quote by Joan Rivers

She's so hairy - when she lifted up her arm I thought it was Tina Turner in her armpit.

— Joan Rivers

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That's where my influences lie, in the blues with people like Muddy Waters and Tina Turner. At first I didn't really like the idea of working with synthesizers but now I think they're fun, there are no restrictions. Not that I understand how they work.

I thought, "why don't we be innovative and create something nobody had ever done before?" It was a huge hit and we immediately did a sequel with Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Tina Turner and Maya Angelou.

I really have not so much sympathy. If Tina Turner and Prince's back-up band can perform on stage in them for three hours, you can't tell me they are impossible to walk in. High heels are pleasure with pain. If you can't walk in them, don't wear them.

Today, one year after their divorce, Pamela and Tommy Lee announced they're getting back together. You know what that means? There's still hope for Ike and Tina Turner.

I love Tina Turner. I'm one of Tina Turner's biggest fans. Tina Turner was a big influence on me to become a singer. A role model and in a way she gave me back my confidence in choosing my material.

Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy.

Singers like her, Patti, Tina Turner, I revere them when I'm in their presence.

I couldn't do "What's Love Got To Do With It", Tina Turner because it wasn't the right tempo; so I scratched it from the record. I wanted to do it about a year ago, but something happened.

I'm a little Jewish girl from Long Island, but when I listened to Tina Turner, I pictured myself in a mini-dress, dancing like Tina Turner. It's inevitable.

I can't believe Tina Turner actually was on the same stage.

I can't believe I set foot on the same stage, and it's going to be an album, people are going to buy it, and it's going to be a video.

I literally would go to see Tina Turner any opportunity I had because being in the presence of Tina Turner was like being in the presence of transformative energy, and feminist transformative energy. I remember thinking to myself, whatever this is, it's revolution. Whatever this is, it's change embodied in a woman.

I like people like Tina Turner, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, and Stevie Nicks;

you only hear that person in their voice, they sound like nobody else.

And I never forgot this as long as I've ever performed, no matter how crap I had felt before I went on stage. I just remember Tina Turner going up there, singing her heart out for everybody, and meantime she had a 102-degree fever and she was feeling terrible.

And I thought well, if Tina Turner can go up there and she can give everything for 500 people, no matter how sick I am, I can make it happen too.

That's what Tina Turner did, too - sang blues up-tempo - and they called it rock 'n' roll.

When I met her she was Anna Mae. I was the one who turned her into Tina Turner. I had to tell her how to dress, how to walk and how to talk on stage. I told her how to stand and how to look, the whole thing, man, I mean from the wig down.

Tina Turner gave me the highway blues.