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My hope lies with people who never go to Washington except to see the monuments.

Joel Kotkin, educator

The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn't for any religious reasons. They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

Jay Leno, comedian

Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter?

Steven Wright, comedian

Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.

Denzel Washington, actor

Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Marion Barry, politician

Washington is a very easy city for you to forget where you came from and why you got there in the first place.

Harry S Truman, president

I figure I'll be champ for about ten years and then I'll let my brother take over - like the Kennedys down in Washington.

Muhammad Ali, boxer

What Washington needs is adult supervision.

Barack Obama, president

In every thriller written about Washington, particularly after 9/11, there are good guys and there are bad guys, and there's no gray area at all.

David Baldacci, novelist

Washington isn't a city, it's an abstraction.

Dylan Thomas, poet

I want to aspire to something like what Denzel Washington does, which is try to find scripts written for white actors - or Jodie Foster, who reads scripts for male actors.

Wentworth Miller, actor

I've never seen Washington as divided as we are right now.

Judy Woodruff, journalist

Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese.

Dennis Miller, comedian

I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him "father."

Will Rogers, actor

People have no confidence that Washington, both sides of aisle, are coming together to try and do what's right for the economy.

Michael Bloomberg, politician

Don't do or say things you would not like to see on the front page of The Washington Post.

Donald Rumsfeld, politician

During these continued tough economic times, writing a sensible, fair budget that provides real opportunities for Washington families, workers and businesses is always a challenge.

Jeanne Kohl-Welles,

I don't want to come to Washington to be just another vote. I want to lead on issues that are important.

Mel Martinez, politician

When George Washington was elected president, there was no national vote.

Ben Nelson, politician

Wisconsin's kids shouldn't be allowed to fail just because Washington is failing them.

Jim Doyle, politician

When you were growing up in the 30s, 20s, of course the 40s, all black people at least in the Washington, D.C., area were required to live among themselves.

Ed Smith,

I would love to see a march on Washington that says 'Save our Social Security'.

Barbara Boxer, politician

Like it or not, the people of Arkansas sent me to Washington to represent them in this great body.

Mark Pryor, politician

I can think of no one that my grandparents knew, that told me stories and that I experienced myself, had any sense of social inferiority growing up in segregated Washington. None whatsoever.

Ed Smith,

Before Booker T. Washington, we have small business owners but we do not have a philosopher of black entrepreneurship, and that's what Washington was.

Ed Smith,

The Washington black community was able to succeed beyond his wildest dreams. I mean, we had our own newspapers, our own restaurants, our own theaters, our own small shops, our own clubs, our own Masonic lodges.

Ed Smith,

Two million dollars is only small when you're talking about Washington, D.C.

Geoff Davis, politician

It's long been a cliche in Washington that if you hang a lamb chop in your window, guests will come.

Suzanne Fields,

Only in Washington does a decrease in the proposed increase equal a spending cut.

Larry Elder, journalist

I loved living and breathing theatre so much that I decided I had to find a way to bring my desire to act and my ability to support myself together. I'd run through the possibilities in Washington, so that meant moving to New York.

Karen Allen, actress

I love to go to Washington - if only to be near my money.

Bob Hope, comedian

Our volunteer fire departments know their needs better than Washington, D.C. They need more flexibility on spending grant money from FEMA and Homeland Security.

Mike Ross, politician

I firmly believe that the best way to stimulate our economy and create jobs is to let hard-working Americans keep more of their money - after all, the money belongs to them, not to Washington.

Rob Bishop, politician

My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington.

Barack Obama, president

As I prepare for this next phase in my life, I ask that people continue to offer the prayers that have protected me thus far. I also pray that I will always see those who are not seen and easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of Washington politics.

Artur Davis, politician

I came to Washington with a pledge to be a fiscally conservative.

Candice S. Miller, politician

To avoid entangling alliances has been a maxim of our policy ever since the days of Washington, and its wisdom no one will attempt to dispute.

James Buchanan, president

The obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.

Ron Paul, politician

In his years in Washington, Senator Kerry has been one vote of a hundred in the United States Senate - and fortunately on matters of national security he was very often in the minority.

Dick Cheney, vice president

One of the things that you have trouble with politicians, particularly in Washington, is when you get mad at them and you can't touch them; you can't punch them; you can't yell at them.

Frank Luntz, politician

I actually use a computer a lot. I have three computers that I use on a regular basis - one is on my desk top in my Washington office, another is at home, and I have my laptop that I use when I'm travelling.

