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Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.

Music, because of its specific and far-reaching metaphorical powers, can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable. — Leonard Bernstein

The highest happiness of man is to have probed what is knowable and quietly to revere what is unknowable. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-not-worth-knowing. — H. L. Mencken

Where there is an unknowable, there is a promise. — Thornton Wilder

Wise men are instructed in reason;Men of less understanding by experience;The most unknowing learn by necessity. Wise men do in the beginning what fools do in the end. — Unknown

Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable. — Ambrose Bierce

As far as I know, only a small minority of mathematicians, even of those with Platonist views, accept the idea that there may be mathematical facts which are true but unknowable. — Abraham Robinson

And who in time knows whither we may vent the treasure of our tongue, to what strange shores this gain of our best glories shall be sent, 't unknowing Nations with our stores? What worlds in the yet unformed Occident may come refined with the accents that are ours? — Samuel Daniel