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Any of these Vietnam vets that have been there and know the deal, they don't feel that any Hollywood endeavor about the Vietnam era has ever gotten it right yet. — Sam Elliott

A lot of vets like 'Good Morning Vietnam' - I get great letters from guys. — Robin Williams

We get information in the mail, the regular postal mail, encrypted or not, vet it like a regular news organization, format it - which is sometimes something that's quite hard to do, when you're talking about giant databases of information - release it to the public and then defend ourselves against the inevitable legal and political attacks. — Julian Assange

That's a problem. I mean, like any sort of growing startup organization, we are sort of overwhelmed by our growth. And that means we're getting enormous quantity of whistleblower disclosures of a very high caliber, but don't have enough people to actually process and vet this information. — Julian Assange

Once you've reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it's all the same. I don't have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle. — Renee Zellweger

I love to take care of people, so I think I'd be a good vet. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little. — Jennifer Love Hewitt

In general, any incoming administration must carefully examine ('vet') its nominees for high public office. — Richard V. Allen

I've been giving free money seminars for the troops at Walter Reed Hospital and one of the Iraqi War Vets realized that the military wouldn't pay for the dental work he needed. — Matthew Lesko