Rick Boucher, politician

What passes for real debate in Washington often seems more like an echo chamber, with politicians talking at politicians.

Bill Delahunt, politician

This is my fourth term and my seventh year. My first year was in 1997, the same year for Vic Snyder. It is still exciting to be there even though Washington is not run by Democrats right now, but we are working very hard.

Loretta Sanchez, politician

For example, a man who might not have enormous charisma, who could be president 40 years ago, and who was a deserving president, I don't know that George Washington would be a president today, I don't know that Abe Lincoln would, I don't know that Roosevelt would.

Sydney Pollack, director

I kept telling everyone I wasn't going to Washington to stay. I go to visit.

John Engler, politician

I was born in Washington, D.C., and I was raised in Milwaukee.

Kristen Johnston, actress

Washington has been ignoring this issue for too long.

Major R. Owens, politician

Things happened there that I don't think are the finest hours for anybody, whether it was a journalist, the legal system or, in that case of the political system, who would say that was an example of when Washington worked best.

Rahm Emanuel, politician

There were people who said the Society of Cincinnati in the American revolution, of which George Washington was one of the shining lights, was a branch of the Illuminati.

Carroll Quigley, writer

Napoleon was probably the equal at least of Washington in intellect, his superior in education. Both of them were successful in serving the state.

Matthew Simpson, clergyman

Washington and the elder Napoleon. Both were brave men; both were true men; both loved their country and dared to expose their lives for their country's cause.

Matthew Simpson, clergyman

Sometimes when I get home at night in Washington I feel as though I had been in a great traffic jam.

Grace Abbott, activist

I have commenced my auspicious reign and am in quiet possession of the Presidential Mansion... this winter I intend to do something in the way of entertaining that shall be the admiration and talk of all Washington world.

Julia Gardiner Tyler, first lady

All alone in a committee room of the Senate Office Building in Washington, I was reading the dry typewritten pages in an unpublished report of an almost forgotten congressional committee hearing.

Robert Welch,

I believe, based on the activities, and I am not an expert on terrorism by any stretch, but I believe that when they attacked the United States and they attacked New York and Washington, D.C., they thought they could defeat us.

Jim Walsh, politician

We've established a Washington State Academy of Sciences that will enable us to make decisions based on science about what is right for our state, meaning the quality of our lives will get better.

Christine Gregoire, politician

So we have broad bipartisan support for the bill, and it's my hope that we can build on some of the things that have been talked about in Washington involving building a larger ownership society.

Harold Ford, politician

Initially, I had two thoughts. First, this is a very large conspiracy; and second, our children in Washington. We knew there were a few unidentified planes that may have been headed for the White House or the Capitol Building.

Mercer Reynolds, businessman

As efforts to fix this failure at the Veterans Administration continue, I also intend to persist in demanding answers and action on the establishment of a new clinic to serve the veterans in North Central Washington.

Doc Hastings, politician

I went to a bunch of marches in New York and Washington, and you know I believe in the cause, but to march with those people takes a lot of compromise on my end.

David Cross, actor

I am maintaining my schedule of commuting to Washington, D.C. each week from Oregon so that I can spend my weekends and days when we are not in session traveling to communities throughout my district.

Greg Walden, politician

Like they said about The West Wing, you can't do a show about Washington until you can.

Josh Schwartz, producer

Every bit of money that we can bring from our federal transportation budget in Washington back here to Stewart Airport will benefit our local economy and our local residents.

Sue Kelly, politician

I'm against big bureaucracy in Washington making health care decisions. I just have an aversion to bureaucrats. But it's not just government bureaucrats. I don't like HMO bureaucrats and insurance company bureaucrats either.

Gary Bauer, public servant

I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?

Marion Berry, politician

I could see flames from the windows of my chambers. For the next three or four days we had major rioting here in Washington and I stayed at the court day and night.

Harold H. Greene, judge

I went to Washington to ask for a little residual payment for the people who had written films in the early, early days, people who never got any residuals on tapes or anything at all.

Fay Wray, actress

Only in Washington would death be considered a taxable event.

Mike Ferguson, politician

If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very very low crime rate.

Marion Berry, politician

I grew up in a trailer park in Bellingham, Washington.

Hilary Swank, actress

Part of Washington keeping its promises is a focus on directing more dollars into our local classrooms.

