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Ugly ducklings don't turn into swans and glide off down the lake. Whether your sunglasses are on or off, you only see the world you make.

— Bonnie Raitt

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I don't have ugly ducklings turning into swans in my stories.

I have ugly ducklings turning into confident ducks.

Ugly duckling quote It's better to be late, than to arrive ugly
It's better to be late, than to arrive ugly

I was the ugly duckling until I reached puberty.

Ugly duckling quote Don't ever let a guy make you feel ugly, because no matter what you're beautiful
Don't ever let a guy make you feel ugly, because no matter what you're beautiful withor without him
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There are no ugly ducklings.

There's no need to curse God if you're an ugly duckling.

He chooses those strong enough to endure it so that they can guide others who've felt the same.

There's something almost perfect in the ugly duckling syndrome.

Because a sensitivity is tattooed on a part of you no one else can see but can somehow guess is there.

Ugly duckling quote The poor pessimist live an ugly life.
The poor pessimist live an ugly life.

When I was very young I was the ugly duckling.

I had a lot of complexes. My sister was wonderful and I was nothing.

Fate cast me to play the role of an ugly duckling with no promise of swanning.

. . . I have played my life as a comedy rather than the tragedy many would have made of it.

I never dreamed of so much happiness when I was the Ugly Duckling!

Ugly duckling quote Always remember it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.
Always remember it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

Then he rustled his feathers, curved his slender neck, and cried joyfully, from the depths of his heart, 'I never dreamed of such happiness as this, while I was an ugly duckling.

Dreams were all they gave for free to ugly duckling girls like me.

I grew up feeling like the ugly duckling, and things have not changed that much.

Ugly duckling quote A woman with good shoes is never ugly.
A woman with good shoes is never ugly.

Women who start out as ugly ducklings don't become beautiful swans.

What they mainly become is confident ducks. They take charge of their lives.

Santa Claus was white and everything bad was black.

The little ugly duckling was the black duck, and the black cat was the bad luck. And if I threaten you, I'm going to blackmail you.I said, 'Momma, why don't they call it 'whitemail'? They lie too.'

To be born in a duck's nest, in a farmyard, is of no consequence to a bird, if it is hatched from a swan's egg.

Ugly duckling quote Never trust a woman in ugly shoes
Never trust a woman in ugly shoes

My duchess,” James stated, his eyes sweeping the crowd with the air of a man who has ruled the waves. “She is not a swan, because that would imply she had once been an ugly duckling.

I was always the ugly duckling; I never got attention from girls.

What influenced my style was the feeling that I was a lousy artist.

.. I was like the ugly duckling, not knowing what I was, style-wise, and thinking I was all on my own... I evolved into a style that couldn't be compared to anyone else.

Ugly duckling quote A woman with good shoes is never ugly
A woman with good shoes is never ugly

I have no idea! I have been writing for 35 years and from the beginning up to now the situation's almost the same. I'm kind of an ugly duckling. Always the duckling, never the swan.

I am not beautiful. My mother once called me an ugly duckling. But,listed separately, I have a few good features.

Prince Charles is the only member of the Royal Family who ever left Cinderella for the Ugly Duckling.

I grew up as the ugly duckling, they called me 'la prieta fea', which means ugly dark one - that was my nickname.

I always believed I was an ugly duckling in a family of swans, you know? I was such a black sheep, and it was the same way in high school... I was just kind of that awkward theater kid with a bunch of athletes... it was very Glee.

This ugly duckling investment will likely need time - quarters, or even years - to blossom into a beautiful swan.

And while we're on the subject of ducks, which we plainly are, the story, 'The Ugly Duckling' ought be banned as the central character wasn't a duckling or he wouldn't have grown up into a swan. He was a cygnet.

I was born an ugly duckling due to my mother's ill health.

She wasn't supposed to be pregnant, there were all kinds of complications, she couldn't survive a cesarean section etc. She said, "They didn't hand me a child, they handed me a purple melon." I heard that when I had grown up and had no idea of the whole story because the family album had pictures of a covered carriage and my mother smiling so I assumed I was asleep.

The thing about Janis is that she just looked so unique, an ugly duckling dressed as a princess, fearlessly so. Seeing her live was like watching a boxing match. Her performance was so in your face and electrifying that it really put you right there in the moment. There you were living your nice little life in the suburbs and suddenly there was this train wreck, and it was Janis.

In the story of Ugly Duckling, when did the Ugly Duckling stop feeling Ugly? When he realized that he was a Swan. Each of us has something Special, a swan of some sort, hidden inside somewhere. But until we recognize that it's there, what can we do but splash around, treading water? The Wise are Who They Are. They work with what they've got and do what they can do.