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Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs, businessman

I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.

David Lee Roth, musician

I used to look in the mirror and feel shame, I look in the mirror now and I absolutely love myself.

Drew Barrymore, actress

God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met.

Farrah Fawcett, actress

The concept of the "good ol' days" must be one of our society's biggest delusions, top reasons for depression, as well as most often used excuse for lack of success.

Bo Bennett, entrepreneur

People used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone.

Chuck Palahniuk, novelist

I grew up in a tough neighborhood and we used to say you can get further with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word.

David Mamet, dramatist

The future ain't what it used to be.

Yogi Berra, athlete

Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

I used to work in a funeral home to feel good about myself, just the fact that I was breathing.

Chuck Palahniuk, novelist

I used to do drugs. I still do drugs. But I used to, too.

Mitch Hedberg, comedian

I used to go away for weeks in a state of confusion.

Albert Einstein, physicist

I did pretty good for a guy who never finished high school and used to yodel at square dances.

Roy Rogers, entertainer

My dad used to say, 'You wouldn't worry so much about what people thought about you if you knew how seldom they did.

Phil McGraw, psychologist

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.

Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist

I used to be good friends with my depression, saying oh I'm so depressed, or life is terrible.

Tony Curtis, actor

I never like being touched, ever. People used to say I held my breath when they were hugging me. I still do.

Angelina Jolie, actress

I used to be such a militant city-ist, but more and more I've seen forests and nature and oceans, and I don't know any more if this is the awesomest way to live.

Regina Spektor, musician

The world used us as an excuse to go mad.

George Harrison, musician

I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing.

Johnny Carson, comedian

As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.

Leonardo da Vinci, artist

Listen, everything I did in my childhood was competitive. Everything we did my dad made it into a game to win. We used to drive my mum nuts.

Lee Westwood, athlete

It used to be that creative music was most of the music that you heard back in the '30s and '40s, and now it's like 3 percent. So, its kind of a struggle getttin' it out there.

Charlie Haden, musician

I used to do Facebook but you get a little too wrapped up in that stuff. Its more distracting than anything so I don't any more. I left it behind. I detoxed!

Emma Stone, actress

I discovered that it was a lonely world being a solo artist. Then I started working with another solo artist, Rod Stewart, and he used to tell me how lonely he was!

Andy Taylor, musician

I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies. Now I am good at everything.

Demetri Martin, comedian

An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.

Bo Bennett, entrepreneur

God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.

Paul Dirac, physicist

When I was about 3, my grandfather used to give me and my sister a nickel to sit out on the front porch with him and sing songs.

Tommy Shaw, musician

Part of the joy of looking at art is getting in sync in some ways with the decision-making process that the artist used and the record that's embedded in the work.

Chuck Close, artist

War is a way of shattering to pieces... materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable and... too intelligent.

George Orwell, author

Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease.

Bill Maher, comedian

Strangers used to gather together at the cinema and sit together in the dark, like Ancient Greeks participating in the mysteries, dreaming the same dream in unison.

Angela Carter, novelist

I don't have this fantasy about marriage anymore. Everyone says it takes hard work. Well, it kind of does - and I'm much more pragmatic about romance than I used to be.

Jennifer Garner, actress

Darling: the popular form of address used in speaking to a member of the opposite sex whose name you cannot at the moment remember.

Oliver Herford, author

In my day, the players used to work their socks off. It's all changed now, obviously.

Gordon Smith, politician

I write, or used to write, to explain to myself situations I couldn't otherwise solve or understand. Meditation comes very naturally to me.

Anne Stevenson, poet

History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions.

Ted Koppel, journalist

I don't think I was really addicted. I used it as a party tool.

Tanya Tucker, musician

I used to want the words "She tried" on my tombstone. Now I want "She did it."

Katherine Dunham, dancer

We used to wonder where war lived, what it was that made it so vile. And now we realize that we know where it lives... inside ourselves.

Albert Camus, philosopher

To get a child's trust - you may know or not - is a very hard thing to do. They're so used to not believing adults - because adults tell tales and lies all the time.

Maurice Sendak, artist

And we just went with Julie because that name hadn't been used in any other popular songs at the time.

Bobby Sherman, musician

Glamour is something you can't bear to be without once you're used to it.

Loretta Young, actress

I used to worry about what life was for - now being alive seems sufficient reason.

Marion Milner, psychologist

Under Obama, our federal tax dollars can now be used to fund abortion all over the world. With the stroke of a pen, abortion essentially became a U.S. foreign export.

Rick Perry, politician

Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world.

Lawrence G. Lovasik, clergyman

It is only after years of preparation that the young artist should touch color - not color used descriptively, that is, but as a means of personal expression.

Henri Matisse, artist

Religions that teach brotherly love have been used as an excuse for persecution, and our profoundest scientific insight is made into a means of mass destruction.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

We used two Princess Cruise ships. The Island Princess and The Pacific Princess. They were identical ships.

Gavin MacLeod, actor

Petty things don't bother me as much as they used to.

Rebecca Lobo, athlete

I'm reading more than ever. I used to find it tedious, but now it's like my little friend - it takes my mind off things.

Billie Piper, actress

Design has taken the place of what sailing used to be.

Dennis Conner, athlete

I used to believe in one true soul mate, but not anymore. I believe you can have a few.

