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Community connectedness is not just about warm fuzzy tales of civic triumph. In measurable and well-documented ways, social capital makes an enormous difference in our lives...Social capital makes us smarter, healthier, safer, richer, and better able to govern a just and stable democracy.

— Robert D. Putnam

Uplifting Warm And Fuzzy quotations

Warm and fuzzy quote A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

And for a lot of people, they want it all to be fuzzy and warm and cosmic, but it's no different with a horse than with a kid...You can't always be the kid's best friend. First you have to be the parent.

Some kids get called "bundles of joy" or "slices of heaven" or "dreams come true." We got "the fifty-fourth generation of DNA experiments." Doesn't have the same warm and fuzzy feel. But maybe I'm oversensitive.

Warm and fuzzy quote Friendship warms the soul.

Friendship warms the soul.

Do you want me to call you Celery Stick instead of Cupcake or Honey-Pie? It just doesn’t inspire the same warm and fuzzy feelings.

I spent my whole life being very shy and introverted and I kind of found my release and therapy in the gym. I became this big, menacing physical stature of a man but internally I'm still kind of insecure. Warm, fuzzy and gooey.

I'm a fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberal, and I think fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberalism is an ideological stance that needs defending-if necessary, with a hob-nailed boot-kick to the bollocks of budding totalitarianism.

Warm and fuzzy quote Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.

Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.

Because I’ve got a lot more terms of endearment to use.

Honey pie. Sugarplum. Bread pudding," “Why are they all high-calorie foods?

I've been an Amy Winehouse fan since her first album, 'Frank.

' I always listen to her music when there's a lot going on and I want to be a bit grounded. It's like my musical warm fuzzy blanket.

I still talk to my mom every day and she passed away when I was 28.

And I still talk to my dad. The reality is that they're with you forever; the bond continues and they're there to help you and guide you. The best coaches I ever had, the best teachers, my parents, they all made it safe for me, not by being warm and fuzzy all the time, but by loving me so much, they were willing to make me better.

Warm and fuzzy quote There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.

There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.

Books are growing more honest at a younger age, and the world is becoming less warm and fuzzy. Or at least the monsters are out in the open.

I haven't been locked into just the sci-fi although I love it - mostly for the fans...It's tremendous to go out and do all these conventions and thank them for supporting the show. But it's been a mix...I mean I (also) love the warm and fuzzies (like Cedar Cove and My Best Friends' Dogs).

Our saving grace! Um, as a species [humans] we can be pretty warm and fuzzy.

But maybe for this, it's the adaptability, or the heart and soul. We're not all that bad. I don't really know!

It's hard being such a powerful woman in the business.

I'm known for not always being warm and fuzzy, because you'll just get bulldozed over.

Seeing you lights up my day, to hear your voice makes me smile all cheesy, to see you smile makes my heart all warm and fuzzy, when you say I love you makes my body weak.

In the past two decades anthropologists have gathered data on life and death in pre-state societies rather than accepting the warm and fuzzy stereotypes. What did they find? In a nutshell: Hobbes was right, Rousseau was wrong.

A lot of things I don't do well; I don't do warm and fuzzy well.

When I eat something like vegetable bibimbap, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling of eating stuff that I grew up with.

The words 'God is love' conclude a biblical warning, not a warm and fuzzy slogan. 'He who doesn't love [his neighbor] doesn't love God, for God is love.'

People assume that science is a very cold sort of profession, whereas writing novels is a warm and fuzzy intuitive thing. But in fact, they are not at all different.

Sydney: "You can be Jet if you want, but we are not posing as a couple again" Adrian: "Are you sure? Because I've got a lot more terms of endearment to use. Honey pie. Sugarplum. Bread pudding." Sydney: "Why are they all high-calorie foods? And bread pudding isn't really that romantic." Adrian: "Do you want me to call you celery stick instead? It just doesn't inspire the same warm and fuzzy feelings." - The Indigo Spell

The dark scary servant of all evil was on his way to rescue me.

Somehow that thought failed to make me warm and fuzzy.

I might not like the fact that you are my commander, Greek, but as a soldier I will obey you regardless of my personal distaste for your company. (Valerius) Gee, T-Red, doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy just to be near him? (Talon)

Your father wasn’t a positive influence on you, was he? (Simone) Being the god of nightmares, he wasn’t a warm fuzzy bunny. Unless you count Happy Bunny. Amazingly the two of them have a lot in common…And I have to say that I’ve developed a fondness for that pissy rodent. (Xypher)

I’m getting all warm and fuzzy inside at the prospect of these demon things roaming the street, preying on us. (Tate)

It was one of those and so they died/the end stories, that made us demigods feels all warm and fuzzy inside.-Percy

Now that system has weakened to the point he and his worst disciples are able to be free. He wants total mayhem and bloodshed. Most of all, he wants Sin to suffer for helping to lock him in there. (Zakar) Oh, this just gives you the warm and fuzzies, doesn’t it? (Kat)

On the other hand, winning awards is cool.

Aside from the warm fuzzy, it creates publicity, and that helps spread the word about the book. Plus, this award was a plaque of some sort. I could have used that for all sorts of things. Obviously it would be useful for decorating the barren walls of my house and intimidating my enemies, but that's just for starters.

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