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When we begin to see each other through what the metaphysician calls, the third eye, we begin to know each other on a level that is beyond what our physical eyes can see. — Marianne Williamson

We have two eyes to see two sides of things, but there must be a third eye which will see everything at the same time and yet not see anything. That is to understand Zen. — D.T. Suzuki

The eye is the most refined of our senses, the one which communicates most directly with our mind, our consciousness. — Robert Delaunay

Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality. — Alexis Carrel

The forehead is the gate of the mind. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with our ideas. — Henry Reed

...in every man there is an eye of the soul, which...is more precious far than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is truth seen. — Plato

The eyes like sentinel occupy the highest place in the body. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Perception starts with the eye. — Aristotle

The Master observes the world, but trusts his inner vision. He allows things to come and go. His heart is as open as the sky. — Lao Tzu

Third Eye Chakra Quotes

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The power chakra is the navel center. The center of balance is the heart chakra; it's the center of our being. The third eye is the center of wisdom, the Agni chakra. — Frederick Lenz

Close the eyes, and focus on the third eye, the heart chakra, or the navel center. It is a good idea to alternate them. — Frederick Lenz

When your mind is clear and your third eye is open, you can see and know things that are taking place thousands of miles away from you. — Frederick Lenz

Third eye quote Reading is dreaming with open eyes.
Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

If meditate on the third eye and have headaches it means you are trying to pull in too much power from the occult chakra. The danger is obsession. — Frederick Lenz

The third eye is located between the eyebrows and a little above. The heart center is located directly in the center of the chest. The naval center is about two inches below the navel. — Frederick Lenz

To become wise, meditate on the third eye, between the eyebrows and a little bit above. Focus on that spot, the Agni chakra. — Frederick Lenz

Third eye quote If you eyes are opened, you'll see the things worth seeing.
If you eyes are opened, you'll see the things worth seeing.

Enlightenment is to be outside the circle, the circle of death and rebirth. There is a circle inside you. If you meditate and focus on your third eye, you will see a circle of light. — Frederick Lenz

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Aim for the high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you'll hit the bull's-eye of success. — Annie Oakley

Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation — Ghostface Killah

The sixth doorway is the Doorway of Vision. This relates to seeing with the eyes of love and corresponds to the energy center located in the third eye area of our forehead. When this doorway is open, we're more able to see life through love instead of differences. — Marci Shimoff

I was in yoga the other day. I was in full lotus position. My chakras were all aligned. My mind is cleared of all clatter and I'm looking out of my third eye and everything that I'm supposed to be doing. It's amazing what comes up, when you sit in that silence. "Mama keeps whites bright like the sunlight, Mama's got the magic of Clorox 2." — Ellen DeGeneres

I am a terrible and lazy Christian. I do not believe that the Bible is the literal word of God. I just skip about a third of it. I love the parts I love so much, but I find a lot of it just appalling. When a right-wing person quotes a passage in order to attack and stigmatize another person--or group of people--I just roll my eyes. — Anne Lamott

Don't forgive and never forget; Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves! — JR

I move through the third world, my third eye's the guiding light / Invite the fight, we all die tonight — Inspectah Deck

The pineal gland of evolutionarily older animals, such as lizards and amphibians, is also called the 'third' eye. Just like the two seeing eyes, the third eye possesses a lens, cornea, and retina. It is light-sensitive and helps regulate body temperature and skin coloration-two basic survival functions related to environmental light. — Rick Strassman

I don't think DIY is something that necessarily comes to mind when people hear Third Eye Blind, but that is completely how we've been from the beginning. — Stephan Jenkins

The kundalini energy rests in potential at the base of the spine. It is possible to take that energy and allow it to move, to unleash it, from the base of the spine up to the third eye. — Frederick Lenz

I think that's why often people in creative fields can feel so alone is because there's a constant third eye, that constant watcher. — Oscar Isaac

The one natural gift I have is easy access. That's the only natural I gift I have at all. You have to have that, the third eye. — John Malkovich

Literature may open a third eye in the middle of the reader's forehead. — Amos Oz

I started to meditate formally at about 18. I would sit on a mountaintop in Southern California around twilight and focus on my third eye. Everything would become still and rings of light would appear, and I'd go through them. I would be beyond time and space. — Frederick Lenz

Kenya, being a third world country, from a young age your eyes are open to the real world. I'd like to think growing up there taught me to stand on my own two feet, make my own decisions about what I wanted to be. — Chris Froome

The first time we did cavalry charge I was so breathless with excitement I nearly fell off the horse. I actually saw stars in front of my eyes and thought I was going to faint. The second time I had a bit more control but was still giddy with excitement. And the third time I was an emotional wreck. I had to really try hard not to cry. — Benedict Cumberbatch