Mark Kennedy, politician

I would say that the Pentagon Papers case of 1971 - in which the government tried to block the The New York Times and The Washington Post that they obtained from a secret study of how we got involved in the war in Vietnam - that is probably the most important case.

Floyd Abrams, lawyer

You know, we don't look much alike, but Denzel Washington would make a great sports agent.

Leigh Steinberg, businessman

But I made one mistake which I would never repeat as a member of Congress when I was in Washington, and that was when I was elected I didn't go on trips because I was so afraid of having someone accuse me of taking junkets.

Geraldine Ferraro, politician

Yet there is disappointment in Washington and in the United States that Canada is not supporting us fully.

Paul Cellucci, politician

We got to do a few things with President Clinton. To be invited to Washington again to play with Ashanti and all those other cool people there in front of President Bush and the rest of the world feels awesome. I'm really looking forward to going.

Darius Rucker, musician

I just went to Harvard a little while, because I graduated from Armstrong High School in Washington and then I went up there but I didn't stay that long because I went into show business.

Billy Eckstine, musician

We may yet work up to some serious shooting war, or maybe some acts of urban genocide committed with rogue nuclear weapons. But if that were the case, why would we call that "9/11"? If Washington disappeared in a mushroom cloud, we'd give that huge event a different name.

Bruce Sterling, writer

We're going to march on Washington with a host of Republicans, Democrats, business leaders, legislators.

Gray Davis, politician

Well, what I tried to do is simply to get out on the land. And when I came to Washington, I think one of the mistakes we made early on was kind of having an ideological dispute up in the Congress.

Bruce Babbitt, politician

I was eight when he left office. Like, he had an awesome house, you know, and my cousins and I had awesome trips to Camp David and Washington. It was just all like a good time for me.

Lauren Bush, model

Europe will not accept genetically modified foods. It doesn't make any difference in the final analysis what Brussels does, what Washington does, or what the World Trade Organization does.

Jeremy Rifkin, economist

In subsequent years the groups you named had important roles in educating people about the real issues in Washington and Raleigh, and within the Democratic Party.

Jesse Helms, politician

This is about Floridians saying what's most important to them and making sure that we create an agenda that we can drive and deliver back in Washington, D.C. So it's very exciting.

Katherine Harris, politician

Having no diplomatic representation in Washington, China has no sources which allow her to check the character of applicants and therefore makes the practice of refusing everybody from the United States.

Anna Louise Strong, journalist

As long as I own this football team and long after I'm gone, they will always be the Washington Redskins.

Jack K. Cooke,

Governor Isaac Stevens of the Washington Territory said there were a great many white people in our country, and many more would come; that he wanted the land marked out so that the Indians and the white man could be separated.

Chief Joseph, leader

Washington's entire honesty of mind and his fearless look into the face of all facts are qualities which can never go out of fashion and which we should all do well to imitate.

Henry Cabot Lodge, politician

The burnt odor in Washington is from the disintegrating authority of the governing classes.

William Greider, author

Leaks and whispers are a daily routine of news-gathering in Washington.

William Greider, author

If you think about it, Washington's overwhelming power in the world is founded on death, the awesome arsenal for killing people.

William Greider, author

The threat to globalization is not the wasted American dollars but Washington's readiness to mix US commercial interests with its self-appointed role as global protector.

William Greider, author

Washington's defeat in 1754 was followed by active military preparations on both sides.

Albert Bushnell Hart, historian

The Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife, actually, was an effort to put something on the mall in Washington so American tourists could walk through America, and in their minds everything on the mall would be American.

Bernice Johnson Reagon, musician

The commercial broadcasters have tremendous influence in Washington, D.C., for a couple of reasons. First, they're extremely rich and they have lots of money and they have had for a long time, so they can give money to politicians, which gets their attention.

Robert McChesney, critic

Denzel Washington invoked confidence. When you have confidence, you can do anything. And that's what happened. I learned about being honest and keeping it true, keeping it true in my performance.

Derek Luke, actor

I play a curator, the most American part you can think of. My work is to protect the Declaration of Independence. I work at the National Archives in Washington.

Diane Kruger, model

Deep Throat was a very unfortunate name given to the source by the managing editor of The Washington Post.

Bob Woodward, journalist

But the best thing Washington can do for education is realize that our role is limited. Washington must keep its promises, but let those who know our childrens' names- parents, teachers and school board members- make education decisions.

Mark Kennedy, politician

From George Washington to George W. Bush, presidents have invoked God's name in the performance of their official duties.

Linda Chavez, author

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