The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a universe for the model to describe. Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?

— Stephen Hawking

Tempting Why Bother quotations

The past is only an unreliable memory held in the present.

The future is only a projection of our present conceptions. The present itself vanishes as soon as we try to grasp it. So why bother with attempting to establish an illusion of solid ground?

Why bother quote How can something bother you if you wont let it?
How can something bother you if you wont let it?

Still and all, why bother? Here's my answer.

Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.

If winning isn't everything why bother to keep the score?

The more you learn, the more you know.

The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn.

I don't understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. They don't bother no one.

I think Hispanic women are beautiful with their curves.

I'm not sure who feels that way in Hollywood. I was never told to lose 50 pounds. If they think that they just don't bother with you. You just don't get the role and you never know why. That's still better than physically harming yourself and becoming unhealthy just to star in a movie.

Be a father, if not, why bother, son? A boy can make 'em, but a man can raise one. If you did it, admit it and stick with it.

I have little interest in a surgeon who says, "I learned that when I was in medical school. Why should I revisit it?" or who says, "I've done that operation the same way for ten years. Don't bother me with new approaches." I see teaching in the same way.

In performance, we have a greater purpose.

The greater purpose is that we're communing together, and we want this moment to be really special for all of us. Because otherwise, why bother to have come at all? It's not about proving anything. It's about sharing something.

You know why you are doing something.

And if it is against your life, your principles and ideals it is bothersome. And no one wants to be bothered. So you conveniently try to curtain it off, turn a blind eye, and put it out of sight so that it won't bother you. This is what the Mind does.

In modelling, there is no point in trying to prove you have a brain, so why even bother? I'd sooner save the energy for something more meaningful.

3 is a prime, 5 is a prime, and 7 is a prime.

Why bother with non-prime numbers when the primes can do everything?

We can make the trains run on time but if they are not going where we want them to go, why bother?

I wanted to paint pictures of people.

I thought, "Why bother doing anything else. Everything else is a waste of time. I want to tell stories about people and their feelings and emotions."

But, once you get a taste for shutting people up, it's hard to stop.

Why bother winning the debate when it's easier to close it down?

I regarded drugs as somewhat like rattlesnakes - it's possible to pick one up without getting bit, but why bother?

To the dumb question, 'Why me?' the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, 'Why not?'

Actually I like working kind of fast, because if you got it, why bother doing it over and over?

To change, to convert? Why bother?

First, perseverance trumps talent. Second, do what you want to do, otherwise why bother? Third, be ethical; it might rub off on others. Fourth, don't give up.

If you don't believe you can make every putt, why bother trying?

If you know you can do it - if you can already chart every day in your future - then why bother? Choose to do something you have more trouble imagining. Take a chance.

Technology has made music accessible in a philosophically interesting way, which is great. But on the other hand, when everybody has the ability to make magic, it's like there's no more magic - if the audience can just do it themselves, why are they going to bother?

Deconstruction glorifies the critic, humiliates the author, and makes the reader wonder why he bothered.

If halfway love is all you want or all you care to give, why bother with love at all and only halfway live.

The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is occupation, because occupation means pre-occupation; and the pre-occupied person is neither happy nor unhappy, but simply alive and active. That is why it is necessary to happiness that one should be tired.

Why bother with Google when I have a wife who knows everything about everything!

Two identical things do not exist at all, so there is no need to be 'somebody.

' You just be yourself, and suddenly you are unique, incomparable. That's why I say that this is a paradox: those who search fail, and those who don't bother, suddenly attain.

If you try too much to change the outside, that shows that you are still attached. If a man tries to be detached, it shows attachment. Why bother about detachment if you are not attached? If a man escapes from women, it shows that sex is still the obsession. Otherwise, why escape from women if you are not obsessed?

Life was messy. Always had been and always would be and that was just the way it was, so why bother complaining? You either did something about it or you didn’t, and then you lived with the choice you made.

I don't know anyone who actually likes the dark or night-time.

I don't care how much they say it doesn't bother them. That's why we used to huddle in caves and light fires when the sun went down.

Why bother choosing a certain chair? Because that chair says something about you.

Like, I mean I don't even know why you girls bother at this point. Like give it up, it's me. I win and you lose.

I had been with a good friend, had a few beers, didn't bother to eat, went down to the hotel where the party was, walked in and, God I don't know why, because I hardly ever drink it, I had a double scotch. And I had another.