I was a world champion on the trampoline at an international level, and gymnastics competitor.
— Dan Millman

When I was 12, all I wanted for Christmas was a trampoline or a four-wheeler. I ended up getting both presents for Christmas.
Chris Brown trampoline quote

It's like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline.
— Sid Waddell

I try to squeeze in a workout whenever I can, even if it's doing squats with my 7-month-old in the kitchen or jumping on the trampoline with my 5-year-old.
— Jennie Finch

A hip-looking teen watches an elderly woman hobble across the street on a walker. Grammy's here! he shouts. He puts some MacAttack Mac&Cheese in the microwave and dons headphones and takes out a video game so he won't be bored during the forty seconds it takes his lunch to cook. A truck comes around the corner and hits Grammy, sending her flying over the roof into the backyard, where luckily she lands on a trampoline. Unluckily, she bounces back over the roof, into the front yard, landing on a rosebush.
— trampoline quotation by George Saunders