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As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats. And a partnership, by definition, serves both partners, without domination or unfair advantage. Together we have been partners in adversitylet us also be partners in prosperity.

— John F. Kennedy

Unbelievable Unfair Advantage quotations

Trust means "I know that you will not-deliberately or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously-take unfair advantage of me." It means "I can put my situation at the moment, my status and self-esteem in the group, our relationship, my job, my career, even my life in your hands with complete confidence."

Unfair advantage quote When you know your strength, you can turn any disadvantage into an advantage.
When you know your strength, you can turn any disadvantage into an advantage.

The great advantage of living in a large family is that early lesson of life's essential unfairness.

Unfair advantage quote A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.
A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.

Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.

Life isn’t fair. It never will be. Quit trying to make it fair. You don’t need it to be fair. Go make life unfair to your advantages.

It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors.

Unfair advantage quote I have had all the disadvantages required for success.
I have had all the disadvantages required for success.

A cowboy never takes unfair advantage - even of an enemy.

Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.

When I run a business, and I run a business, if I don't take advantage of the five deductions that are available to me, even if you think those deductions are unfair, then I've violated my fiduciary duty.

If we'd had government on [today's] scale in the 1840s, the stagecoaches would have hired lobbyists to get a bill passed that railroads could not travel faster than a horse because it would be an unfair competitive advantage.

I'd like to run for office someday, but I'm afraid my ability to spell might give me an unfair advantage.

WTO is not the forum for labour standards.

Next, the U.S. will argue the time zone difference is an unfair competitive advantage enjoyed by India that enables our software engineers to work while the Americans sleep.

With my size and speed, my ability to make moves and great vision, I'm sometimes feel like it's an unfair advantage over the defense.

Creativity may well be the last legal unfair competitive advantage we can take to run over the competition.

TRUST: I know that you will not -- deliberately or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously -- take unfair advantage of me. I can put my situation at the moment, my status and self-esteem in this group, our relationship, my job, my career, even my life, in your hands with complete confidence.

The American people are screaming out saying it's unfair that the wealthiest, the largest corporations who can afford the best attorneys, the best accountants, take advantage of these special tax treatments that the lobbyists have, along with lawmakers, have cooked in the books here.

In 'Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education' and 'Why A Students Work for C Students,' I reveal the secrets of the wealthy and what schools will never teach you about money.

And we had the perhaps unfair advantage of not having to worry about what an audience was gonna think. We were in a vacuum. We were making little short films, really.

The policy goal is to persuade China to stop cheating.

But here's what's interesting - Donald Trump intuitively understands what things should be. I did a study in 2008 where I estimated the impact of China's unfair trade practices on their competitive advantage - the so-called China Price. You know what it came out to be? Forty-three percent. Forty-three percent - very close to what his intuition said we needed in order to equalize things.

We need fair rules of the road, so big corporations can't use their power to gain unfair advantages.

Remember every team wants to beat Chelsea, probably even more than Manchester United or Arsenal because they believe we have an unfair advantage.

As the years pass, and we look back on something which, at the time, seemed unbelievably discouraging and unfair, we come to realize that, after all, God was at all times on our side. The eventual outcome was, we discover, by far the best solution for us, and what we thought should have been to our best advantage, would in reality have been quite detrimental.

UNFAIR :; Term applied to advantages enjoyed by other people which we tried to cheat them out of and didn't manage.

An imbalanced association is when one or both parties become abusive and takes unfair advantage, tries to block another's enlightenment or success.

How can you allow the trading companies to locate computers closer to exchanges and flash millions of bids to give an unfair advantage? Even professionals are losing faith in some aspects of the system.

All I ever wanted was an unfair advantage

Most people are great at absorbing information.

Guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses a delightfully unfair advantage: certainty in an uncertain world, economy in a high-priced world, simplicity in a complicated world, marketing awareness in a clueless world.

I don't mind what the opposition say of me so long as they don't tell the truth about me. But when they descend to telling the truth about me I consider that this is taking an unfair advantage.

What is your problem?” I asked, scooping the freezing mess out of my cleavage.

“We got unfinished business,” he reminded me. “My name’s not Bill.” He chuckled. “Yeah, I loved that movie. Shoulda brought a katana, but it seemed like an unfair advantage.

It's one of the advantages of being a woman.

I get to do all sorts of unfair things, and you have to accept them because you're too polite not to. --Polgara

Cassandra sat on the floor with Chris and Kat, playing Life.

They had tried to play Trivial Pursuit earlier only to learn that a Dark-Hunter and an immortal handmaiden to a goddess had a decidedly unfair advantage over Cassandra and Chris. In Life, the only thing that mattered was luck.’ (Cassandra)