, the establishment had given me so many of my favorite things: Nick at Nite, the New York Knicks, Stephen King, Taco Bell, Green Day. The list went on and on.

A lot of American companies are now moving into Iraq.

Iraq now has Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell and Popeye's fried chicken. So, great, instead of oil for food, we're giving them oil in food.

I was 35 years old and not in the best of shape.

I spent many late nights playing music, drinking beer, and eating Taco Bell.

The way America sees Mexico, if they have any sense of it, is like Taco Bell.

Our countries are neighbors, and the only hard food to get in America is true Mexican. It's impossible to find, even in L.A. Why is that?

If I have pizza or Taco Bell one day, I'll have home-cooked meals the next.

I try to listen to what my body craves.

When you're getting $2,000 a month in the minors, it's hard not to eat Taco Bell every day.

[On Los Angeles:] This city is a hundred years old but try and find some trace of its history. Every culture is swallowed up and spat out as a franchise. Taco Bell. Benihana of Tokyo. Numero Uno Pizza. Pup 'N' Taco. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Fast food sushi. Teriyaki Bowl.

Seems Google management figured out it is cheaper, happier and more productive to take care of their employees and create a positive work environment than to burn them to a crisp, make them afraid of the future, and send them off into the highways and byways of California in search of a Taco Bell for lunch.

We [Desaparecidos] have to make the message and the music and the packaging as appealing as possible - as Taco Bell as possible: mediocre and no one can be offended by it and everyone can sort of enjoy it and we can play it on the radio.

I'd take a helicopter up and throw microwave ovens down on the Taco Bell.

I was going to say he's aimless," the witch replied.

"I know he's a bit old to be old to living at home with his mom, but he's had a difficult time holding a job. He's worked at Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Burger King, but it all ends the same way- he challenges his manager to combat, takes over the restaurant, and enslaves his coworkers. Then it's back to video games." - Morgan le Fay