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Many people do not realize that where unions have bargaining rights employers cannot raise wages or improve benefit plans any more than they can reduce them without of the consent of the union.

Charles E. Wilson, businessman

I think it is just stupid economics for a government to approach economic management from a strand of thinking regarding unions as enemies.

Bob Hawke, statesman

I see the policy of opposing same-sex marriages or unions, whatever you call it, as bigotry or discrimination.

Patrick J. Kennedy, politician

I have no difficulty with the recognition of civil unions for non-traditional relationships but I believe in law we should protect the traditional definition of marriage.

Stephen Harper, politician

I'm prepared to fight as hard as I can against unions entering the University on behalf of our students.

Ruth J. Simmons, educator

I oppose any attempt to grant homosexual unions the same legal privileges that civil government affords to traditional marriage and family life.

Todd Akin, politician

Large corporations and unions know the power of being big enough to bargain for better rates.

Greg Walden, politician

This constitution recognises the need for social dialogue involving labour and management; it involves trade unions in the decision-making process; it has a social vision founded on social dialogue.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, politician

The unions claim the deck is stacked against them when it comes to labor laws, but the truth is many private and public sector workers are forced to pay union dues as a condition of their employment, yet they have little say in how the unions spend their money.

Linda Chavez, author

The reason that the unions and the other stakeholders have not cut a deal with the automakers is because they believe the federal government is going to bail them out.

Tim Pawlenty, politician

Now, I learned soon enough, that among the three, two don't trust the third one - the third one is the government. Both industry and unions feel the government is a talking organization and a spending organization.

Shimon Peres, statesman

It is true that they paid much more attention to the trade unions because the trade unions were after all speaking for the rights and conditions of working men and women in their employment.

Barbara Castle, politician

Teacher unions are an interest group that acts in defense of their own interests, which means the union bosses' interests, not the members.

Peter Brimelow, journalist

Hey, I'm a former union president myself and also an attorney that represented a lot of unions.

Stephen F. Lynch, politician

I'm a lobbyist and had a career lobbying. The guy who gets elected or the lady who gets elected president of the United States will immediately be lobbying. They would be advocating to the Congress, they'll be lobbying our allies and our adversaries overseas. They'll be asking the business community and labor unions.

Haley Barbour, politician

I believe that the fact and the reality of homosexuality and heterosexuality and of opposite and same-gender unions should be taught in our public schools without a value judgement system also being offered.

Ed Case, politician

Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected.

Samuel Gompers, activist

The General Strike has taught the working class more in four days than years of talking could have done.

Arthur Balfour, statesman

The most conservative man in the world is the British Trade Unionist when you want to change him.

Ernest Bevin, public servant

Without the power of the Industrial Union behind it, Democracy can only enter the State as the victim enters the gullet of the Serpent.

James Connolly, politician

One of the great reasons for the popularity of strikes is that they give the suppressed self a sense of power. For once the human tool knows itself a man, able to stand up and speak a word or strike a blow.

Charles Horton Cooley, sociologist

With all their faults, trade unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race, for the developing of character in man, than any other association of men.

Clarence Darrow, lawyer

The methods by which a trade union can alone act, are necessarily destructive; its organization is necessarily tyrannical.

Henry George, economist

It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize.

Theodore Roosevelt, president

Men don't and can't live by exchanging articles, but by producing them. They don't live by trade, but by work. Give up that foolish and vain title of Trades Unions; and take that of laborers Unions.

John Ruskin, writer

No king on earth is as safe in his job as a Trade Union official. There is only one thing that can get him sacked; and that is drink. Not even that, as long as he doesn't actually fall down.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.

Adam Smith, economist

Public-opinion polls show that Americans split about evenly on civil unions. But when the words "gay marriage" are presented, they break 3-to-1 against it.

Dick Morris, author

The time has come to tell the truth about the corruption of the government employee unions in this country.

Newt Gingrich, politician

The unions and the auto companies have been unable to put a deal together that fundamentally restructures the industry. It needs to get done. The only way it's really going to get done is in bankruptcy court. They should have done it six months ago they should do it now.

Tim Pawlenty, politician

Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California's budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same.

Jerry Brown, politician

We will have bigger bureaucracies, bigger labor unions, and bigger state-run corporations. It will be harder to be an entrepreneur because of punitive taxes and regulations. The rewards of success will be expropriated for the sake of attaining greater income equality.

Arthur C. Brooks, author

What's going on in this country? Unions stand against those trends. We've got to somehow insulate the robust American economy from this global economy that seems to want to devour our standard of living.

James P. Hoffa, businessman

As I, as a worker, came to know them, the aims of German trade unions were political, and there were a number of various trade unions with varied political views.

Fritz Sauckel, soldier

The dissolution of the trade unions was in the air then.

Fritz Sauckel, soldier

Even in Britain, the trade unions tell me that employment contracts have less protection than in the past.

Jacques Delors, economist

If you don't have collective agreements between unions and employers, governments have to legislate more.

Jacques Delors, economist

The unions may continue to decline, but if they do, it'll be their fault.

Jacques Delors, economist

The unions still have a job to do, representing their members' interests to governments and parliaments. And I think collective agreements still have a role, alongside markets and laws.

Jacques Delors, economist

The trade unions and the Labour Party... failed miserably. Instead of giving concrete support, and calling upon workers to take industrial action, they did nothing.

Arthur Scargill, politician

Everything is produced by the workers, and the minute they try to get something by their unions they meet all the opposition that can be mustered by those who now get what they produce.

Harry Bridges, activist

That's what unions do. They can get money, they can get support, they can get manpower.

James P. Hoffa, businessman

I respect the state workers and I respect their unions, but we simply can't afford to pay benefits and pensions that are out of line with economic reality.

Andrew Cuomo, politician

Unions in wedlock are perverted by the victory of shameless passion that masters the female among men and beasts.

Aeschylus, poet

For most of the 20th century, we didn't just enjoy economic success in Michigan, we defined it. Our innovators and entrepreneurs created the world's most productive companies, and our unions made sure that productivity led to broad middle class prosperity.

Jennifer M. Granholm, politician

We - again, the, the, the, the bastardization and the demonization over the last few years of teachers and of unions and of collective bargaining, that is not the answer.

Tavis Smiley, author

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