Mind-blowing Teenage Rebellion quotations

One of Satan's greatest tools is pride: to cause a man or a woman to center so much attention on self that he or she becomes insensitive to his Creator or fellow beings. It is a cause for discontent, divorce, teenage rebellion, family indebtedness, and most other problems we face.

Teenage rebellion quote Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.
Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

I really can't think about kissing when I've got a rebellion to incite.

I was the angriest little person imaginable when I was younger.

I woke up with a frown every morning. I barely talked, wore black all the time and had some serious teenage rebellion years

As a late teenager, the punk movement pushed me further.

In particular, the Clash, which happened to leak through the time of disco, showed me that there was this cross-cultural sound that could cut across genres and audiences. Like punk was to disco, rap music was a rebellion against R&B, which had adopted disco and made it worse.

Every time you read something about Rolling Stones it always mentions their age and how long can they go on? I think there are certain genres of music where people are allowed to go on, but there is something about rock and roll, I guess because it originally started out to be a teenage rebellion.

My parents were pretty liberal, but they were still parents. I definitely had my teenage rebellion.

Teenage rebellion is for suburban schoolchildren. Get over it.