Don't be a prisoner of your own style!

— Armin van Buuren

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Techno is everything you haven't imagined yet

I used to go to rave parties, too, but I was never savvy with techno.

I am associated with techno epics.

I'm going to take over on the Techno Comics so I'm going to be dealing in the children's merchandising type department. But that's just setting it up and having somebody run it.

I wouldn't call myself a leader. I don't want to lead people, I want to tempt them, I want to create a new world for them, just for that very small moment, when they are losing themselves in my music. I want to inspire them

I'm recording an album. It's sort of techno mixed with garbage - you, know, intense in-your-face music.

I'm an enemy of what I call 'computer theology.

' There's a class conflict out there. There's a techno-elite that lives in a different world.

We live in an age that's repeating itself endlessly.

We're getting closer again to the techno-chic world we saw in Atlantis that occurs in countless planes. It's indigenous to enlightenment.

I'm more into the Spawn toys. They're really cool. They're coming out with a Techno Spawn series and another series, The Dark Ages, which are really cool.

I'm not attached to a certain scene. There was certain music - and techno was a part of it - that really formulated something for me, that really was a direct connection to what I experienced in my life. Going to parties and listening to techno at home helped form my musical identity. And that changed throughout my life.

I think trance music is the only music you can listen to without taking drugs.

You can really feel the emotions in it. You can get on another level without the drugs. If you listen to techno, it's so monotone that you really need drugs to enjoy it.

I'm not so rock and roll. I'm more techno.

When I hear music that parents hate, or older musicians hate, I know that's the new music. When I hear older people saying, 'I hate Rap or Techno' I rush to it.

A single thread of self generation ties the cosmos, the bios, and the technos together into one creation. Humans are not the culmination of this trajectory but an intermediary, smack in the middle between the born and the made... The arc of complexity and open-ended creation in the last four billion years is nothing compared to what lies ahead.

Every morning I hear the alarm, it's like "BEEP BEEP BEEP" For second I'm like, "I could get used to that, just dream I'm in a techno club, or something."

There is a time to dance to techno and a time not to.

It's about reaching as many souls as I can through techno, speaking God's truth and his gospel to as many ears as I can, taking the message to the street.

I'll always have a totally open mind to endless possibilities.

I want to do a dance album. Not Techno, but a record that's exclusively designed for people to dance to. That whole dance genre is kinda into its own world. I'd just like to get in there and mess around with that.

A rousing tale of techno-geek rebellion, as necessary and dangerous as file sharing, free speech, and bottled water on a plane.

Well, I love what you would call boys' music, you know, the prodigy, banging techno, music that girls generally don't like.

The art world is a very prissy little thing over in the corner, while the major cultural forces are being determined by techno science.

Thus it is no longer a Caesar or a Napoleon who decides on the fate of any particular war but a piece of software! In short, the political intelligence of war and the political intelligence of society no longer penetrate the techno-scientific world.

I'm not a big disco guy. Some of that English techno-poppy stuff wouldn't get me in the mood either.

The U.S. needs a strong techno brand like Awakenings, just pretty much pure techno.

Im not a techno-determinist. I believe we need to improve our existing human resources, and technology can only be a complement.

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I'm much more into bad, trashy Belgian techno.

I like that much more than rock bands. The whole idea of a rock band is so archaic.

I listen to a lot of crazy stuff like pop, techno, rock, hip-hop, rap, baladas, iPod is crazy. I like listening to a lot of stuff in different languages, so my music is always out there for me.

Any decent society must generate a feeling of community.

Community offsets loneliness. It gives people a vitally necessary sense of belonging. Yet today the institutions on which community depends are crumbling in all the techno-societies. The result is a spreading plague of loneliness.

I've been waiting for techno to die. I was in Germany once and this guy was telling me that techno was dead, and then he proceeded to play me techno for hours.

I've always been interested in electronica, techno, trip-hop, that kind of music. The thing that bothered me about a lot of that music, though, was it seemed devoid of emotion. There wasn't a lot that felt personal.

I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music, freestyle, hip-hop, techno, house, rave. Miami is special for that. It's a city where you don't know if it's more a part of the US, or of the Caribbean, or of Latin America, or of Europe.

I listen to all of my Dutch happy-hardcore songs from my raving techno days when I was about 14. It's the most horrible music ever. I think it's some kind of muscle memory that brings me back to when I was 14. It makes me bounce around the gym quite happily.

I was much more of a naïve techno-optimist than I am now.

I still believe that technology can help us come out of this situation with a richer humanity with less impact on the planet, but now I think it has to be paired with effective policy in order to achieve that.

What I love about '80s rock music is the amazing, fantastic melodies.

In pop music, it's all about the techno beat to dance to in the club and the repetitiveness, whereas in rock music there is literally, like, balls-to-the-wall singing and playing. I love it.