Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

— Napoleon Hill

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America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.

Unbeatable quote Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for succes
Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

At the end of the day you gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable.

America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.

God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed.

Youth and vision make an unbeatable combination.

Selling eternal life is an unbeatable business, with no customers ever asking for their money back after the goods are not delivered.

Culture outperforms strategy every time; and culture with strategy is unbeatable.

Have unlimited vision under God. Have enthusiasm and faith in what God can do. Without this vision you will become discouraged with the situation at hand; with it you will know that with God all things are possible. Beginning with things as they are and having the vision of what God can do, you will make an unbeatable team.

There are five fundamental qualities that make every team great: communication, trust, collective responsibility, caring and pride. I like to think of each as a separate finger on the fist. Any one individually is important. But all of them together are unbeatable

The way I was taught, being black was a plus, always.

Being a human being, being in America, and being black, all three were the greatest things that could happen to you. The combination was unbeatable.

The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education.

Dream the impossible dream, Fight the unbeatable foe, Strive with your last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star.

Followers who tell the truth, and leaders who listen to it, are an unbeatable combination.

The power of an aroused public is unbeatable.

The Master Mind principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.

I've always loved adventure stories that involve brilliant kids using their brains to beat systems that seem unbeatable.

We must learn to do more with temptation than just bear it - we must learn to use it. The secret of using temptation, and turning it to our advantage, is one of life's greatest secrets. Once we have learned it we are unbeatable and unbreakable.

Pain is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that.

Pain does not last forever, nor is it necessarily unbeatable, and we need to be taught that.

Put the kids in with a few old pappy guys who still like to win and the combination is unbeatable.

Chess is far too complex to be definitively solved with any technology we can conceive of today. However, our looked-down-upon cousin, checkers, or draughts, suffered this fate quite recently thanks to the work of Jonathan Schaeffer at the University of Alberta and his unbeatable program Chinook.

I respect everything H3 has already accomplished and respect everything he's trying to get done. We're building a real HOME for the Hip Hop generation complete with all the things we love to do. But it's really about creating educational opportunity and good jobs and that's where Team H3 will prove to be unbeatable.

The Arctic and the Antarctic are melting quickly.

We may have waited too long to get started. But this is a day for optimism because the battle is fully joined, and the idea that big oil is unbeatable is no longer true.

Ability and guts is an unbeatable combination.

Steve Rom's bravery is unique. Faced with life-threatening circumstances, he focused his determination and spirit to defeat an unbeatable disease. Steve's story is an inspiration to all.

I don't think I'm unbeatable, nobody is

People have built me up to be untouchable, unbeatable, invincible, and I'm not that. I am a man, and I am a winner, but that can change in a second.

Performing in a live theater is absolutely unbeatable.

It is something I have done my entire life and have a gift, it seems, for sharing thoughts live.

New England oysters are better than Chesapeake. But Chesapeake blue crabs are unbeatable.

In defeat, unbeatable; in victory, unbearable.

The euro has become a means by which superior German productivity is able to gain an absolutely unbeatable advantage over the whole eurozone territory.

For many years, they said the drug lords in Colombia were unbeatable, but all the same, we've eliminated all the big capos (as the drug lords are called in Colombia). The homicide rate is as low as it was 40 years ago and the kidnapping rate has dropped to the level of 1964. Now we'll be able to bring down the street criminals specializing in extortion and robbery.

I don't get into the favorite songs thing, because so many speak to different parts of my life, but the music in the '90s is just unbeatable.

I don`t know how it would have gone, but I do know this - Mitt Romney was looking at running and the reason he decided not to run was because he decided that someone was unbeatable. That someone was Jeb Bush.

There are no unbeatable odds, there are no believable gods.