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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

The biggest threat to our well-being is the absence of moral clarity and purpose. — Rick Shuman

When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat? — Chuck Palahniuk

Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. — Ayn Rand

Those that are the loudest in their threats are the weakest in their actions. — Charles Caleb Colton

Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Change tends to be viewed as a threat to our control. — Unknown

Criticism is no threat to your self-esteem or identity, but rather informs you. — Bryant H. McGill

The resolution has made a real threat of war go away and opens the way for further work in the interests of a political- diplomatic settlement of the situation around Iraq. — Igor Ivanov

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