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Opportunity knocked. My doorman threw him out. — Adrienne Gusoff

I threw myself into this artform because photography had given me a new sense of mission and identity. — Bob Anderson

Pain was something we were expected to endure. But I doubt very much if you would be entirely happy today if a doctor threw a towel in your face and jumped on you with a knife. — Roald Dahl

One night Roger was in a foul mood and he threw his entire bloody drumset across the stage. The thing only just missed me - I might have been killed. — Freddie Mercury

Young people in general - and young women in particular - need to understand that they cannot retrieve in their forties the opportunities they threw away in their twenties. — Thomas Sowell

I have a spelling checkerIt came with my PC;It plainly marks four my revueMistakes I cannot sea.I've run this poem threw it,I'm sure your pleased too no,Its letter perfect in its weigh,My checker tolled me sew. — Janet Minor

I had been playing with matches and burned a small rug. I was in the process of covering up my crime when suddenly God saw me. I felt His gaze inside my head and on my hands....I flew into a rage against so crude an indiscretion, I blasphemed....He never looked at me again....I had the more difficulty getting rid of Him the Holy Ghost in that He had installed Himself at the back of my head....I collared the Holy Ghost in the cellar and threw Him out. — Jean-Paul Sartre

When George Washington threw the dollar across the Rappahannock River, he didn't realize he was establishing a precedent for government spending. — Harold Coffin

Raz Simone quotes - opening for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.[citation needed] In May 2020, he threw a "pop-up, drive-in concert" at a parking lot at Seattle Center. This type

They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top quotes - They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top is the first album by dance-punk band Liars. The album was first released in October 2001 by

I Threw You Away quotes - I Threw You Away is the 32nd album by Jandek, and one of two released in 2002. Corwood Industries release #0770. The album features voice, acoustic guitar

Muntadhar al-Zaidi quotes - arrested by the United States Armed Forces. On 14 December 2008, al-Zaidi threw his shoes at then-U.S. President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference

Reche Caldwell quotes - position he had never played—and threw for 6,936 yards and 77 touchdowns as a three-year starter. As a junior in 1996, he threw for 2,338 yards, led the Dragons

Tom Brady quotes - the 1981 NFC Championship, against the Dallas Cowboys, in which Montana threw The Catch to Dwight Clark. As a child, Brady attended football camp at the

Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well quotes - "Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well" is a 1945 song performed by Lucky Millinder and His Orchestra. With Wynonie Harris on vocals, "Who Threw the Whiskey

Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder quotes - Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder? is a popular song, sometimes known as "Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder". It was written

John Reid (music manager) quotes - and 1998. In 1974, in New Zealand, in a widely reported incident, Reid threw champagne in the face of a party host and is alleged to have punched the