The unreal is natural, so natural that it makes of unreality the most natural of anything natural. That is what America does, and that is what America is.
— Gertrude Stein

The light of memory, or rather the light that memory lends to things, is the palest light of all. I am not quite sure whether I am dreaming or remembering, whether I have lived my life or dreamed it. Just as dreams do, memory makes me profoundly aware of the unreality, the evanescence of the world, a fleeting image in the moving water.
Eugene Ionesco unreality quote

The dream is real, my friends. The failure to realize it is the only unreality.
— Toni Cade Bambara

The difference between reality and unreality is that reality has so little to recommend it.
— Allan Sherman

But the idea of a man making his living by writing seemed, in that hardy environment, so fantastic that even today I am sometimes myself assailed by a feeling of unreality.
— Robert E. Howard