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Television is where you watch people in your living room that you would not want near your house. — Groucho Marx

Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home. — Sir David Paradine Frost

Every year I try to pitch a show, and I try to do something outside of YouTube, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. — Shane Dawson

If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed. — Lily Tomlin

In California, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into TV shows. — Woody Allen

We're a diverse society, and I think the TV is doing a great job in showing that we're all human beings, that we can all get along, that we can all be together, and I think that's a marvelous thing. — Billy Graham

We can put television in its proper light by supposing that Gutenberg's great invention had been directed at printing only comic books. — Robert Maynard Hutchins

We can put television in its proper light by supposing that Gutenberg's great invention had been directed at printing only comic books. — Robert M. Hutchins

I have as much artistic freedom in my television work as I have in my films. — Ted Kotcheff

You have film actors doing TV, rap stars doing TV, with everyone kind of crossing the line. — Anthony Michael Hall

Short Tv Show Quotes

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  • We love Foxwoods. They have always been good to us and we have filmed our TV show there. — Joe Gatto
  • While at college, I did my first lead on a network TV show, Medic. — Robert Vaughn
  • I'm very sassy. I want to show people in my album I'm not like my characters on TV. — Ashley Tisdale
  • Our brand at Netflix is really focused on movies and TV shows. — Reed Hastings
  • I loved Laurel and Hardy and TV shows like 'Robin Hood' and 'Rama of the Jungle'. — Stephen Lang
  • When you're a guest star on TV shows - particularly in the 1960s - you're always the villain. — Robert Vaughn
  • I barely ever watch TV, but when I do, I usually only watch MTV shows, like 'The Real World Sydney.' — Ryan Sheckler
  • Trying to negotiate getting a couple of kids to watch the same TV show requires serious diplomacy. — Dee Dee Myers
  • My favorite TV shows are Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Modern Family, and Veep. — Danai Gurira
  • Coming back to New Girl was a real reminder of how lucky I am to be on a popular network TV show. — Ty Simpkins

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I meet many people, I talk with them, like a TV show host. I show what's going on with Greenpeace, interesing political things, I have artists, musicians and bands. — Nina Hagen

It's only in relatively recent years that Hollywood became the playground of multinational corporations which regard movies and TV shows as a minor irritant to their overall activity. — Peter Bart

We love Foxwoods. They have always been good to us and we have filmed our TV show there. — Joe Gatto

There is a strange pecking order among actors. Theatre actors look down on film actors, who look down on TV actors. Thank God for reality shows, or we wouldn't have anybody to look down on. — George Clooney

When we film the TV show, it's with a hidden camera so we don't get to see how fans react to what we are doing and when fans watch it at home. — James Murray

I never thought I would get such a perfect role in 'Modern Family.' A lot of TV shows now are looking for more Latin women. — Sofia Vergara

You guys are lucky, cuz in Europe, like you can show boobs on TV and like in magazines and what not. We're Americans so the slightest, the slightest glimpse of a nipple will. — Mark Hoppus

Tv show quote

While at college, I did my first lead on a network TV show, Medic. — Robert Vaughn

In California, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into TV shows. — Woody Allen

We're a diverse society, and I think the TV is doing a great job in showing that we're all human beings, that we can all get along, that we can all be together, and I think that's a marvelous thing. — Billy Graham

Tv Show Image Quotes

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Tv show quote by Robert Vaughn

While at college, I did my first lead on a network TV show, Medic. — Robert Vaughn

Tv show quote Life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black shows sad
Life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black shows sadness, but as you go through life's journey, remember that the black keys also makes music.

Friends Tv Show Quotes

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The best way to describe our live show is that it's like hanging out with your best friends from TV for a night. — James Murray

I remember thinking all TV was black and white, but that was because we had a really old, broken TV. And then I went to a friend's house and I was like, woah, your TV is like, crazy! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was my first show. — Ruby Rose

Theater in Chicago will always be my first love. It started careers for me and about 50 of my friends. We all love coming back. As soon as the TV show is over, I'll be back in Chicago, doing live theater. — William Petersen

I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced. — Joe Bastianich

I was lucky enough to have great mentors both in the culinary world and in the world of chefs who became celebrities. Bobby Flay is one of my dearest friends and a tremendous mentor for me. Mario Batali is the same way. They began doing TV a little before me and they showed me the way. — Michael Symon

I sometimes think to myself, you're not going to meet a new friend of any kind at home in front of the TV with your DVR. As much as it's great, and there are so many good shows on TV, and I have great books that I'm reading, get out and interact with people. — Tracee Ellis Ross

