There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say "Watch me."

— Layne Beachley

Revolutionary Turnover quotations

The '70s were a time of turmoil and turnover. But I grew up here. I always wanted to play here.

One of the symptoms of a losing streak is a turnover of top executives. It's a revolving door.

We've got a low turnover management group and executive group who've grown up in the business.

If you have a busy natural foods store in your community, give their bulk cornmeal a try: high turnover means the product will most likely be fresh. And if the cornmeal is organic, all the better.

I am aware that one should always make room for renewal in politics.

A democracy is the healthier for the turnover of the depth of talent there is in its community.

Current condition of the BYU football program? I think it's in good shape.

We've got some good young players. We've had two or three pretty good recruiting years. We lost some players, obviously, that hurt us, but you always have turnover in college through attrition (graduation, transfers). That's the nature of the game.

Winning a postseason game is like winning five regular season games.

There is just no feeling like it. Everything is magnified. Every free throw, turnover, shot and play.

It's always great when a defense is able to create turnovers and score.

That's something we missed last year. We'd get some turnovers, but we never scored points.

Even when you have skilled, motivated, hard-working people, the wrong team structure can undercut their efforts instead of catapulting them to success. A poor team structure can increase development time, reduce quality, damage morale, increase turnover, and ultimately lead to project cancellation.

If you defend, rebound and limit turnovers, you're going to put yourself in a position where you can win games

Berkshire has the lowest turnover of any major company in the U.

S.The Walton family owns more of Wal-Mart than Buffett owns of Berkshire, so it isn't because of large holdings. It's because we have a really unusual shareholder body that thinks of itself as owners and not holders of little pieces of paper.

Anytime I mess up, even if it's a simple turnover, that affects me.

The result of a public that has a very high consumption rate and turnover rate is people listen to more music but spend less time with individual bits of music. It's made me more likely to put things up quickly and treat it more like a magazine instead of a novel.

You know the FA's the richest football association in the world? Well, I shouldn't say that. They're not the richest at all. What they do is they have the biggest turnover in the world with £325m.

One of the ironies of the stock market is the emphasis on activity.

Brokers, using terms such as 'marketability' and 'liquidity,' sing the praises of companies with high share turnover... but investors should understand that what is good for the croupier is not good for the customer. A hyperactive stock market is the pick pocket of enterprise.

To assure the prosperity of a firm should be a long-term strategy and the turnover of key managers should be taken into account from the stand point of long-term consideration and not from the monthly or quarterly flavors.

Usually when we lose a game is because we turn the ball over or not play well enough and usually it is the turnover thing. We have to take care of the ball. It is starts with me and not turning it over.

Good wages are pro business, since they reduce turnover, increase morale, produce better-skilled employees, and improve productivity.

Open-plan offices have been found to reduce productivity and impair memory.

They’re associated with high staff turnover. They make people sick, hostile, unmotivated, and insecure.

Environmental policies are not just about good publicity;

they are about responding to the moral imperative to address both climate change and resource depletion...A company culture that is based on measuring everything in purely financial terms will be crippled by a high turnover of staff, customers and suppliers

They thrived on the rapid turnover of acquaintances, the lack of involvement with others, and the total self-sufficiency of lives which, needing nothing, were never dissapointed.

Continued focus on (employee) turnover is of critical importance, because of the direct relation of turnover to improvements in labor costs and guest satisfaction.

It was a weird game. There was ugly shooting and a lot of turnovers and mistakes, and we were just fortunate to get the win. I should have done better, but it was just a very ugly and weird game... I knew the game was going to be an ugly game when I saw those three guys at the scorer's table. Ugly people call ugly games.

We had 10 turnovers tonight. Each one gets worse as you go. It is like prior arrests: the 10th one may not have been that bad, but when you have had nine prior ones, it looks pretty bad.

When workers make more money, they respond by being more productive in their jobs and are less likely to leave, reducing turnover costs. This puts money in business' pockets, and workers also then have more money to spend in the local economy.

Four turnovers. Two assists. I told him he'd have the game ball if he had taken care of the ball a little bit better.

I am a child of the digital revolution.

So what I love about digital content is the quick turnover rate.

If you have lower than a ten percent turnover, there is a problem.

And if you have higher than, say 20%, there is a problem.

The industry's much quicker. The turnover with models - I cannot keep up. And in my day, we had so much personality. We probably caused a lot more trouble, but it was fun.

The turnover with models - I cannot keep up.

And in my day, we had so much personality. We probably caused a lot more trouble, but it was fun.

To score points, you need a lot of consistent effort over the course of the game. If you're throwing it or running it in, it's not a big difference in terms of the score at all, obviously. But turnovers limit your scoring. That's the problem with turnovers.

I used to work in TV and quit the job because I couldn't do it any more.

I quite like taking my time over a film, five years is how long it takes me to work something out. And when you just do quick turnover, turnaround, I'm literally this is driving me mad, I want to find another living. I'll just have to find a creative way to tell the story.

Being able to go to work every day with such a good friend - especially in this business where your jobs are short, the turnover's fast, and you're working all the time with so many different people, and there's so many different projects going on that the odds are that you could actually book something that hopefully, knock on wood, is a long-term job with one of your best friends - is too good to be true.

You haven't seen a lot of turnover in my campaign. And the culture of my campaign is one in which I think everybody feels a great sense of ownership.