Life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every moment. This includes every mosquito, every misfortune, every red light, every traffic jam, every obnoxious supervisor (or employee), every illness, every loss, every moment of joy or depression, every addiction, every piece of garbage, every breath. Every moment is the guru.

— Joko Beck

Practical Traffic Jam quotations

If our goal is to be tolerant of people who are different than we are, then we really are aiming quite low. Traffic jams are to be tolerated. People are to be celebrated.

Traffic jam quote There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.
There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.

Traffic in Joburg is like the democratic process.

Every time you think it's going to get moving and take you somewhere, you hit another jam.

I want to write books that unlock the traffic jam in everybody's head.

People nowadays like to be together not in the old-fashioned way of, say, mingling on the piazza of an Italian Renaissance city, but, instead, huddled together in traffic jams, bus queues, on escalators and so on. It's a new kind of togetherness which may seem totally alien, but it's the togetherness of modern technology.

There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile.

The car was invented as a convenient place to sit out traffic jams

I'm the worst person to be stuck with in a traffic jam.

The Extra Mile will have no traffic jams.

There is an element of mystique to radio, and I often listen to cricket commentary on radio, especially when one is stuck in a traffic jam.

I think the idea of getting out of a traffic jam and getting out of work each week and going and doing all this stuff would be really exhausting.

It's your choice, what you do with the moment.

If you're stuck in a traffic jam, you can get angry and honk your horn, or listen to Mozart. But when you have a very specific expectation of how things should be, then, of course, you end up hurting yourself.

We are caught in a traffic jam of discursive thought.

It is in the ordinary events of every day that we develop the proactive capacity to handle the extraordinary pressures of life. It's how we make and keep commitments, how we handle a traffic jam, how we respond to an irate customer or a disobedient child. It's how we view our problems and where we focus our energies. It's the language we use.

Transport drives me crazy. I find myself on this constant conveyor belt and the planes, buses, traffic jams, ugh.

If I was a Mayor, I would sort the traffic out and that includes public transport. The traffic jams really get on my nerves.

The epitome of the human realm is to be stuck in a huge traffic jam of discursive thought.

Fear and bigotry don’t need explaining. They simply are, like traffic jams and taxes.

I despair about the lack of proper respect shown for the piano.

If you want it to sound like a traffic jam, go out in the street and forget the piano. That's not a piano sound.

A traffic jam is a collision between free enterprise and socialism.

Free enterprise produces automobiles faster than socialism can build roads and road capacity.

I also think stress is related to control.

When you're in charge of your life, you tend to not care about losing control of things that don't really matter like traffic jams.

I remember traffic jams Motor boys and girls with tans Nearly was and almost rans I remember this, this ... At the edge of the continent

We humans are basically content with a two-dimensional world, which is what we-ve always occupied. We travel mostly on the ground, have traffic jams, parking problems , and we-d do a lot better to look up a little bit because there is that great aerial highway that-s always ready to go, you Don't have to pave it and the benefits are very great.

When you factor in population growth, it's clear that the mobility model that we have today simply will not work tomorrow. Four billion clean cars on the road are still four billion cars, and a traffic jam with no emissions is still a traffic jam.

Sometimes when I get home at night in Washington I feel as though I had been in a great traffic jam.

[Cycling] is easily the quickest way around central London, faster than bus, Tube or taxi. You can predict precisely how long every journey will take, regardless of traffic jams, Tube strikes or leaves on the line. It provides excellent exercise. It does not pollute the atmosphere. It does not clog up the streets.

There are no traffic jams in the second mile.

From literature to ecology, from the escape velocity of galaxies to the greenhouse effect, from garbage disposal methods to traffic jams, everything is discussed in our world. But the democratic system, as if it were a given fact, untouchable by nature until the end of time, we don't discuss that.

Drivers in a traffic jam, frustrated by each others presence, are not the most amiable of men.

There are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

If I complain about a traffic jam, I have no one to blame but myself.

Doing stand-up comedy is in the middle of a traffic jam getting everybody moving again.

There is no doubt that I have lots of words inside me;

but at moments, like rush-hour traffic at the mouth of a tunnel, they jam.