The last TV show I binged on was 'Hannibal' because it stars two of my friends, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, who I first met filming 'King Arthur' back in 2003, and I just lapped this show up; loved it. — Joel Edgerton

I love hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach or just being a couch potato and binge watching TV shows or watching a good movie. — Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer

15 years later, it's all the TV stars with the film deals, whether it's the cast of Friends or That '70s Show now with Ashton and other people doing stuff. — Anthony Michael Hall

I certainly want to portray the importance of friendship. I had noticed in movies and TV shows that friends often treated one another terribly, and my friends, the few I have, are never cruel to me or unkind, so I wanted to convey that. — Jonathan Ames

Favorite Tv Shows Quotes

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I got a call from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah had chosen Spanx as one of her favorite products in 2000. I had boxes of product in my apartment and I had two weeks notice that she was going to say she loved it on TV and I had no shipping department. — Sara Blakely

Everyone has days where they don't get their way, where you have to go to bed early or you have too much homework to do or you can't eat the candy that you want or you miss your favorite TV show and, in those moments, you just want to tear the whole world down. — Alex Hirsch

Honestly I'm not a huge TV person. The only show that I've seen every episode of is 'Pretty Little Liars.' It's my favorite show. I wish I could get into other shows, but I just don't have time! — Sabrina Carpenter

I'm actually really lazy. I tell myself, "Okay, you work six months out of the year and you have to get up at 4 a.m. ..." I'll relish the downtime by chilling on the couch and watching my favorite TV shows. — Liana Liberato

I forget sometimes that Im in the HBO stable because I am such a fan of so much of their programming. Like, The Wire is my favorite TV show of all time. — John Gallagher, Jr.

One of my favorite things on the show was just getting to do my own monologue and talking about someone who killed themselves, or making a joke about some horrible tragedy - I love being able to fight for and get on TV. I just think it's so different. — Anthony Jeselnik

Growing up, my favorite TV show was Star Trek. — Casper Van Dien

I love Godzilla, but my favorite was on this TV Show, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. I used to love the idea of having a giant robot under my control. That was like a dream come true for a kid. — Ice Cube

Nobody's talking about movies the way they're talking about their favorite TV shows. — Steven Soderbergh

My favorite TV show of all time is 'The Wire,' which has the feeling of a project-based show. You draw in people from disparate parts of the world, and they have to work together to achieve a goal. — Michael Schur

Television Shows Quotes

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I would watch 'Punk'd' or 'Candid Camera' - I love the shows, but also I would feel bad about the people that were getting pranked. — James Murray

One of the basic troubles with radio and television news is that both instruments have grown up as an incompatible combination of show business, advertising and news. Each of the three is a rather bizarre and demanding profession. And when you get all three under one roof, the dust never settles. — Sayings

The thing about the show is that we are playing ourselves. So people feel they know us, which they do. — James Murray

That's really what 'Jokers' is - an improv show. — James Murray

Twin Peaks was special because it was so groundbreaking. In the early '90s it really changed television a lot. A bunch of weird shows, like Northern Exposure, came on after that. — Sherilyn Fenn

Jokers' is an improv show in disguise. — James Murray

We never liked prank shows 'cause you feel bad for the people getting pranked. So we came up with the idea of 'Jokers,' which spins it upside down. — James Murray

There actually have never been many shows as equally balanced as 'Crossfire.' — Tucker Carlson

I'm just kind of taking a break now and enjoying the freedom of making my own choices. When you're on a television show for six years, they run your schedule. — Andrew Shue

It's not listed in the Bible, but my spiritual gift, my specific calling from God, is to be a television talk-show host. — Jim Bakker

Tv Series Quotes

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I've been around since I was 19, I won the Oscar when I was 21, I've had a couple of TV series. I've continued to work despite the predictions of some naysayers. — Marlee Matlin

We've always dreamt of doing TV and movies and we shot two pilots for TV networks, but neither one went to series. — James Murray

I'm a workaholic. I love every movie I've been in, even the bad ones, every TV series, every play, because I love to work. It's what keeps me going. — Karl Malden

I becan acting when River was doing this TV series and they needed two kids for the show, so they got me and my little sister, Summer, to do it. After that I did some really weird guest spots with orangutans and stuff. — Joaquin Phoenix

Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV. — Stephenie Meyer

I wanted to do Buddy Faro as a small budget movie. They said no. So I wanted to do it as a series of recurring TV movies, and they said no. So I agreed to do it as a series. — Dennis Farina

I taped my first series for PBS in 1982 at WJCT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida. The show, called 'Everyday Cooking with Jacques Pepin,' was about saving time and money in the kitchen - and it was a celebration of simple and unpretentious food. — Jacques Pepin

