quote by Bram Stoker

Let me be accurate in everything, for though you and I have seen some strange things together, you may at the first think that I, Van Helsing, am mad. That the many horrors and the so long strain on nerves has at the last turn my brain.

— Bram Stoker

Pioneering Van Helsing quotations

I want to cut off her head and take out her heart.

To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories.

For one who has not lived even a single lifetime, you are a wise man, Van Helsing.

I stood beside Van Helsing, and said;

- "Ah, well, poor girl, there is peace for her at last. It is the end!" He turned to me, and said with grave solemnity:- "Not so; alas! not so. It is only the beginning!

I would say probably my least favorite costume ever was in 'Van Helsing.

' That was a huge pain because it had thigh-high boots with 30 buckles on them that had to be done up individually.

There was a perverse side of me, with things like Van Helsing coming out.

I didn't want to go down that route.

We read the [Dracula] scripts, but Jess [De Gouw] and I are completely taken out of the hunts and anything with Van Helsing. We're just living our lives, as our characters.

My parents were dismayed by my love of horror movies as a young girl, then even more dismayed when I kept rooting for Dracula to win instead of Van Helsing.

Those who delight in bad movies and enjoy producing their own unfilmed versions of Mystery Science Theater 3000 may gain a measure of semi-masochistic enjoyment out of Van Helsing . There are quite a few unintentionally funny moments, although the overall experience was too intensely painful for me to be able to advocate it as being "so bad, it's good."

I think any supernatural hero today, whether he's a vampire, werewolf, a resuscitated mummy, whatever he is, is going to have to deal with the fact that scientists are going to want to catch him and study him. His big enemy is not going to be Dr. Van Helsing today, it's going to be the doctor who wants to put him in a lab and get his blood for what it can do to cure disease or grant immortality.

It`s the only time my education has come in remotely handy.

-on using her Russian literature studies for copying her "Van Helsing" script into Russian to acquire a Slavic accent.

A generic vampire tale in the Underworld vein that comes closer to the infamous Van Helsing than a memorable re-interpretation of a legendary monster.

I think that's why I gravitated toward slightly broader.

.. ummm, more conceptual kinds of movies, Underworld and Van Helsing. That was as much as I could actually give. But you're actually more of an animated figure. It does go against the grain, as an actor.

Yes, but you are still only human.” I laughed, the sound of it drowned out by the crunch of rocks as the mountain continued to shudder as though in the throes of birth pangs. “So was Van Helsing, yet in every movie, he beat the vampire in the end. Never underestimate the power of humanity.

I’d learned that my mother was a badass in disguise.

She was Van Helsing in an apron and heels, and—at least for the time being—I couldn’t think of a single thing cooler than that.