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The Thoroughbred exists because its selection has depended, not on experts, technicians, or zoologists, but on a piece of wood: the winning post of the Epsom Derby. If you base your criteria on anything else, you will get something else, not the Thoroughbred.

— Federico Tesio

Bumbling Thoroughbred quotations

I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse.

I think every chef, not just in America, but across the world, has a double-edged sword - two jackets, one that's driven, a self-confessed perfectionist, thoroughbred, hate incompetence and switch off the stove, take off the jacket and become a family man.

What is courage? Let me tell you what I think it is.

An indefinable quality that makes a man put out that extra something, when it seems there is nothing else to give. I dare you to be better than you are. I dare you to be a thoroughbred.

How are we to breed a race of human thoroughbreds unless we follow the same plan? We must make this country into a garden of children instead of a disorderly back lot overrun with human weeds.

You are your own master, you make your own future.

Therefore discipline yourself as a horse-dealer trains a thoroughbred

The thoroughbred wanderer

You show me a truly funny girl who doesn't have emotional issues, and I'll introduce you to my stable of unicorn thoroughbreds ridden by leprechaun jockeys.

The natural impulses of every thoroughbred include his sense of honor;

his love of fair play and courage; his dislike of pretense and of cheapness.

No matter how much you disagree with your kin, if you are a thoroughbred you will not discuss their shortcomings with the neighbors.

I raise quarter horses. Mine are mostly thoroughbred cross horses, a little bigger horses than some people like. I sell them or use them on the ranch. A lot of them go to the rodeo arena and some of them go to racetracks.

You can't win the Kentucky Derby unless you're on a thoroughbred.

Racing a thoroughbred grand prix car in front of a home crowd will be a surreal and mighty experience.

Raúl is a born goal-scorer. He was always in the right place at the right time. He was a great professional – one of the best to emerge from our country. His dedication, discipline and talent were superb. To talk about Raúl is to talk about a thoroughbred striker. He is, perhaps, one of the last true center forwards produced by El Salvador.

The horse, the horse! The symbol of surging potency and power of movement, of action.

Imagine yourself sitting on top of a great thoroughbred horse.

You sit up there and you just feel that power. That's what it was like playing quarterback on that team [the Pittsburgh Steelers]. It was a great ride.

The difference between a mongrel and a thoroughbred, whether brute or man, is not in swiftness, beauty, or endurance, but in courage.

Stan Slaughter is the thoroughbred of the environmental educators I've hired.

Second place is not even close.

The great affair, the love affair with life, is to live as variously as possible, to groom one's curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sunstruck hills every day.

During long, slow distance training, you should think of yourself as a thoroughbred disguised as a plow horse. No need to give yourself away by running fast.

There can be no two opinions as to what a highbrow is.

He is the man or woman of thoroughbred intelligence who rides his mind at a gallop across country in pursuit of an idea.

Yes, he's got all them different kinds of thoroughbred blood in him, and he's got other kinds you ain't mentioned and that you ain't slick enough to see.

Thoroughbred racing is really my true passion. I'm living my dream.

And I told you before, I'll sell you any of the thoroughbreds.

” “I didn't make any of those thoroughbreds. I didn't make them what they are.” “You made all of them what they are.” I don't look at him. “None of them made me who I am.

Money... is like a beautiful thoroughbred horse - very powerful & always in action, but unless this horse is trained when very young, it will be an out-of-control & dangerous animal when it grows to maturity.

The secret is, first, get a thoroughbred horse because they are the most nervous animals on earth. Then get the biggest gun you can find and make sure the starter fires that big gun right by the nervous thoroughbred's ear.

Around the property I have here, I'm about to put an all weather race track.

I'm about to build stables. I'm about to ship over a couple of my thoroughbreds from England.

Our tax code encourages people to raise thoroughbred horses, not children.

Some kind of pace may be got out of the eeriest jade by the near prospect of oats; but the thoroughbred has the spur in his blood.

We were like farm animals compared to today's players who are treated like thoroughbreds.

Horseracing and ranch horses are two different animals.

You're getting race horses out and running and running them. It can be really problematic. A thoroughbred's very delicate.

If you treat your wife like a thoroughbred, you'll never end up with a nag.

My family's been in show business since the 1700s.

I traced them. I'm bred to this. Like a racehorse. A thoroughbred. Look at my parents, my God. But it was my curiosity that made me do this. Because you could also say: "Look at Frank Sinatra Jr." It's not like a natural thing that happens. You gotta work.

As the dog becomes thoroughbred in the laws of clan and caste;

obedient, fraternal and loyal; so is the man who accepts the gentleman's code.

The soldier takes pride in saluting his Captain, The devotee proffers a knee to his Lord, Some back a mare thrown from a thoroughbred, Troy backed its Helen, Troy died and adored; Great nations blossom above, A slave bows down to a slave.

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