TV by and large has become a dime-store business so far as creativity and talent are concerned. The half-hour and sixty-minute series rattle off the production lines like cans of beans, with an occasional dab of ham inside. — Hedda Hopper

I will never do another TV series. It couldn't top I Love Lucy, and I'd be foolish to try. In this business, you have to know when to get off. — Lucille Ball

And people are always saying: 'Well, you go to Hollywood and you get yourself a film career or a TV series, and then you can do anything you want. Because then you've got the clout.' That had always sounded like a lot of hooey to me, but now I think it's true, unfortunately. — Kathy Bates

Tv News Quotes

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I've stopped watching TV news. They couldn't pay me enough money. — Peter Diamandis

Surveys have shown going back as far as you and I can remember that people have perceived a leftward tilt in the basic coverage that they get on TV news. — Brit Hume

I think watching the TV news is bad for you. It is bad for your physical health and your mental health. — Tom Petty

I wouldn't call myself a geek, but I do sometimes teach Mommy and Daddy stuff about computers. And I do watch TV, but only informative programmes like the news and documentaries. — Adora Svitak

Just as a factory pumping out pollutants degrades that air for everyone, so a TV blasting cable news into an airport lounge degrades the attentional capacities of everyone nearby. — Oliver Burkeman

I live in Spain. Oscars are something that are on TV Sunday night. Basically, very late at night. You don't watch, you just read the news after who won or who lost. — Javier Bardem

Can you imagine if everyone on the planet turned off their TV to stop the intake of fear from the news channels and just concentrated on love? The whole planet would instantly propel itself into the ascension process and turn into a heavenly state in a higher vibratory dimension! — DJ QBert

I met Bill Clinton in 1977 while I was working as a news reporter for KARK-TV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after we met, we began a sexual relationship that lasted for twelve years. — Gennifer Flowers

If I programmed my own TV network, it would air good news! Just positive stories. Heroic stories. Cute puppy dogs doin' stuff. — Jennifer Aniston

Bad news is dramatic. It makes good TV. If there's a firefight on the same day that a school opens up, the media will show the firefight even though the school is way more important and will affect the community for much longer. — Sebastian Junger

Television News Quotes

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Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news. — Zbigniew Brzezinski

You didn't see me on television, you didn't see news stories about me. The kind of role that I tried to play was to pick up pieces or put together pieces out of which I hoped organization might come. My theory is, strong people don't need strong leaders. — Ella Baker

The news media's silence, particularly television news, is reprehensible. If we knew as much about Darfur as we do about Michael Jackson, we might be able to stop these things from continuing. — Nicholas D. Kristof

Fox News is hated because they're elitists, and the worst winners television's ever seen. — Keith Olbermann

Our brains are no longer conditioned for reverence and awe. We cannot imagine a Second Coming that would not be cut down to size by the televised evening news, or a Last Judgment not subject to pages of holier-than-thou second-guessing in The New York Review of Books. — John Updike

Commercials are not the only junk food in the speech market - indeed, when compared to shallow news reporting, vacuous television shows, or political doublespeak, commercials are not even the most harmful to mental health. — Rodney A. Smolla

That crossover of whether it's entertainment or news is the biggest crock of b.s. in television today, because it's all entertainment. — Vince McMahon

Television news is a delicate balance of serving public good and private gain. — Jessica Savitch

I remember the mid-50s well. It was when my life changed, and I left acting to become one of the first female television news reporters in the UK. — Lynne Reid Banks

You know, when people talk about filmmaking and the techniques of filmmaking, we use them all the time in network television news in order to make our stories simpler, tighter and more understandable to the general public. — Lowell Bergman

Television Industry Quotes

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Television has lifted the manufacture of banality out of the sphere of handicraft and placed it in that of a major industry. — Nathalie Sarraute

The television industry doesn't like to see the compexity of the world. It prefers simple reporting, with simple ideas: this is white, that's black; this is good, that's bad. — Krzysztof Kieslowski

The difficulty with the present state of affairs is that there is no legislation on the sources of funding for the Polish film industry. There is no legislation concerning filmmaking. And, there is no legislation on television that would be beneficial to filmmaking. — Andrzej Wajda

A lot of the television industry is so cookie-cutter. In general, there are so many shows that are easy and bland to watch. You can tune in at any time and know exactly where you are in the story arc because it's pretty much the same every week. — Adam Baldwin

The closest I came to doing anything that I wanted to do was to try and check and see what industries were just starting out. There was plastics and television, and I figured television had to be more fun than plastics. — Chuck Barris