There are three aspects to perspective. The first has to do with how the size of objects seems to diminish according to distance: the second, the manner in which colors change the farther away they are from the eye; the third defines how objects ought to be finished less carefully the farther away they are. — Leonardo da Vinci

Being a woman writer, I would be deceiving myself if I said I write completely through the eye of a man. There's nothing bad in it, but that does not make me a feminist writer. I hate that name. The tag is from the Western world - like we are called the Third World. — Buchi Emecheta

Just for you non-sea-god types out there, don't go swimming in New York Harbor. It may not be as filthy as it was in my mom's day, but that water will still probably make you grow a third eye or have mutant children when you grow up. — Rick Riordan

And, strangely, this one of the few things in life that the third, the latter, the buy with our eyes closed has actually done better than everybody else. — Jim Cramer

Newton's great generalization, which he called the "third law of motion," was that "Action and reaction are always equal to each other;" and that law has been one of the most pregnant of all truths about the mystery of force;--one of the brightest windows through which modern eyes have looked into the world of Nature. — Phillips Brooks

When you do what you want, not what you wish...' said the first raven. 'When you no longer seek your reflection in others' eyes...' said the second. 'When you see yourselves face to face...' said the third. 'Then,' the ravens intoned in unison, 'you will have found what you truly seek. — Adam Gidwitz

I put on the page a third look at what I've seen in life - the reinvented experience of a cross-eyed working-class lesbian, addicted to violence, language and hope, who has made the decision to live, is determined to live, on the page and on the street, for me and mine. — Dorothy Allison

In various talk th' instructive hours they past, Who gave the ball, or paid the visit last; One speaks the glory of the British queen, And one describes a charming Indian screen; A third interprets motions, looks, and eyes; At every word a reputation dies. — Alexander Pope

We have Not one In common No two Are shaped alike The third Because of that eye we lack In the fourth Direction there is no hope The fifth is at the heart. — Tite Kubo

Aw, fudge,' floated down to me, as a couple of golden eyes peered over a third-floor window ledge. 'You're a freaking dhampir. Why are you reading Tolkien?' I shrugged, then had to dodge the potted geranium he threw at me. 'After five hundred years, you've read just about everything. Besides, he had hella world-building skills. — Karen Chance

No matter if you're a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in Matt Bomer's eyes. I don't know what they are made of outside of dreams and rainbows and amazingness but it truly doesn't matter. And when he sings. It's like God gave with both hands and then grew a third hand and graced him with more. — Channing Tatum

Just spend a few more months playing video games. That hand-eye coordination will come in handy when you get to third base. — John Green

Hither the heroes and nymphs resort,To taste awhile the pleasures of a court;In various talk th' instuctive hours they past,Who gave the ball, or paid the visit last;One speaks the glory of the British Queen,And one describes a charming Indian screenA third interprets motions, looks and eyes;At every word a reputation dies. — Alexander Pope

It's also possible to have two third person singular points of view, as represented by two characters through whose eyes the story is told in alternating chapters, say. — Arthur Herzog

You develop a third eye where you kind of know where they are in a room at all times but no matter how vigilant you are as a parent, at some point, you'll look around a room and can't find them and there's a searing pain that goes through your body. — Jodie Foster

Literature is about telling stories. Now, the gift of literature is that, in some lucky cases, reading a novel or a story makes the reader more curious, more open-minded. It may open a third eye in the middle of the reader's forehead. — Amos Oz

If you're up on a stage, naked and solo and singing songs to people, there's not much place to hide, so you may as well confess what you want to confess and say what you want to say, whatever that is. Some songs just turn out as being more about me, and some are more through the eyes of other people, or third-person descriptions of people. — Richard Thompson

Any character you play, you're on his side. You do have the third eye that looks at what an appalling creature he is, but you have to look at what's good about him. — John Lithgow

I get to a certain point, and I think in a novel it's about the third draft, when I want other eyes on it. — Alice Mattison

I really see the U.S. staggering under the burden of three blows. One is 9/11 and the threat of terrorism, which is still huge in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere. The second is the failed 2003 war in Iraq, which cost so much and ruined America's credibility in the eyes of so many. Obama has repaired it to some extent, but those scars are deep. And then, thirdly, banks failed, the whole real estate market had the carpet pulled out from under it. — Chris Alexander

I was doing interviews and a question came up about whether I had anything I was addicted to. I said 'I actually have an addiction to eye drops.' And like, as I was on the phone I'd had my third - in the hour! - dose. I had them with me all the time. — Jennifer Aniston

I am not personally a parent. But I do have two godchildren and am expecting a third. I am naturally concerned for their future. If I ruled the world you could bet your boots that none of them would ever set their eyes on any such contraptions as digital clocks and pocket calculators. But alas, I do not rule the world and that, I am afraid, is the story of my life - always a godmother, never a God. — Fran Lebowitz

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