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Destroying a tropical rainforest for profit is like burning all the paintings of the Louvre to cook dinner.

— E. O. Wilson

Astounding Tropical quotations

People talk about cold weather and it'd be tough to catch balls.

But the greatest catcher of all time, Michael Crabtree, catches everything. It's unbelievable. In the northern snowlands, down to the tropics' sunny scenes, he's catching the football. Where they throw a football, he'll be catching it.

The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.

Key West for me was a tropical island paradise.

I grew up in New Hampshire. My closest neighbor was a mile away. The deer and the raccoons were my friends. So I would spend time walking through the woods, looking for the most beautiful tropical thing that can survive the winter in the woods in New Hampshire.

I don't think there's much point in bemoaning the state of the world unless there's some way you can think of to improve it. Otherwise, don't bother writing a book; go and find a tropical island and lie in the sun.

I thought that I was an artist. I no longer think about it, I am.

We don't need to clear the 4 to 6 percent of the Earth's surface remaining in tropical rain forests, with most of the animal and plant species living there.

Agriculture is the #1 source of deforestation.

By some estimates it accounts for 80% of the forests chopped down in the tropics.

Home should be the center of joy, equatorial and tropical.

I roll with Ladies just as tropic as the chronic in my pocket Cop it, Crush it, Roll it, Spark it, and mix it in with the chocolate

I'm a tropical weather cruiser. I like surfing, you know. I like being on the beach.

There's no twilight in the tropics. Night falls like a curtain.

All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind.

The God's tropical...ladies call me 'Black Fruit Punch.'

Do anything, but let it produce joy.

Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery. Tropical rivers – silently flowing into the unknown. The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers … the eerie sound of the jungle … with eyes that are always watching. This is Adventureland.

The wealth of south Florida, but even more important, the meaning and significance of south Florida lies in the black muck of the Everglades and the inevitable development of this country to be the great tropic agricultural center of the world.

We had always dwelled together, beneath a tropical sun, in the Valley of the Many Colored Grass.

I'd have to say the Seychelles, because I adore being in tropical places.

However, Paris and Milan are also special to me. Every city has something special that attracts me.

I like words. Words are places, rooms, distant airs, thin and tropical. They make us feel and imagine we are more than our bodies.

Indians are numerous in the tropical regions; not so elsewhere.

I'm a sucker for turquoise sea, white beaches and palm trees.

I've been to the tropics every year since I could afford it. It's the perfect place to unwind. I can chill out, read, do a bit of yoga.

Consider: if you incorporate those tropical countries with the Republic of the United States, you will have to incorporate their people too.

My favorite look would be a fresh, dewy face with a bronze, sun-kissed glow.

It looks so tropical and reminds me of a place that feels like true home.

[ on the "tropicalization" of intellectual property laws ] To make the digital world join in the samba.

Tropical rainforests [are] the only place you can go nowadays and not get ‘friended.’

Humans are an infant species, a mere 150,000 years old.

But, armed with a massive brain, we've not only survived, we've used our wits to adapt to and flourish in habitats as varied as deserts, Arctic tundra, tropical rainforests, wetlands and high mountain ranges.

It's perilous and foolhardy for the average citizen to remain ignorant about global warming, say, or ozone depletion, air pollution, toxic and radioactive wastes, acid rain, topsoil erosion, tropical deforestation, exponential population growth. Jobs and wages depend on science and technology.

The hurricanes are following the tropical ocean temperature.

The tropical ocean temperature is following the Northern Hemisphere. And it's very hard now to believe that there's anything natural about that.

Soft rock music isn’t rock, and it ain’t music. It’s just soft.

A single tree in the tropical forest in the south of Mexico has more different species than some European countries.

The historical circumstance of interest is that the tropical rain forests have persisted over broad parts of the continents since their origins as stronghold of the flowering plants 150 million years ago.

Nature is a tropical swamp in sunshine, on whose purlieus we hear the song of summer birds, and see prismatic dewdrops, - but her interiors are terrific, full of hydras and crocodiles.

I can generate suctional forces, which act indirectly and are entirely undetectable. No current of air can be noticed; only an almost imperceptible cooling, as occurs when air is sucked in strongly with the back of the hand held in front of the mouth. It is therefore incorrect to say that I have copied the cyclones and typhoons of the tropics.

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