I come from an everyday middle class family in India. The film industry reached us only through our television sets and cinema halls. — Lavrenti Lopes

The question is, why are politicians so eager to be president? What is it about the job that makes it worth revealing, on national television, that you have the ethical standards of a slime-coated piece of industrial waste? — Dave Barry

The Australian film industry is a small industry, so you have to really be flexible within working in different mediums. A lot of actors work in theater, film, and television, because there's not much opportunity in terms of employment there. — Deborah Mailman

That is the thing I'm most grateful for in this industry to be able to spin in those different mediums, with television, film and the stage - at this stage of the game. — Blair Underwood

Personally, I don't think the film and television industries are run as well as they used to be. Oh sure, we've got great digital effects now but... where are the visionaries? — Bill Mumy

Watching Tv Quotes

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I like to turn on the TV and watch whatever's on. Nick Kroll does that a lot. He doesn't watch important shows. He'll just turn on a documentary on Mia Hamm and watch it for an hour. Whatever's on, we watch. — John Mulaney

Some men like a dull life - they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it - it's often catching. — Hedy Lamarr

Remember when you used to watch TV in the Sixties and you'd see Perry Como in a cashmere sweater? That's what rock 'n' roll is becoming. It's your parents' music. — Neil Young

I love to put on lotion. Sometimes I'll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour. I try to find brands that don't taste bad in case anyone wants to taste me. — Angelina Jolie

I play video games and watch TV, but there's more to life than that. Faxing and the Internet have created a global community. The kid next door has become the kid in Latin America or Asia. — Craig Kielburger

We have the media, which is such a waste in the sense that you can actually feel your IQ get lower as you watch TV. — Michio Kaku

Before I was shot, I always thought that I was more half-there than all-there - I always suspected that I was watching TV instead of living life. Right when I was being shot and ever since, I knew that I was watching television. — Andy Warhol

I was watching TV and saw people with masks, weapons, and grenades. I thought, Is that really possible? Could we be here yet again? And go into civil war one more time? — Nadine Labaki

I don't have role models or watch much TV. I go to awards ceremonies but often I don't even know who the people are. I think that's good, because then you don't have preconceived ideas about them. — Christopher Parker

I think the thing we see is that as people are using video games more, they tend to watch passive TV a bit less. And so using the PC for the Internet, playing video games, is starting to cut into the rather unbelievable amount of time people spend watching TV. — Bill Gates

American Television Quotes

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The standardization of world culture, with local popular or traditional forms driven out or dumbed down to make way for American television, American music, food, clothes and films, has been seen by many as the very heart of globalization. — Fredric Jameson

Having been blacklisted from working in television during the McCarthy era, I know the harm of government using private corporations to intrude into the lives of innocent Americans. When government uses the telephone companies to create massive databases of all our phone calls it has gone too far. — Studs Terkel

Pro wrestling has always been ingrained into American culture. It was one of the first things that was ever on television, so everybody watched it. — CM Punk

Hollywood and Disneyland are the legacy of Europe's cultural imperialism. We gave them nursery rhymes and they gave back film. Televised riots are as American as Barbie/ Big Macs. Tomorrow the riots will be forgotten but Mickey mouse will still be there. Welcome to Disneyland. — Richey Edwards

Most of my life I was occupied with American television and American food. My ethnicity was my choice. It still is — Isaac Mizrahi

American television really is pathetic. — Brian Eno

I wanted to branch out into American television, specifically because you get to develop a character for a longer period of time and you get to develop a relationship with the audience. — Joseph Morgan

I look in the eyes and I see the heart. As long as it's a human story. I would like to turn on my television and see African American, Hispanic, Asian as well as Caucasian. And I think there are probably more people like me. — Angela Bassett

For a subject worked and reworked so often in novels, motion pictures, and television, American Indians remain probably the least understood and most misunderstood Americans of us all. — John F. Kennedy

When helicopters were snatching people from the grounds of the American embassy compound during the panic of the final Vietcong push into Saigon, I was sitting in front of the television set shouting, Get the chefs! Get the chefs! — Calvin Trillin

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I think a lot of social media creators have always been, like, content and haven't pushed the limits because no one else had pushed the limits before. I say to myself, 'How can I create my own TV show online every day and actually make it a real production and put effort into it?' — Jake Paul

Funny how people attack me for going on right-leaning media. Do you know that not one left-leaning publication or TV show has invited me on to talk about my speech? Not one. So whose fault is it, exactly? — Konstantin Kisin

