Astounding Wakeup quotations

I love Jesus, who said to us: Heaven and earth will pass away.

When heaven and earth have passed away, my word will remain. What was your word, Jesus? Love? Forgiveness? Affection? All your words were one word: Wakeup.

America's downgrade may serve as a wakeup call for its policymakers.

It is an unambiguous and loud signal of the country's eroding economic strength and global standing. It renders urgent the need to regain the initiative through better economic policymaking and more coherent governance.

Every time they have tried to cut appropriations, they get a wakeup call.

I feel a strong wakeup call and need to build social connections.

You never know what's going to happen, so I get up at 6 a.

m. every morning. It's a new wakeup call for me, for sure. But you just want to be polished. That way, if anything happens, I'm ready to go. I'm not going to sit in a makeup chair for an hour and be like, "Then I'll go get the story."

World War II synchronizes things for a lot of people. There's a kind of wakeup call.

Somebody has to give a wakeup call to our coaching world to ask them real questions and show them that if you have kids, then you know there is no way you can talk to somebody else like that, because that's somebody's child.

These are my wakeup cupcakes, some anti-depressants and a cellphone book.