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Act like you expect to get into the end zone. — Joe Paterno

The quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard — Al Davis

Emmitt Smith is a great running back. One of the things I like about him along with Edgerrin James is that neither one of them 'show out' when they run a touchdown. — Earl Campbell

I don't care to be remembered as the man who scored six touchdowns in a game. I want to be remembered as a winner in life. — Gale Sayers

The best way to gain more yards is advance the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage. — John Madden

Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins. — Johan Cruijff

Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it's so incredible, it's unbelievable. — Tom Landry

Being a good teammate is when you try to sprint down a ball that everyone thinks is going out of bounds. But you go after it anyways and you get it. — Mia Hamm

Well, when you're playing good football, it's good football and if you don't have good football, then you're not really playing good football. — John Madden

A handball is when your hand touches the ball. — Gary Lineker

Short Touchdown Quotes

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  • In practice, I run every play like I'm scoring a touchdown. — Mercury Morris
  • Not only does he have the NFC East record for touchdowns, but also the team record. — Emmitt Smith
  • There's no thrill like throwing a touchdown pass. — Joe Montana
  • I actually called a touchdown on national TV in the NFL while going to the bathroom. — Joe Buck
  • He would have scored a touchdown if he hadn't been tackled right there. — John Madden
  • I want to be the guy who catches the game-winning touchdown. — Hines Ward
  • It would have been worse if we hadn't blocked the kick after Toronto's second touchdown. — Alex Delvecchio
  • Score a touchdown, kiss your tattoo. Kaepernicking! — Colin Kaepernick
  • What we have here is an unexpected touchdown on the runway of the heart. — Tom Robbins
  • Touchdowns are better than field goals. — Brady Quinn

Death Battle Quotes

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Touchdown quote

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line. — William Goldman

Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. — Uesugi Kenshin

I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me. — Giuseppe Garibaldi

Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms. — Che Guevara

We as Bible-believing evangelical Christians are locked in a battle. This is not a friendly gentleman's discussion. It is a life and death conflict between the spiritual hosts of wickedness and those who claim the name of Christ. — Francis Schaeffer

Men, I'm getting out of Rome. Anyone who wants to carry on the war against the outsiders, come with me. I can offer you neither honours nor wages; I offer you hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Anyone who loves his country, follow me — Giuseppe Garibaldi

I care not whether the soldiers are of Milesian, Teutonic, African or Angelo-Saxon descent. I despise the principle that make a difference between them in the hour of battle and of death. — Thaddeus Stevens

Jesus defeated satan in Gethsemane on the cross, not by directly confronting the devil, but by fulfilling the destiny to which He had been called. The greatest battle that was ever won was accomplished by the apparent death of the victor, without even a word of rebuke to His adversary! — Francis Frangipane

Every human being is called to solidarity in a world battling between life and death — Ignacio Ellacuria

I'll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn't pay enough attention to developing their leaders. — D. Wayne Calloway

Motivational Quotes

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You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. — C. S. Lewis

If I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard. — Madam C. J. Walker

I may not be a role model, but I most definitely could be motivation for a lot of people in the hoods. — Rick Ross

Touchdown quote

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. — Jim Ryun

No Fear, No Hesitation, No Surprise, No Doubt — Miyamoto Musashi

In time, all things work to your advantage when you pursue them with an open heart. — Miyamoto Musashi

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. — Ayn Rand

I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them. — Madam C. J. Walker

For what it's worth, it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of and if you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you're going to perform, you've already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself. — Usain Bolt

Incoming Call Quotes

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Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way. — Clint Smith

I'm not out to max my income. I think my viewers would call me on that right away if I did. — PewDiePie

[T]he essence of so-called war prosperity: it enriches some by what it takes from others. It is not rising wealth but a shifting of wealth and income. — Ludwig von Mises

People who relieve others of their money with guns are called robbers. It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by government. — Cal Thomas

By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world. Almost all countries will be what we now call lower-middle income or richer. — Bill Gates

Real income inequality is what we used to call striving and working hard to get ahead. Striving, educating ourselves, getting up and going to work, preparing, using our ambition, and, in that process, some people earned more and earned it sooner than others. — Rush Limbaugh

I had been working on a second book with [David] Petraeus called Relentless. Obviously that book and the income that it would have generated went away. — Paula Broadwell