Think 'Game of Thrones.' In the old days, this sort of show might be considered bad writing. It doesn't really seem to be moving toward a crisis or climax, it has no true protagonist, and it's structured less like a TV show or a movie than a soap opera. — Douglas Rushkoff

I think where it's going is toward what the music industry is like, where channels will be considered more like labels that carry the type of TV show that you like, and then you'll consume them however you can. For example, I don't really watch Showtime, but I bought 'Homeland,' and I've been watching every episode on my iPad. — Adam Pally

I was joking the other day about how my real life feels like a TV show, and my TV life feels real - because, to be on Thursday nights on NBC, which is what I grew up with, has been such a big part of inspiring me. To be part of that tradition is really completely surreal, and I'm so grateful. — Whitney Cummings

One of the things I've learned by working on the 'Walking Dead' and other TV shows is to be more tolerant of other people's process. — Glen Mazzara

Now you are seeing electronic dance music producers on TV, on talk shows. It's so great to see the festivals growing bigger and bigger, it's like one big family that's all partying with each other. I love being a part of that. — Martin Garrix

Since the market tends to go in the opposite direction of what the majority of people think, I would say 95% of all these people you hear on TV shows are giving you their personal opinion. And personal opinions are almost always worthless … facts and markets are far more reliable. — William O'Neil

One day it was that I wanted to go make a movie with my kid and then another day it was that I wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and another day it was that I wanted to sit in the studio and figure something out. All those things manifested themselves into what the TV show was. — Casey Neistat

Mania starts off fun, not sleeping for days, keeping company with your brain, which has become a wonderful computer, showing 24 TV channels all about you. That goes horribly wrong after awhile. — Carrie Fisher

Parents should watch what their children watch and not use TV as a babysitter. If a show is objectionable they should turn it OFF. They should write the president of the network and tell him they are never going to watch that program again and why. — Bill Bixby

The Netflix brand for TV shows is really all about binge viewing. The ability to get hooked and watch episode after episode. — Reed Hastings

People have this delusion that everything has to be for everybody at all times. Every album must be liked by everybody, and every TV show must be liked by everybody, and every movie must be liked by everybody. Everything then becomes bland. — Rob Zombie

A great day for me is not getting out of bed. I like to see how many snacks I can eat..and how many really bad TV shows I can watch — Gwen Stefani

I can't narrow either one down to just one thing. I've rolled the dice and had both success and failure. I can tell you that right now we're on a roll with the talk show. Everything is good with the TV show. — Wendy Williams

TV's not the same buzz. If someone tells you three million people watched the show last week, that's good but, when you walk out in front of 1,000, you think, 'Oh my God, this had better be good'. — Jimmy Carr

Acting is fun; it's easier than writing, and if you get on a [TV] show, it draws people to your stand-up. That's ultimately what I'd like to do. — Hannibal Buress

Donald Trump threatened to file a defamation suit against me for running a TV ad that consisted only entirely of his own words on national television. Now, that's really a remarkable theory, that it is defamation to show people what he said on national TV. I think the voters are smarter than that. — Ted Cruz

All [tv] shows are like cigarettes. You watch two, you have a higher chance of watching three. They're all addictive. — Dan Harmon

I still play that guitar. It's a Martin D-18 with a clear pick guard. I've played that guitar on and off my TV shows for nearly 50 years. — Andy Griffith

You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don't want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something. — Mitch Hedberg

I am endlessly fascinated that playing football is considered a training ground for leadership, but raising children isn't. Hey, it made me a better leader: you have to take a lot of people's needs into account; you have to look down the road. Trying to negotiate getting a couple of kids to watch the same TV show requires serious diplomacy. — Dee Dee Myers

I'm a guy here to play football. I'm not here for photos or newspapers or TV shows or trophies or awards. I'm not into all that. — Randy Moss

The biggest change in the government's behavior has been because of TV and its ability to show to the world what has happened in this community... that's the biggest change. But without TV... the separation between the government and the people would be much worse than it is. — Ice Cube

For me, as an actor, one of the biggest fears on a TV show is getting stuck in something where you end up feeling like you're doing the same thing, every single year. — Tyler Hoechlin

I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and - this always amazes me - not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what we call a "good hit," which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player's body. — Dave Barry

I hate recording all the shows for the week in one day, because I want to be able to mention current events and pop culture. If Madonna punches Britney in the face today, I want to reference that on 'Wine Library TV' tomorrow. Monday's episode is always the best, because it's hot off the press. — Gary Vaynerchuk

When I open many books, or most leading women's magazines, or see almost all TV shows, I don't find myself at all. I am completely anonymous. My value system is not there. — Bela Karolyi

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