Paul Walker, actor

I guess I'm like Roger Miller who used to say that he didn't have as many jokes as he thought he did.

Glen Campbell, musician

People try much less hard to make a marriage work than they used to fifty years ago. Divorce is easier.

Mary Wesley, novelist

I have a good brain on me, but I've never really used it when it came to making decisions about love, which has been a blessing and a curse.

Sienna Miller, actress

Instead, in the absence of respect for human rights, science and its offspring technology have been used in this century as brutal instruments for oppression.

John Charles Polanyi, scientist

I was informed yesterday that there's a Twitter account for my laugh. Very hard to get used to things like that. Pretty amazing.

Tom Hiddleston, actor

When I had no shoes I was comfortable - I used to run barefoot. When I wore shoes it was difficult. To run in shoes was ok, but at the beginning of my career it was hard.

Haile Gebrselassie, athlete

I used to get some ego thing out of saying I wasn't a star, just an actress. Forget it. I'm a star. I wanted it. I worked for it. I got it.

Valerie Harper, actress

So the mayor of New Orleans would have used his own buses had the people had been white?

Sean Hannity, writer

I used to lie in bed in my flat and imagine what would happen if there was a zombie attack.

Simon Pegg, comedian

It used to be that you knew your neighbors and maybe your coworkers - the people in your physical vicinity.

Will Wright, scientist

It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used.

Sun Tzu, philosopher

The tax code can be used to eliminate the toll booths on the information superhighway.

Jerry Weller, politician

This man used to go to school with his dog. Then they were separated. His dog graduated!

Henny Youngman, comedian

Every town has the same two malls: the one white people go to and the one white people used to go to.

Chris Rock, comedian

I know I'll never feel that sensation of racing and winning again and that took a while to get used to. The Tour was a race I never thought I could lose.

Greg LeMond, athlete

As athletes, we're used to reacting quickly. Here, it's 'come, stop, come, stop.' There's a lot of downtime. That's the toughest part of the day.

Michael Jordan, basketball player

I used drugs as a social activity; a way to have fun with friends.

Lorna Luft, actress

No, generally I think influence is used as a nice word for plagiarism.

Gilbert Gottfried, comedian

Mr. Speaker, I agree with those who say that the Global War on Terrorism is actually a Global War of Ideas and that terrorism is one of the tactics used in that War.

Mac Thornberry, politician

The foyers now look ridiculously small to us because not all that many people used them.

Timothy West, actor

The interviews have been a little tough due to the fact that we're interviewing dogs. We see a lot of contestants licking themselves, but we're used to that from covering the Grammys.

Melissa Rivers, actress

I used to only worry about the #1's and all of the awards. But that was a long time ago.

Wynonna Judd, musician

College atheletes used to get a degree in bringing your pencil.

Ruby Wax, comedian

Death is the great hope of all life; the desire to expend itself; to be used and consumed by its own longing for itself.

Bryant H. McGill, poet

I can begin to understand how anchor monsters are made. If you're not careful, you can become used to being treated as though you're special and begin to expect it.

Anderson Cooper, journalist

No matter what his position or experience in life, there is in everyone more latent than developed ability; far more unused than used power.

James Cash Penney, businessman

A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged; it is the skin of a living thought and may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and time in which it is used.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., judge

It's unfortunate that you don't see the loyalty from management to players and players to management like we used to see in the old days.

Kevin Johnson, athlete

My dad was a tyrant. He used to physically beat the crap out of us.

Dennis Wilson, musician

I used to be a window cleaner. I got fired because I sometimes liked to drink the soapy water.

Jamelia, musician

I was something of a prankster. One time I put a ski mask on my head and used a fake gun on the school secretary so that I could get some of my friends out of detention.

Luke Perry, actor

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images.

Niels Bohr, physicist

The most used phrase in my administration if I were to be President would be "What the hell you mean we're out of missiles?"

Glenn Beck, journalist

It may be doubtful, at first, whether a person is an enemy or friend. Meat, if not properly digested, becomes poison; But poison, if used rightly, may turn medicinal.

Saskya Pandita, leader

I was so ugly my mother used to feed me with a sling shot.

Rodney Dangerfield, comedian

What we used to say was whoever had the bow tie got to lead the band. There was never any jealousy.

Pete Fountain, musician

I'd like to bring magic back to the place it used to be 100 years ago.

David Blane, entertainer

When I used to do musical theatre, my dad refused to come backstage. He never wanted to see the props up close or the sets up close. He didn't want to see the magic.

Nia Vardalos, actress

Learn to say "I don't know." If used when appropriate, it will be often.

Donald Rumsfeld, politician

When I was a kid of six or seven, I used to get up on the stove woodpile for a stage and I'd put on the wildest show.

Jerry Reed, musician

Women aren't as mere as they used to be.

Walt Kelly, cartoonist

It doesn't upset artists to find out that artists used lenses or mirrors or other aids, but it certainly does upset the art historians.

Chuck Close, artist

Good-humoured, unaffected girls, will not do for a man who has been used to sensible women. They are two distinct orders of being.

Jane Austen, writer

After a while in marriage, it doesn't work anymore. There is something missing, there is something wrong. There are few marriages that stay alive forever. We like something, and after a while, we hate what we used to love.

Monica Bellucci, actress

I used to work in a fire hydrant factory. You couldn't park anywhere near the place.

Steven Wright, comedian

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.

Erma Bombeck, humorist

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