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When you're feeling terrific, notify your face. — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If egotism means a terrific interest in one's self, egotism is absolutely essential to efficient living. — Arnold Bennett

Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills. — Minna Antrim

I became a better listener than I ever had been as a result of playing Jean Luc Picard because it was one of the things that he does terrifically well. — Patrick Stewart

The old idea of a composer suddenly having a terrific idea and sitting up all night to write it is nonsense. Nighttime is for sleeping. — Benjamin Britten

President Reagan's one-liners were terrific. — Geraldine Ferraro

The show is like an Edwardian play - emotional life gets stepped on for the sake of accepted manners, and that's terrific for actors to play in. — Jason Alexander

How has the human spirit ever survived the terrific literature with which it has had to contend? — Wallace Stevens

Terrific quotes - Terrific may refer to: "Terrific" (song), by Drake Bell Terrific (comics), 1960s British comics

Tom Terrific quotes - Tom Terrific is a 1957-1959 animated series on American television, presented as part of the Captain Kangaroo children's television show. Created by Gene

Mister Terrific (Michael Holt) quotes - published by DC Comics. He is the second character to take up the Mister Terrific mantle. Echo Kellum portrayed a version of the character renamed Curtis

Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane) quotes - the DC Comics Universe. He was the first character to take up the Mister Terrific mantle. He first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (Jan 1942). Terry Sloane

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Terrific (comics) quotes - Terrific was a weekly British comic published by Odhams Press' Power Comics imprint in 1967–1968. Terrific was similar in format to its sister title Fantastic

Tom Seaver quotes - George Thomas Seaver (born November 17, 1944), nicknamed Tom Terrific and The Franchise, is an American former professional baseball player, who played

Terrific (song) quotes - "Terrific" is a song by the singer-songwriter Drake Bell, released in 2011 and the only single from his EP, A Reminder. It was the first song he had released