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Good athletes do not know what tiredness is. They do not know what discouragement is. Good athletes only know what victory is.

— Fidel Castro

Astonishing Tiredness quotations

Rest is a decision we make. Rest is choosing to do nothing when we have too much to do, slowing down when we feel pressure to go faster, stopping instead of starting. Rest is listening to our weariness and responding to our tiredness, not to what is making us tired. Rest is what happens when we say one simple word: “No!

To get everything you want is not a good thing.

Disease makes health seem sweet. Hunger leads to the appreciation of being full-fed. Tiredness creates the enjoyment of resting

Meaningful Tiredness quotes
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After the climb, you should feel no trace of tiredness;

on the contrary, it is then that you should be really fresh. Then you will have found the correct measure of your abilities.

Tennis is a fine balance between determination and tiredness.

His tiredness hurt so much it kept him awake.

There's a tiredness of abstract inteligence, and it's the most horrible of tirednesses. It doesn't weight on you like the tiredness of the body, nor does it worry you like the tiredness of knowledge and emotion. It's a weightiness of the conscience of the world, an inability of the soul to breathe.

The most extraordinary thing about writing is that when you've struck the right vein, tiredness goes. It must be an effort, thinking wrong.

In religion is much tiredness of people, a giving over of their doing to Someone Else.

The years came and went, the children came and left.

The worst of getting old is not tiredness and aches and pains, but that time rushes on so quickly, that in the end it doesn't seem to exist. It's Christmas and then it's Easter. It's a clear winter's day and then a hot summer's day. In between it's a vacuum.

Rhythm is a perception of time... when drawing, the tiredness of the hand is a rhythm.

Staring in the darkness, trying to sleep.

My body was aching with tiredness. My limbs were numb. My sightless eyes were crazed with light/ I was dying of oblivion, but it wouldn't come. I didn't think I've ever sleep again.

There are temptations around you all the time.

The trick is to work your way through anxiety or your tiredness or whatever, and not let yourself get so hungry that you're going and stopping for the burgers, and you don't view it as reward. You're doing better for yourself is eating better food.

One of the failures of cellular communication is that tiredness often comes across as sadness.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Mentally picture all tiredness, tension, and fatigue leaving you. Visualize that a wave of golden light is entering you at the top of your head and passing throughout your entire body.

Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that can't be spoken.

Love, if you love me, lie next to me.

Be for me, like rain, the getting out of the tiredness, the fatuousness, the semi- lust of intentional indifference. Be wet with a decent happiness.

The [Tumor Treating Fields] patients can undergo all the activities of their daily life. There's none of the tiredness. There's none of what is called the 'chemo head.'

Getting up way in advance of dawn is always a good idea.

Nearly ninety-nine percent of the time when I have gotten up in the middle of the night for a shoot, something good always presents itself to offset the nagging tiredness and discomfort of losing sleep.

On the road to truth, only those who do not know what tiredness and fear means reach the truth!

Almost everybody wore a curious limpidity of expression, like newborn babies or souls just after death. Dazed but curiously dignified.... after a criseof hysterical revulsion and tiredness, I passed beyondand became entered by a rather sublime feeling.

A few hours' mountain climbing make of a rogue and a saint two fairly equal creatures. Tiredness is the shortest path to equality and fraternity - and sleep finally adds to them liberty.

You're supposed to get tired planting bulbs. But it's an agreeable tiredness.

Sin does not always drive us to drink;

more often it drives us to exhaustion. Tiredness is equally as debilitating as drunkenness. Burnout is slang for an inner tiredness, a fatigue of our souls. Jesus came to forgive us all of our sins, including the sin of busyness. The problem with growth in the modern church is not the slowness of growth but the rushing of growth.

The [Tumor Treating Fields] patients can undergo all the activities of their daily life. There's none of the tiredness. There's none of what is called the 'chemo head.'

She was tired, with that tiredness that only emptiness brings.

What annoys a person who suicides? The life itself.

Boredom. Tiredness that descends on every morning when you look at yourself at the mirror.

...to the glory of His name let me witness that in far away lands, in loneliness (deepest sometimes when it seems least so), in times of downheartedness and tiredness and sadness, always always He is near. He does comfort, if we let Him. Perhaps someone as weak and good-for-nothing as even I am may read this. Don't be afraid! Through all circumstances, outside, inside, He can keep me close.

It was one of those moments of perfect tiredness, of having conquered not only the work at hand, but the night who had blocked the way.

It was the tiredness of time lived, with its days and days.

It was the tiredness of gravity- gravity, which wants you down in the center of the earth.