I want to have a tax on people who are making a million dollars. It's called the Buffett rule. Yes, Warren Buffett is the one who's gone out and said somebody like him should not be paying a lower tax rate than his secretary. I want to have a surcharge on incomes above $5 million. — Hillary Clinton

If the economy is growing fast, there is call for a distributing income from the rich to the poor to to put in place social safety nets. — Manmohan Singh

It's a terrible cruelty of predatory capitalism: both parents now have to work. A family has to have two incomes in order to buy the things that are desirable in our culture. So the degradation of motherhood - the sense that motherhood isn't itself a calling - also arises from economic pressure. — James Hillman

Touch Football Quotes

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Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practicing. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate. — Sayings

I don't understand referees. It appears like some players can't even be touched, but in my case, everyone can hit me as hard as they can. — Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo can do whatever he wants as a footballer. There are some things he does with the ball that make me touch my head and wonder how he did it. — Cristiano Ronaldo

For years Paul Scholes has been one of the best players in the Premiership. He's incredible. He has always been under-rated throughout his career. He's a team player, a one and two-touch footballer who makes good decisions on the pitch and makes his team play. — Thierry Henry

You know how in sports baseball players, they hit home runs. Football players, they throw and they score touchdowns. I get to do something that very few people get to do - I get to touch the human brain, and every day I get to hit home runs, I get to score touchdowns. — Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa

When all the girls were getting all made up and getting into all that girl stuff in junior high I was out playing softball or touch football with the guys. — Catherine Bell

I know I had been successful in football. I had been successful in broadcasting. I didn't think that anything could touch me. I thought, I can beat anything. — Pat Summerall

There is a broad cultural current that conveys the idea that a film is like a football team, it represents a nation, it is illustrated literature, filmed radio. These are outdated concepts, totally out of touch with today's realities. — Jean-Jacques Annaud

As a kid, I played my share of football in the street or in a vacant lot. When we were playing in the street, it was more touch football, so we didn't hit each other into cars. — Barry Sanders

I also developed an interest in sports, and played in informal games at a nearby school yard where the neighborhood children met to play touch football, baseball, basketball and occasionally, ice hockey. — Steven Chu

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More Touchdown Quotes

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Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. — H. Ross Perot

I played football for a team called the East Dragons on the east side of town. We only had six regular season games. And six games I played tail back and I had 18 touchdowns in six games. That's when I knew I had some athletic ability. — LeBron James

If you do base your life on how many touchdowns you score, how many championships you win, then when you have a setback, then when you have an injury, you're not playing, or something goes wrong, your self-worth goes down. — Tim Tebow

Marathon running, like golf, is a game for players, not winners. That is why Callaway sells golf clubs and Nike sells running shoes. But running is unique in that the world's best racers are on the same course, at the same time, as amateurs, who have as much chance of winning as your average weekend warrior would scoring a touchdown in the NFL. — Hunter S. Thompson

I was so raw I didn't know about the Lambeau Leap-a Packer player celebrates catching a touchdown by leaping into the stands. It was started by Leroy Butler years before and has been copied by players all over the league. Don't be fooled, though. The only legitimate Lambeau Leap is celebrated by a Packer at Lambeau Field. — Donald Driver

To see the glory in sport, where somebody comes from behind and does something, sinks a shot in the last second or throws a touchdown pass or hits a home run, there is a beauty in that, and at the end of the day, that's why we love sports more than anything else. — Frank DeFord

I didn't understand art, until one day Tom Brady took me to the museum, and we looked at the Picasso, and he said, 'Rob, that's a touchdown.' We looked at the Rembrandt and Tom said, 'Rob, that's another touchdown.' We looked at the Vermeer and Tom said, 'Rob, that's another touchdown.' And I said, 'No, Tom, that's just a field goal.' — Rob Gronkowski

I never thought home runs were all that exciting. I still think the triple is the most exciting thing in baseball. To me, a triple is like a guy taking the ball on his 1-yard line and running 99 yards for a touchdown. — Hank Aaron

In all the time that people have known me, has anyone ever heard me talk about the importance of rushing records or finishing with the most touchdowns? So if that's never been important to me, then why would that be a motivation to keep playing? — Barry Sanders

If the quarterback throws the ball in the endzone and the wide receiver catches it, it's a touchdown. — John Madden

