quote by Jim Norton

What's the name of the birth defect you have, trampled by a horse during the 2nd trimester?

— Jim Norton

Dreamy Trimester quotations

Remember that before 'Roe v. Wade' was decided, there were four states that allowed abortion in the first trimester if that's what the woman sought: New York, Hawaii, California, Alaska. Other states were shifting. And people were fighting over this issue in state legislatures.

It is not possible to think of a way of screening out effectively the most appropriate embryos, and hence, what we should expect would be late abortions - either occurring spontaneously or being induced deliberately in the second or third trimester of pregnancy - in order to prevent the birth of abnormal children.

The news of my pregnancy got out when I was in the middle of my first trimester.

I hadn't even had a chance to tell my friends. That alone was so ugly. It made me hyper-protective ... I feel uncomfortable with people reading too much about my pregnancy or my relationship. It grosses me out. It's too sweet to read about or dissect.

We need to learn to speak the body's language and to switch on processes that we knew how to do when we were a fetus. A mammalian fetus, if it loses a limb during the first trimester of pregnancy, will re-grow that limb.

I remember I was so crabby in my third trimester - I got gestational diabetes because I'd been acting like I was in a one-woman pie-eating contest.

The very first day that President [Barack] Obama was inaugurated, his first act as a president was to rescind that ban on third-trimester abortions. And he's even carried it further. Now, even if the baby is born alive, they have the right to kill that baby. It is an abomination.

Texas is killing people in the 73rd trimester.

I wanted other women to know there's no shame in talking about it.

People don't say they're pregnant until the second trimester. I intellectually understand that you don't want the whole world to know your business, but at the same time what does that mean? You don't tell your employers you're pregnant, but then when you miscarry no one knows you miscarried. Miscarrying is a horrible painful event.

Here in the United States, a study of nearly 700 women in California showed an increased risk of fetal death among babies whose mothers lived near crops when certain pesticides were sprayed. The largest risks were found among pregnant women exposed during the critical first trimester and among those who lived in the same square mile where pesticides were used.

I mean, I do actually think there is a qualitative difference between aborting in the early part of the first trimester and in, you know, the middle or later part of the second trimester, in a way that you feel about it in that you grow attached.

Let me use their own terminology against them. They aborted a child in the 200th trimester.

Christina Aguilera finally announced her pregnancy.

Thanks for waiting until your third trimester to get the word out—why not just wait until you’re crowning?

I had a second trimester abortion. I was pregnant with a much-wanted child who was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. I made a choice to terminate the pregnancy. It was my third pregnancy, and I was very obviously showing. More important, I could feel the baby move.