I was watching the Superbowl with my 92 year old grandfather. The team scored a touchdown. They showed the instant replay. He thought they scored another one. I was gonna tell him, but I figured the game HE was watching was better. — Steven Wright

Ben Roethlisberger is a proven winner in athletic competition. But the measure of a true leader is how they conduct themselves 24/7, not just during a winning touchdown drive or a goal-line stance. Leadership isn’t something that gets switched off because the game clock expires. — Jackson Katz

Pro sports are a tough business--whether you're in baseball, football, or something else. But when you're running around the bases after hitting a home run or jumping up and down after a touchdown, a little boy comes to the surface. — Roy Campanella

That was my heart and that was my passion. All I ever wanted to do is wrestle. I never wanted to pitch in Game Seven of the World Series, I never wanted to throw the touchdown in the Superbowl, I wanted to wrestle...Be a professional wrestler. — Tommy Dreamer

Sports are basically our way of feeling sorry for ourselves. Most men can't become athletes. We're watching guys who actually made it. We see them dunking and making touchdowns. Then we think about ourselves when we were younger. — Kevin Hart

Whether youre a quarterback and you just threw a pick, or youre a corner and you just got beat for a touchdown, youve got to have a short-term memory, shake it off and play the next play. — Steve Mariucci

I'm interested in impacting people with life lessons that they can pass on. A touchdown is only remembered for one Sunday, but a lesson that can be passed on to your kids is Paramount. — Michael Clayton

Compare the credit for a football touchdown, which might be shared by the receiver not only with the quarterback, but also with the linesmen who make crucial protective plays, etc. The success of the touchdown play depends on the receiver, it is true; but in a particular case it might depend far more on the work of others. — Ernest Sosa

Touchdowns to me means that you're scoring points and helping your team win games. You can have a lot of yards and not have points and not win games. So, this only means something because it has helped our teams win games and we won the division today in a competitive AFC West, that's a good thing. — Peyton Manning

We all know the guy who sits at the end of the local bar telling the story of how he threw the winning touchdown pass in High School. I don't want to be that guy. Racing gives us all the chance to be athletes again. — Don Panoz

Football became my obvious metaphor as it does for many, and I began to equate this as being 'halftime' in my life. As I reflected on my professional life I realized how much time I had spent trying to make first downs and score touchdowns. My focus had now changed into trying to be more about people and serving others. — Marc Trestman

My daddy died when I was two years old. My mother raised my two older brothers and me. And we couldn't have had a better situation. I mean, she was the - ran the concession stand at the Little League, and she was the first woman president of The Touchdown Club, the booster club for the high school football team. And so, I had a wonderful childhood. — Haley Barbour

Doing these parts is not fun. It's challenging, but no fun. It's creepy. I would rather play the guy that throws the touchdown pass and gets carried off the field. — Alec Baldwin

One thing I've been doing since I was a little kid and that's score touchdowns so if somebody needs somebody to get in the red zone and do some work, I could probably still do that pretty well. — Shaun Alexander

Sun is very distinct through the eclipse. You go from bright sunlight to twilight in a matter of 10 seconds. And everybody around you will start screaming like the home team just made a touchdown at the Super Bowl. It will be unmistakable when it's safe. Plus, if you're looking through the eclipse glasses, the crescent sun will get thinner and thinner and thinner, and then it will vanish. Then it's totality, and it's safe to look. — Fred Espenak

In life or in football, touchdowns rarely take place in seventy yard increments. Usually it's three yards and a cloud of dust. — Rush Limbaugh

A dunk is nice because it can create momentum, but it's not as good as scoring a touchdown. — Antonio Gates

If I can drop two touchdowns a game and win, I'll take it every time. — Tony Gonzalez

I want to make sure that everyone knows, God has been my greatest quarterback and I've caught a lot more than 84 touchdowns with Him! — Tommy McDonald

I do like Peyton Manning. I mean, you can't lose with a guy like that - especially with the amount of touchdowns he's been able to produce. — Dhani Jones

I left a lot - a lot - of touchdowns on the field throughout the last two or three years. — Terrell Owens

My father - until the day that my dad died - didn't know how many points you scored in a touchdown. He could say there were nine innings in baseball, but no intricacies of the sport. — Damon Lindelof

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